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How To Get IN TOUCH With Yourself!

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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Do you remember (or have you ever heard) that song that goes, “Getting to know you….getting to know all about you?”  Well I do (my parents used to play it).  When I think of this topic, this is what goes through my head.  What topic?  The topic of getting to know your body so that you may effectively self-pleasure.  While this subject does apply to both men and women, this article will be geared more toward women (although men can follow the instructions too).  Women sometimes have a more difficult time reaching orgasm than men (sad, but true) and they need to spend a little more time getting to know themselves in order to please themselves effectively.  So, if you want to know how to “get to know yourself” better, read on!


For all intents and purposes, your body is like unexplored land.  Until you know what is on it, you will never find the treasure.  OK, maybe a little strange of an analogy, but you get my drift.  Both men and women have many erogenous zones and some of them are complete secrets until someone stumbles upon them!  Also, some women are not at all familiar with their own anatomy and the pleasure that stimulation can bring!  Do you know where your clitoris is?  No, really?  How about your G-Spot?  Yes, it is real; yes, you have one.  Have you explored your own breasts?  No?  DO IT.  DO IT NOW.  The point is, until you spend some time literally exploring all the places on your body that you can reach you will never know what can bring you the most pleasure!

So, how do you do this?  GET NAKED!  100%, completely, not-even-socks naked.  Light some candles.  Put on soft music.  Lay on your bed.  Close your eyes.  Now, start touching.  SLOWLY.  Touch your neck, your ears, your shoulders.  Move down to your breasts and nipples.  Stomach, arms, legs, thighs, belly, belly button.  You get the drift!  Sexy Woman In BedTouch, slowly, EVERYTHING!  Pay attention to what gives you the little cold chills.  What excites you to touch?  Avoid the clitoris until VERY last, and when you get to her, take your time.  Explore your outer folds, your inner lips, your ENTIRE vaginal mound.  Use a finger, then use your palm.  Seductively EXPLORE yourself and make mental notes of what causes the biggest jump!

How To Masturbate With Your Fingers Only!


There are different strokes for different folks when it comes to self-pleasure!  Not every woman likes her nipples pinched – while some LOVE it!  Some women hate any internal stimulation; other almost need it to climax.  While you are exploring your body, pay attention to the kinds of stimulation you enjoy.  Do you like it when your fingernails are raked across your skin?  How about when you knead and grab at your breasts?  Does a thump on your clitoris make you super aroused?  Or, do you prefer an almost ghostlike, gentle touch?  The key is to try all the different sensations to figure out what feels the most pleasurable to you.  Oftentimes it will be a mixture of sensations.  This means you can change your technique depending on desired effect.  When it is time to go for the O you start with the kinds of touches that make you the most excited!  There is more than one way to make a cat purr – figure out all the ways YOU do!


OK, so, for some women letting themselves enjoy self-pleasure is the bigger issue outside of the technique itself.  Perhaps it is guilt associated with the activity, maybe it is harder to physically let go during masturbation, or still others find the pleasure to be nearly painful.  Whatever your “obstacle” to orgasm may be, learning how to relax and enjoy all the feelings is essential to not only getting to know your own body, but also to letting the orgasms come as they may.  Women have the absolute remarkable capacity to have more than one orgasm during a sexual session.  However, many women cannot because they have not figured out how to let themselves experience the pleasure waves one after the other.  To become intimately familiar with yourself (with your own body) means that you are able to let the pleasures come and the orgasms will follow.  Knowing what your body NEEDS to get to climax and accepting that is a very hard thing for some women to do!  So, if you find yourself as your own worst sexual enemy – stop – breathe – now, take some time to learn to seduce yourself.  Slowly, intimately and repeatedly touch yourself in the above described manner until you know yourself inside and out!  Only then will you be ready to accept the orgasms and explain to other partners what it is your body needs!

So then, why are you still here?  Go get naked!  NOW!

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Date 11/10/2015
Charlotte T
Date 11/10/2015
Helen Stephens
When I was in my 20s I was not big with it. it was just weird and not that great for me. But after my bf got me a vibrator to try I became a regular :)
Date 11/10/2015
ladylover 43
I cum much more quickly when I touch myself than with a partner - i just know the right spots
Date 11/10/2015
just moved in with my gf and now i don't much. no need!!!
Date 11/10/2015
Lol who doesnt!! masturbating is soooo important!~

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