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5 Tips To Sexually Massage HIM

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues

I recently wrote an article on sexual massage for her, and now it is time for the male version. Why do I need more than one version? Isn’t massage all the same? NOPE! Not at all. There are many differences in massaging a man (a sexual massage specifically) and a woman. While the fact that massage is often a gateway to sex remains true, men really enjoy the aspect of being touched and massaged for the sexual aspect as well as the relaxation aspect. So, if you are thinking of massaging your man and want it to be helpful AND erotic – read on!

No, not THAT kind of lube. Massage oil lube. If you have ever had a professional massage you’ll notice that they always use massage oils. Why? Massage oils make sliding over the muscles much easier, the scent of the oil is relaxing, heated oils help to relax the muscles, and it just feels better! So, if you are serious about sexual (or any) massage, then you should invest in a nice bottle of massage oil! There are many available on TooTimid (some get warm, some are edible, some are candle wax oils) – but all will help you get him to that perfect state of sexual Zen! For men especially, heated oils are proven to benefit the muscle tension.

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While women really enjoy a candle-full room and lots of scented lotions and oils with relaxing music - men, not so much. It is true a little romantic mood lighting is OK, but overall men don’t need nor really want a bunch of frou-frou smelling lotions and such. What they DO want is your hands all over their bodies. So remember ladies, your man has a penis which makes him mostly immune to floofy bath oils and such – just stay basic.

One of the things that takes a standard massage from good to great is the fact that you are doing it naked. Yup. If you are going to oil up your dude and rub him allllll over then do it in the buff. Just the fact that he knows you are naked up there rubbing his aching muscles and the feeling of your silky smooth skin on him will be enough to get a rise out of him! Plus, you know he is hoping for a happy ending.

While massaging a woman takes a lighter touch, massaging a man requires a firmer one! Their muscles are usually more defined and take up more of their body than a woman. Exceptions apply, of course. So, when you are massaging him make sure you put some power behind it. When you are massaging his back, use the palm of your hand and use your body weight to massage him. Literally lean into him using your own weight to push out the muscle knots. Pay attention to areas like his upper back, shoulders, and lower back and upper thighs. He will truly appreciate the massage portion of the massage.

OK, so you have done his back and thighs and neck so it is time to turn over. More than likely once your man is on his back and sees your beautifully naked atop him he is going to get ravenous for sex. You have pampered him lovingly, made him feel relaxed and calm and now he will want to get things going. While sitting astride him, massage his chest and arms. Bending seductively down toward his face. Run your hands all over his torso and perhaps bend in for a kiss. Then move your hands slowly toward his penis, rubbing his upper thighs and getting closer to his manhood. He will most likely be at attention now – so go for it! Give him that happy ending in any way you want! Perfect time for a sensual blowjob or for you to get right on top! However you do it is sure to bring a smile to his very relaxed face!

What's Your Favorite Way To Rub Him? Let Us Know!

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Date 9/1/2015
whoa. ive always had a fantasy about going to a 'massage parlor' and getting a happy ending. i never thought about doing it at home! i'm gonna get my wife to do this tonite!
Date 9/1/2015
LOL He left this page up on the computer! What a subtle hint! I guess I have to go check out the massage oils, cuz clearly someones interested!
Date 9/2/2015
Definitely don't be afraid to put some muscle into it! Great advice on leaning your weight into it! Sometimes my gf gives me a massage and I can barely feel it! I know she just doesn't want to hurt me, but its so much more frustrating to have something feel ALMOST good, without the payoff. I may have her check this out!
Date 9/2/2015
EVERY time I try to give my husband a massage [or vice versa] we never get to the intimate massage part! He'll start rubbing my breasts, or I'll get to his thighs, and we jump right to sex! I mean, I know its the goal, but he gets so excited when I'm nude and rubbing him he can't wait for the whole massage to be over!
Date 9/3/2015
I'm a dude, and I like soft music and nice lotions when I get massaged! I mean, I don't need anything fancy, but some mood lighting is still appreciated!
Date 4/10/2018
I love giving him massages...I also love getting one from him which rarely happens because he's ready to go. Me first next time. We use Coconut cooking is wunderful! heated, of course. There are so many oils out there, don't need the scented, flavored stuff. Would like to find an oil that is just a bit thinner and stays shiney longer. Have also tried Sweet Almond Oil....I use that after baths now. Good in a pinch, but not as slippery. It is always so good to pamper each other a bit and it adds so much to the experience.

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