The 14 Sex Positions of Valentine's Day

Learn about our top 14 sex positions to get it on for Valentine's day! Image contains a photo of a couple kissing.

Let's be honest, on Valentine's Day we are all trying to get it on. But why not turn Valentine's Day into more of a sex marathon? A new kinky position for the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day. Does that sound incredibly sexy to you? We thought it was sexy too, so we put together our list of the 14 sex positions of Valentine's Day. Read on to see the sexy positions you can experiment with.

Top 14 Positions To Try This Valentine's Day:

  1. The Booty Bump: Perfect for any experience level, even beginners!
  2. Deep Lotus: One of the best sex positions for tantric sex!
  3. Reverse Cowgirl: Get better access to your desired zones!
  4. Doggy Style: Classic position for vaginal, anal penetration, & impact play!
  5. Missionary: Go-to position for vaginal and anal penetration!
  6. Ballet Dancer: Very intimate position for couples!
  7. The Indrani: An advanced version of missionary for deep penetration!
  8. 69: Another classic oral sex position for equal pleasure!
  9. Cowgirl: More control for the partner on top!
  10. Bed Head: An alternative oral sex position to the 69!
  11. Stand & Deliver: A tantalizing position for anal penetration & spanking!
  12. Standing Oral: Take Bed Head a step further!
  13. The Hot Seat: An advanced variation of reverse cowgirl!
  14. The Cobra: The most advanced position for vaginal or anal penetration!

Learn more about how to achieve these sexy positions below! Leave a comment at the bottom of the blog with your favorite sex positions so everyone can get even more sexy ideas!

Booty bump sex position with man standing behind woman

Position #1: The Booty Bump

We're starting out with a beginner's level position but that does not mean it isn't a sexy one.

How it works: to take part in the booty bump position, if you're the receive you're going to start by leaning your hands against the wall with your butt pushed outwards. From there, your partner will come stand behind you and penetrate you from behind while you keep leaning on the wall for support.

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Deep lotus sex position with couple staring into one another's eyes

Position #2: Deep Lotus

This is a very intimate position and is the most common position used during tantric sex. Technically, you don't even have to experience penetration in this position. You can simply take time to look into each other's eyes and connect on a deeper level.

How It Works: For this position you're going to have your lover sit down with one leg straight and the other bent at the knee as you face them and lower yourself onto them in a deep squatted position. 

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Reverse cowgirl sex position

Position #3: Reverse Cowgirl

How It Works: For the reverse cowgirl position, you are going to have your lover lay on their back as you assume the reversed position on top of them facing their legs and feet.

If you're the person on top then you can move up and down, grind back and forth, or move in circles to reach your desired sensitive spot! Meanwhile, your partner gets to enjoy an incredibly sexy view.

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Doggy style sex position

Position #4: Doggy Style

This one is a classic and it's very well known, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone has tried it - so we needed to put it on the list!

How It Works: If you are the receiver, you'll need to get into position on all fours facing away from your lover. Your partner will kneel behind you with their back straight or slightly draped over your back, allowing them to enter from the rear.

This is a great position for vaginal or anal penetration. It's also a great position for some spanking.

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Missionary sex position illustration

Position #5: Missionary

You might be surprised to see this one on the 14 Sex Positions of Valentine's Day article, however, missionary is always a good position to go to.

How It Works: For this position, lay down on your back as your partner lies on top of you and penetrates you. This position is another one that is great for either vaginal or anal penetration.

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Pro Tip: If you're the receiver, stack some pillows under your pelvis as your partner thrusts diagonally for intense clitoral pleasure!

The ballet dancer sex position illustration

Position #6: The Ballet Dancer

This one is going to take some serious balancing skills but the challenge will be worth it.

This position great for increasing intimacy as you look into one another's eyes. Since it requires balance it is a position that leans on the trust you have for one another.

How It Works: Face your partner while standing on one foot as you wrap your other leg around their waist for support. 

Illustration of Indrani sex position

Position #7: The Indrani

This position is pretty much an advanced version of Missionary. Not only is this going to be incredibly sexy, but this is a great position for really getting that deep penetration.

