Bethany Ricciardi - Sexual Wellness & Relationship Expert

Photo of Bethany Ricciardi
"I'm happy to play a part in making the world a better place, one orgasm at a time!"
Bethany Ricciardi
Marketing Associate for TooTimid
Sexual Wellness & Relationship Expert
Professional Background
•Expert in relationships and understanding human needs and desires
•Sex Toy Educator and experienced professional in the Adult Novelty Industry
•Works closely with sex positive groups and organizations to promote a happy and healthy wellbeing

All new things must be learned and exploring the sexual nourishment of what women and couples need can sometimes feel endless. And it’s also what makes being a sexual wellness and relationship expert so exciting!

Graduating with a BA in Journalism, I have a love for writing, studying and learning. These skills have translated over well into this unique industry. Through education, research, and personal practice and understanding, I’ve learned being a sex educator is about being a health promoter. Sexuality is important to maintaining a healthy mind and physical wellbeing.

As a relationship expert I am constantly researching new ways different ages interact, respond, behave and connect with others. Working in the Adult Novelty Industry I’ve acquired a unique perspective for the variety of relationships in our world and it is beautiful!

Encouraging others to be open when talking about sex and relationships is really what I’m here for!