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PMI: Gen Z's Newest Dating Trend

In the whirlwind of early modern romance, a new dating trend known as PMI is gaining traction on the internet. PMI also known as, premature intimacy, is Gen Z's newest trend and its threatening to sabotage the foundations of potential budding relationships.

When asked about the trend, Certified Sex and Relationship Practitioner, Georgia Grace, says the importance of healthy boundaries and communication in the initial stage of a relationship can be critical to combatting PMI, (Erickson, 2023). Premature intimacy involves oversharing mind, body, and soul to soon, potentially making your new partner feel overwhelmed or regretful.

Grace goes on to say that while intimacy is a vital component of any relationship, PMI can manifest in overt displays of physical affection and deep personal information. This oversharing of physical and emotional intimacy can potentially disrupt the natural flow of connection and sabotage a relationship.

Georgia Grace emphasizes that need for self-awareness and setting boundaries in the early stages of any relationship, whether that be platonic or romantic. To maintain a balance between excitement and sustaining a sense of self in a new relationship it is crucial to keep the trauma dumping and the PDA to a minimum. So next time your out with your new boo and feel the urge to overshare, remember that your new information may better serve you at a later date.

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