How It Works: What you'll need to do is lay flat on your back as your partner kneels in front of you. Then, while they're on top of you, you'll need to pull your knees up against your chest. 

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced


Pro Tip: Put a pillow under your pelvis for more direct stimulation and straddle your partner's hips for hands-free pleasure.

69 Sex position illustration

Position #8: The 69

The 69 is another classic sex position. A lot of people tend to avoid as they get older because it can be better to receive oral one at a time. However, doing a kinky 69 position every once in a while is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

How It Works: For the 69 you'll want to lay down on your back with your legs bent as your lover climbs on top of you facing the opposite direction and together you'll engage in equal oral sex.

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Cowgirl illustration sex position

Position #9: Cowgirl

This position provides the giver with a very, very sexual visual as they watch the receiver ride on top of them.

The benefit of this position is that the person on top gets to take control of their pleasure.

How It Works: In order to do the Cowgirl, you'll want to have your partner lie down. After they lie down on their back, you get in position on tip of them and straddle their hips. Then, go on the ride of your life. 

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Bed head sex position illustration

Position #10: Bed Head

For those of you who weren't quite feeling the 69 position I talked about earlier, this position is your place to shine. In the bed head position, you'll be receiving oral sex and it is allll about you in the best way.

How It Works: To achieve this position you'll simply need to lay all the way down on your back with your legs bent over your lovers shoulders while they perform oral sex.

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Stand and deliver sex position illustration

Position #11: Stand & Deliver

Another position that provides the giver with a sexy and tantalizing view, the Stand and Deliver.

This is also a great position for anal penetration, add in some light spanking and you're in for a dirty night.

How It Works: For this position, as the receiver you'll want to face away from your partner as you stand in front of them and bend over so they can enter you from behind for pinpoint G-Spot pleasure. 

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Standing oral sex position illustration

Position #12: Standing Oral

If you like the idea of the Bead Head position but you're still looking for another oral sex position, look no further.

How It Works: For this position, your partner will kneel in front of you and perform oral as you stand in front of them. When you're ready to switch things up - you can have them get in position and perform oral on you! 

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

Pro Tip: Put a pillow or a folded blanket under your knees if you're the one giving head - you don't want your knees hurting right as your partner's about to cum! 

The hot seat sex position illustration

Position #13: The Hot Seat

This position is an advanced variation of the Reverse Cowgirl position. This position is perfect for nipple stimulation as the giver can wrap their arms around you and use their finger to tug at your nipples for extra stimulation.

How It Works: In order to achieve this position you'll want to have your partner sit in a chair as you, the receiver, climb on top of them and straddle them in reverse cowgirl position. Then, go for a sexy ride. 

Skill Level: Advanced

The cobra sex position illustration

Position #14: The Cobra

We saved the most advanced position for last. This position is another one that is good for either vaginal or anal penetration.

How It Works: To achieve the Cobra, the receiver will lay flat on the bed with their palms beneath their shoulders. Then, they'll need to raise their chin and chest as their hips and pelvis press firmly against the mattress.

Once you’re in position, your partner can lay on top of you in the same direction and enter from behind. Just be sure to say something if your back begins to hurt at all while you're in this position.

Skill Level: Advanced

What Are Your Favorite Sex Positions? Let Us Know Below With An Anonymous Comment!


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    What about seniors ? We like sex too, but some position we cannot into.

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    Do you have any strong electrical shocking prostate probes XXL? thanks 😀

  • EddyMack

    I just plain love every part of sex. Enjoy when you are young because when you get older things don’t seem to work as well. I seem to enjoy doggy most of all because that is what we are doing most often after oral sex.

  • PeterB

    Our favorite position is a variation of the 69. She’s on her back and I’m on my knees with my face in her crotch and her hands on mine from behind. With a well oiled hand she strokes my cock and balls. With her favorite small anal toy insertedAnd one of a variety of vibrators inserted vaginally I lick suck and nibble on her clip and lips.

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    I love all the sex position

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