Mikayla Lowry

"Let them have orgasms! I love the idea that what I do can help women find their personal, sexual power and confidence and this, in turn, creates happy and sexually fulfilled couples."

Mikayla Lowry
Professional Writer for TooTimid
Sexual Health Expert
Professional Background

•Experienced professional in the Adult Novelty Industry for over 13 years
•Uses a sex-positive and educational approach to help women find their sexual confidence
•Advises and serves couples on sexual wellness, exploration and happiness
•Professional writer and professor by education

To use a well-known clichéd quote, “Knowledge is power,” nothing is more true or beneficial when it comes to sexual wellness and satisfaction. Although not a sexual expert through degree, I most definitely am by self-education and personal experience. I have always held the belief that we become experts by learning, exploring and doing – and this I have done my entire adult life. I have always been sex-positive, open to new experiences and adventures, and have continually searched to increase my own sexual knowledge and pleasure.

Through many, many years of exploring all things sex – from sexual enhancement products, to educational resources, to consulting top experts in the sexual field, to personally experiencing varying sexual situations – I truly feel that my breadth of knowledge and my willingness and, dare I say enthusiasm, in sharing this knowledge is what makes me a tremendous resource.

Over the years I have written hundreds of educational articles on sexual wellness and pleasure, as well as sexual relationships, and have personally aided countless people and couples with improving their sexual situations. This is the joy in what I do. Helping people find their sexual strides and being a sounding board and a listening ear for those who need my advice.

I will continue to search out knowledge on all things sex – and I will always make this knowledge accessible to any and all who desire it. That is my calling!

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