Steamy 69 Sex Positions with Expert Sex Toy Picks

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The ever favorite “69” position is when you and your lover align yourselves so that you can perform simultaneous oral sex on each other!

What could be more intimate than performing oral sex on your partner while he/she/they are performing it on you?

Many find it a favorite for foreplay or even the main event, especially when you incorporate sex toys into your play for even more exciting stimulation!

If you have ever felt too intimidated to attempt this position or are looking to try something new with your partner, don't worry!

There is more than one way to 69, and we have some tips and tricks to make this position more pleasurable for everyone!

Here are some of the best sex toys to use (and how to use them) in the 69 sex position!

With Sex Toys

Whether you're on top or bottom while 69-ing, you'll be getting up close and personal with your partner's most sensitive pleasure zones.

This puts you in the perfect position to use a vibrator or other sex toy on them while you are performing oral to amplify the orgasmic sensations!

A small vibrator is ideal for providing added clitoral stimulation, and can also be used on a male partner to massage his balls, shaft, or perineum!

Recommended Vibrator: Quiet Mini Clit Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator

Don't forget about anal stimulation as well! If you love backdoor play, using an anal toy during 69 or oral sex is a great way to increase your arousal and achieve a stronger orgasm! Try adding a decorative jeweled plug to give your partner a sexy visual!

Recommended Butt Plug: Gold Metal Butt Plug With Jewel

For Those Who Want 69 To Feel More Intimate

This side by side 69 position allows you to get even closer to your partner while providing a little more comfort for both of you!

Since you won't need to hold up your body weight in this position, you'll be able to go for longer and explore every inch of your lover!

You can also roll from this sideways position into a standard 69 position - and back again - if you choose!

For added stimulation in this intimate 69, a finger vibrator is a versatile way for either partner to deliver thrilling sensations as you tease each other's erogenous areas!

Recommended Finger Vibe: Rechargeable Silicone Finger Vibe

Add a cockring to help prolong his erection so you can go all night! These vibrating cockrings also give the wearer incredible sensations around the base of the shaft which can be helpful if you are not able to perform deep oral!

Recommended Cockring: Textured Vibrating Cock Ring For Couples
Recommended Cockring: Wireless Vibrating Double Cock Ring With Tongue Teaser - Enhance Erections & Pleasure!

For The Best Clit Contact

If your partner loves clitoral stimulation to bring them to orgasm, this sitting position is highly effective since it gives either partner the ability to spread their legs wide to maximize contact with the clitoris!

This position is also great for couples with a large height difference that can make a standard 69 difficult!

To drive your partner wild and bring her quickly to orgasm, use a vibrator to tease her clit while you're eating her out for intense dual stimulation!

Recommended Clit Vibe: Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser
Recommended Clit Sucker: Mini Air Pulsating Clit Kisser & Sucker

For Those Who Feel Self-Conscious or Exposed

Similar to the side by side position, having one partner standing can alleviate the worry and strain of holding yourself up in the top position!

For this position, one partner should be standing at the end of the bed while the other partner lays down and tilts their head backwards off the edge.

Since your hands stay free, this position is also perfect for using a vibrator to massage your partner's clit, nipples, and other sensitive spots that are within your reach!

Another bonus if you're with a male partner is that tilting your head back in this way makes it easier to deepthroat, as this will naturally open your throat wider!

Recommended Vibrator: Rechargeable Mini Power Wand Massager
Recommended Finger Vibe: Frisky Finger

For Those With Limited Mobility

There may sometimes be reasons why neither partner desires or is able to be on top during 69, but it is still possible to find a position that is mutually pleasurable!

The act of 69-ing is about being intimate with your partner, so even if you cannot both perform oral sex at the same time, one or both partners can also use their hands or a sex toy to stimulate their lover!

A handheld massage wand is comfortable and easy to grip and gives you a little bit more reach to tease your partner's clitoris, inner thighs, penis shaft or balls!

Try experimenting with temperature play for added sensations! Glass toys can be used vaginally or anally, and the material will retain different temperatures if you hold it under warm or cool water! Inserting a glass dildo will give your partner incredible internal stimulation that will intensifying their pleasure as you perform oral on them!

Recommended Glass Dildo: Beaded Glass Anal Slider - Have A G-Spot Or P-Spot Orgasm!


  • Lamar Macvitie

    To the webmaster, Nice post!

  • Fun4her +me!

    I have actually done the lying on the bed and partner standing 69 position: I was the one lying on the bed with my head over the edge as my female partner scissored my head with my tongue and mouth secured tightly against her womanhood as my hands were holding her nice rounded butt! She leaned over and took the base of my manhood into her fingers then proceeded to lick up and down the shaft and popped the head into her mouth to start sucking my man meat. The more she licked and sucked, the more she ground her “Mons Venus” against my mouth and tongue as I tightly held her in place with my hands on her shapely butt cheeks! Then we finished in the missionary position and boy talk about wet and slippery, my wife’s “Love Tunnel” was so slippery that I had a hard time staying inside her though I finally managed to give her not one but multiple orgasms!
    My current wife and I tried to do the standing 69 with her lying down on the bed which did not quite work out resulting in a different sex position, but that’s a whole different subject! The best Clit Contact position – 1st time I’ve seen that and looks like that would be one I would love to try!

  • Duane Counce

    Can’t wait to try it all different ways

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