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Here's Why Sleeping Naked Is Good for You

Indulge in the ultimate sleep experience by shedding your sleepwear, even as the weather gets chiller. Sleep expert Sammy Margo suggests that sleeping in the nude can actually positively impact your circadian rhythm, signaling the body it's time for a restful sleep.

This practice not only aids in falling into a deep slumber but also enhances intimacy with your partner, fostering a closer emotional and physical connection. The skin-to-skin contact associated with sleeping naked increases oxytocin production in the brain, the chemical responsible for promoting love and bonding.

Beyond the bedroom, studies suggest that sleeping in the nude can regulate circadian rhythms, improve sleep quality, benefit skin health, reduce stress, prevent weight gain, lower the risk of certain health conditions, boost self-esteem, and even promote vaginal health.

As a delightful holiday season sleep hygiene tip, consider incorporating a "circ walk," or a quick morning walk to synchronize your internal clock with natural sunlight. All in all, it's time to ditch the PJs and embrace the bare bliss for a cozy and connected night's sleep. 

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