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5 Ways To Enhance Masturbation

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Masturbation is such a pleasurable experience that nearly 90% of adults do on a fairly regular basis (yes, even the married ones!)  Masturbation is a great way to experiment with pleasure and to find things that will make your body sing!  So, what could possibly make masturbation BETTER?  Wanna know?  Read on!

1.  TOYS

No, not Legos, sex toys!  Sex toys can be a great masturbation enhancement and there are some for men too.  Sex toys can add some extra power to playtime as well as provide differing sensations.

For women:  Dildos and Vibrators can provide intense internal stimulation for those women who like combining clitoral stimulation with vaginal stimulation.  There are endless sizes, widths and materials of these toys available.  There are even Dual Action Toys which will provide both the internal and external stimulation at the same time.  Bullets are mini vibrators provide powerful and direct clitoral stimulation by concentrating all the power into one, small area.  So whether you want to add in some powerful vibrations or just provide vaginal stimulation, adding a sex toy to masturbation time is always bonus.

For men:  if you think that men do not have sex toys available to them then you wold be completely wrong!  Masturbation Sleeves come in a variety of styles and can provide extra stimulation to solo play.  There are also Realistic Vaginas which provide that visual stimulation with the physical stimulation to greatly enhance masturbation.  Plus, you can use vibrators or bullets too to add a direct and intense vibration to your play time.


If you think that lube is only for intercourse or anal sex, you’d be wrong AGAIN!  Lube can and should be used to enhance masturbation.  Firstly, lube in and of itself reduces the drag whether you are a man hand stroking or a woman playing with her fingers.  Using lube allows the easy 
movements and a lighter and more sensual touch.  Women assume if they are using their fingers for clitoral play that they do not need Sexy Woman Touching Herselflube, but this is not true.  Not to mention if you are using any type of toy lubrication is a must!

There are also special masturbation lubes that can provide either a Warming or Cooling sensation, aid in Clitoral or Penile arousal, or even just provide Desensitization to make the even last a little longer.  Any way you squeeze it, lube is a great way to enhance masturbation.

Why Masturbation Is Good For You


There is something that happens when we add visualization to our erotic play.  When we watch pornographic (or even NC 17 rated offerings) our mind / body connection gets much stronger.  Our arousal gets heightened, we become more heated more quickly, and we can fantasize more thoroughly.  Adding porn to masturbation is absolutely an enhancement for both men and women.  Even if you do not “like” porn, it is worth giving it a try as you will be surprised by the difference it can make.


Similar to the idea of watching porn, masturbating with a partner can be a completely different level.  Whether you are masturbating solo while your partner watched, masturbating simultaneously side-by-side, or touching each other – masturbating with a partner is amazingly erotic!  Nothing is more stimulating than watching your lover enjoying self-pleasure.  Not to mention you can get a greater understanding of what he / she likes as far as pleasure goes.  Where to touch them, how fast or slow to go, what rhythm is enjoyable.  Oh yes, mutual masturbation is a learning experience AND an enhancement.


The practice of edging is when you bring yourself just to the brink of orgasm – then STOP, allow yourself to come down a bit from the crux, then start pleasuring again and then STOPPING again.  Edging can last for hours or even days (yes, I said DAYS) to where you are in such a heightened and intense sense of arousal that when orgasm finally comes it is the most intense orgasm you may have ever had!  Edging is a great way to push your personal pleasure limits and to increase orgasm intensity.  Both men and women can do this, and it can be done to a partner as well as during masturbation.  Men who edge report being able to last longer during intercourse and women who edge often can move on to multiple orgasms!  So, no matter what, edging is an amazing sexual enhancement.

How Do You Enhance Masturbation?
Let Us Know!


Date 8/31/2017
Using vibrators helped me really enjoy masturbation! Different sensations and it's easier than fingering sometimes. Love my vibes!
Date 8/31/2017
never tried edging (thought it was more of a guy thing) but I wanna try it! It's hard bc usually at that point I just want to cum, but I would like the experience of it
Date 8/31/2017
I like mutual masturbation with my partner. we both get to do our own things and he gets to watch me use toys on myself. Watching each other just makes us so hot
Date 8/31/2017
like using my pocket pussy wife likes watching to
Date 11/1/2017
i love to edge or edge my partner till they are begging and desperate for a release. Clarice ...miggs comes to mind, but im sure you get silence of the lambs references all the time so i will refrain. It took a few ruined orgasms and lots of practice, but so worth it. If i just have time for a quickie the orgasms pale in comparison, from dribbling to ropes that shoot over my head. It even lingers when its returning to limp, every throb is like a mini orgasm. It lasts longer too. Worth the effort, puts one being edged into unbridled, animalistic lust. The more aroused i get more i long to please my partner, like a symbiotic horniness that plateaus on the edge of orgasm. Not sure the female ques on orgasm, must be similar i assume, like 3 stages for me. stage 1 I know its close...feel a warm wave building quickly in abdominal region,stage 2... balls shrink and begin to contract first one is longer almost slow motion, but unpredictable, cock is swollen rock hard and is oozing stream of pre cum, best lube known to mankind. Not to be confused with sperm, like the thick hot white load at end but clear super slippery pre cum, u know sorry prob over explaining. This is the point where if you don't stop orgasm is happening and there is no stopping till it runs its course. Stage 3 faster contractions in balls cock throbs 4-5 times each throb produces the moneyshot type cum, and gets weaker each contraction. First 2-3 are pure bliss that ebbs and flows over my whole body. the trick is at stage two, this seems to be edge of plateau, but longer you can stay on this tipping point , more intense and sustained the orgasm gets. Its like first time you discovered you could orgasm times 10. Ruined ones are the worst though, read many stories that was result first time they edged and made them not want to try again. Don't have to do it every time, or another trick when you start is only try to edge 3 times before you indulge in the release. Increase to 5 after you get that down and so on .I know from a women point of view i have read, and experienced with my partner, waiting to long to start pleasuring again , and this can also ruin experience. Once you get it down though i can do it for hours, i cant do the days one cause i eventually have to release or i cant focus on anything, and walk around like a viking wanting to just lament anything in sight. My libido is too high normally without being in constant state of lust and arousal. Sometimes just have to do a quickie to let the poison out in morning before i go to work so can treat women i encounter all day with the respect they deserve, instead of eyefucking any attractive women i see. Curse of being a man with lots of testosterone i guess, but older i get more creepy i feel just staring at attractive women. Anyway, prob tmi, and if you or anyone that has never done it, gives it a try.
Date 3/9/2018
Berlin Jones
I feel really stupid, but how is a rabbit vibrator used? Is there a a diagram that shows how it is inserted?

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