Love on the Edge: Sex at America's Natural Wonders

In a daring quest to spice up their travels, 27-year-old travel influencer, Kaylee Killion and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Cody Nelson, have embarked on a sexy travel mission like no other. The mission; to make love at all seven of America's natural wonders. 

The adventurous couple, who openly share their intimate escapades on social media, recently checked the Grand Canyon off their list. The risque rendezvous, fueled by the thrill of potential discovery, was captured in steamy snapshots shared on Instagram.

Despite the risk, the couple is now on a cross-country journey in a van, aiming to explore and indulge in risky situation at America's most iconic places. Their aim is to visits Yosemite and Yellowstone for sexy encounters by year's end.  

Killion, who gained attention after a stadium tryst, attributes their growing fan base to the allure of their unconventional adventures. As the daring couples celebrates intimacy in some of America's most beautiful and unconventional settings we can help but be a little jealous.

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