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Naughty And Nice Gifts For HIM!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

Christmas is approaching and this is the perfect time to surprise your lover with some nice and naughty sexual products.  Whether it is just a few, small stocking stuffer items or a whole fantasy box full of goodies, nothing says Merry Christmas quite like some sexy gifts that you can use together as a couple.  Even if your lover has never used a sexual enhancement product, Christmas is the perfect time to experience new things.  There are plenty of items just for the guys – and yes, some are for solo play – so take a look and think of giving him a sexed-up gift!


Nothing says “I care about your private playtime when I am not there” like giving your man a high-quality masturbation device.  The Black Jack Stroker is a vacuum pump, stroker and vibrator all in one!  The tube slides over the penis, the squeeze bulb creates suction, and the battery operated vibrator / stroker will, well, stroke the penis.  The internal textured sleeve adds another dimension the sensations.  This product can be used for masturbation or to provide a harder erection before intercourse.  It is a fantastic gift that he is sure to love.


If you don’t think your man needs a prostate massager think again!  These items are fantastic for adding another level to oral sex, foreplay or even during regular sex!  Prostate massagers are perfectly designed to find and stimulate your man’s prostate.  Which, in case you didn’t know, is a very pleasing spot to pleasure and massage.  The Aneros line of prostate massagers are the best way to introduce your man to prostate play.  Small, firm, smooth, easy to insert – the Aneros prostate toy will make finding his special spot very easy.


Why buy your lover cock rings for a stocking stuffer?  WHY NOT?  Cock rings are an inexpensive and easy way to add a little something-something to sex.  When used correctly, a cock ring will make your lover’s penis harder for longer.  Men who have used cock rings often say that they felt “invincible” and like their hard on would last for hours and hours!  The Magnum Force Erection Ring Set is good for the newbies or the experienced players as it has 3 sizes to choose from.  Stuff this into his stocking with some lube or massage gel and you are good to go!


If you want to give your man the gift that keeps on giving then a massage oil is the way to go.  Pair this with a homemade coupon for a sexy massage and he will be stripping down to his nakedness before you can say “ho ho ho!”  The Body Heat Massage Lotion is warming!  It is also flavored and EDIBLE!  So you can rub him down and eat him up!  Imagine his happiness and arousal when he gets this as a gift!


If you want to hit a home run with your fella for Christmas than seriously think about getting him a vagina-replica masturbator.  These items are super fun and erotic to look at and use.  They look like real vaginas – and are often molded from porn stars, such as this one from Cassia Riley.  They are soft, sensual and feel real.  Giving your guy the gift of a masturbator like this is like giving him permission to experiment with other women.  You can even join in and help him or pretend to have a threesome!  What a rockin’ lover you are to give your man the gift of another woman!

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Date 12/8/2015
He's been very good this year :) But we'll see if he can be good all the way to Christmas!
Date 12/8/2015
Kathy Marks
Oooh that warming gel looks like fun espectially with the cold coming on. i think ill add that to the list
Date 12/8/2015
wouldnt mind that pussy for christmas

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