A Guide to Sensational Holiday Sex

Image of a pink airplane with hearts to indicate a romantic vacation.

As we dream of the approaching summer months or take advantage of holiday breaks, many couples seek to spice up their intimate life with new and thrilling sex positions during holiday getaways or vacations. Sexologist Dr. Linda Kirkman notes that vacations provide an ideal setting for sexual experimentation, free from the usual distractions and routines of everyday life. However for any sex to be truly sensational, communication is key. Partners should prioritize discussing preferences, expectations, and boundaries before trying any new moves. Salia Insua Lopez, a physiotherapist and women's health expert, emphasizes the importance of proper execution to avoid injures during new sexual endeavors. She adds that while, "some of the best sex positions can be dangerous with the wrong approach, there are ways to execute these without ending up in the emergency room," (Feneley, 2023). Lets take a look as some fantastic positions to try with your love on your next holiday adventure, and though may be risky might just be totally worth it.

1. The Butterfly

This sexy take on the classic missionary position allows for remarkable G-spot stimulation. Simply lay on your back, lifting your legs in a 90-degree angle, and resting them over your partners shoulders. To spice it up, lift your hips for more gratifying penetration.

2. The X

The X is another great position for deep G-spot penetration that creates a tighter fit both you and your partner will love. Simply raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and crisscross rest against your partner's shoulders for a snug fit. To spice it up, spread your legs on a elevated surface for easier penetration.

3. Mirror Doggy Style

Another take on a true classic, this rendition of the doggy allows for intimate eye contact while they hit it from the back. Simply take the most of your vacation hotel room or AirBnB by utilizing mirrors for erotic eye contact. 

4. The Piledriver

This position, though considered to be one of the most dangerous, offers extra deep penetration you won't want to miss. Make sure to do your research and stretch before taking on this mighty position. Simply rest your upper back on the floor with your legs folded over your head for an inverted L shape. Then have your partner squat over you and lean forward for a thrilling night.

5. The Bridge

This ones for the couples that love a hard thrust. Lovingly nicknamed, "the finisher," for this position simply kneel while your partner places their feet on either side of you. You partner should raise their hips for you to hold on to as you thrust.

6. The Pretzel Dip

After a long day of fun sometimes athletic sex isn't the vibe. Try the pretzel dip for easy doggy style penetration with added intimacy. Simply lie on your side, having your partner knee straddle your leg. Then hook your other leg around your partners torso, so that your at the perfect position for eye contact.

7. Reverse Cowgirl

This position has been scientifically proven to be associated with the most penis injuries of any sex position, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel great! So be careful with your moves and take it slow in the beginning, but by all means don't miss out. Simply straddle your partner facing away from their face. Then grind while tilting your body back and forth to change the angle of penetration instead of "jumping."

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