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6 Ways to Make Her Cum Faster

Posted by Kaitlin to Men's Issues
When things start warming up in the bedroom, we ladies love it. When it starts to get warm outside? Not so much. Some may want to be hot and bothered in the throes of passion, but getting sweaty in the bed for hours is not always the most desirable for all of us! It’s not uncommon for women (or their lovers) to want to speed things up a bit, especially when the temperature starts to rise!

If you still want her to have the same incredible orgasms but without all the time spent getting there, then I’ve got some tips for you. Help your lady feel your sensual touches and your exciting new additions in the bedroom, without feeling like you’re rushing things!

Take your sex to the next level without spending forever in the bedroom with these 6 Ways to Make Her Cum Faster!

1.  TOUCH HER EVERYWHERE:  If you want her to appreciate the incredible orgasm she is about to experience, you need to build the anticipation!  Take your fingertips, your lips, and your tongue and trace all over her body.  A quick kiss here, a couple swirling licks there will get her imagination roaming wild.  Give her a little tease to show her your admiration of her body and heighten her skin’s sensation.  Then, once you cease to tease and start to please, she will be unable to control herself!

2.  TELL HER ABOUT IT:  Build your vocabulary of sexy speech and talk dirty to her throughout the entire adventure!  Start by telling her how beautiful looks, then switch your tone and tell her how hot she makes you feel.  As things begin to heat up, tell her what you want to do to her, and ask her what she wants.  For the right couple, this can quickly turn into a powerful dominant and submissive role play!  For others, this is a great way to learn more about what each of you like, what words turn each other on or off, and what she really wants from you in the bedroom!  Either way, the whispers, demands, and dirty talk will get her to cum quicker than a silent interaction!

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3.  CARESS HER CLIT:  Despite its lack of attention in pornography, the clitoris is the #1 sexual pleasure spot on the female body!  The clit is sensitive, kind of like the head of the penis, but it has more sensational nerve endings!  There are also a large number of women who cannot orgasm without clit stimulation.  To ensure she gets what she needs, and to get her to cum faster, try a position like the cowgirl.  The cowgirl allows her to control the speed and depth of penetration, while positioning herself to give her clit more contact with your body.  The reverse cowgirl (where she straddles facing away from you) is also another option.  When she leans back to allow you to thrust, you may reach around her hips to rub her clit.  Even with oral sex, the combination of penetration and clit stimulation will make her orgasm instantly!

4.  RIDE THE VIBE:  If you would rather keep a hand or both hands free to explore, you may want to try using a vibrator together!  Tons of women use vibes on their own, and introducing a clitoral vibrator, a small bullet vibrator, or a slender, larger vibrator can create some stirring sensations for you both!  Take turns controlling the vibrations, running the toy all over each others' bodies and erogenous areas.  Giving her the power to assist in her own orgasm can be sexy for her because she knows how to use it and knows it’ll work, and sexy for you because you can watch her take control, and see what she does behind closed doors!  You may find that the excitement of adding something new to your routine, combined with the vibrations, has her cumming very quickly!

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5.  LET IN A LUBRICANT:  Adding lube can provide a better glide, or a little flavor to your sex!  There is a taboo that using lubricant is an admittance to not pleasing her enough, but that couldn’t be more far from the truth!  Plenty of women experience a lack of natural lubrication from time to time just because, and it is more common in older women than you may think.  If you are interested in getting her off quickly, the key may be a better lubricant.  Saliva tends to dry out quickly, so try a few drops of a water-based lubricant for longer lasting, smoother penetration.  A couple drops on your finger can make teasing her clit a whole new experience.  Plus, plenty of lubricants come in delicious flavors, or pleasurable sensations like tingling, warming, or cooling formulas!

6.  LISTEN, LEARN, AND RELAX:  Listen to her breathing, take into account how her body moves when you adjust your positioning or power, and learn her orgasm triggers!  The more you are intimate with her, the more you will be able to see what gets her aroused and what she needs as a final “motivator” for orgasm.  Whatever you do, don’t act like you’re trying to get her off quickly!  If she thinks you are expecting some earth-shattering “O,” it won't happen.  Imagine the performance anxiety!  When you want to speed things up, utilize the tips above, find the right combo, and let her enjoy the ride.  Give her a little something for all her senses and share a riveting, heart-pounding, fast sexual adventure together!


Date 6/17/2014
Date 7/27/2014
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