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Christmas as a Mistress: Gifts from Married Lovers


In the realm of unconventional relationships, being a professional mistress has got to be one of the most interesting, especially during the holidays. Gweneth Lee, a California based professional mistress, says she receives lavish Christmas gifts from her married lovers every year.

Ranging from designer lingerie and expensive furs, to a car and a luxurious trip to Costa Rica, Lee says she gotten it all. Brazenly embracing her role, the 54-year-old says she is currently involved with five rich married men. She describes herself as an "emotional vacation" for her lovers, who spare no expense to indulge her every desire.

With fancy gifts pouring in from November until Christmas, Lee enjoys a lifestyle of luxury including paid trips, exquisite perfumes, and high end jewelry. When asked how she grew her business, Lee says she attributes her success to maintaining emotional detachment. Going on to emphasizes that being a mistress is about creating a safe heaven for escapism rather than replacing a wife.

"It’s simple," say states,  "Wife = mother of children, mistress = confidant, (Court, 2023)."

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