Angela Rosario - Sex Toy & Sexual Health Expert

"I believe everyone deserves great sex. I take pride in being a woman in a male-dominated industry. I have dedicated my entire career to help educate others on sex, relationships, masturbating and all things in-between."

Angela Rosario
Head of Brand & Content for
Sex Toy & Sexual Health Expert
Professional Background
• Professional in the Adult Novelty Industry for 10 years
• Tested and handled thousands and thousands of sex enhancement products
• Expert on how sex toys can enhance your life
• Expert in educating couples on ways to increase intimacy in the bedroom

I am an expert by a continual acquisition of knowledge. My whole life is centered around helping people around the world have better sex with themselves or with others. I became an expert by deeply thinking about, researching, and consulting leading experts on all aspects of sex and self-teaching all there was to know, while also continuing to learn as new information is learned.

I also have a breadth of personal knowledge when it comes to some sexual activities, acts, or products and use that personalized knowledge to help others. I understand no person or couple are the same, and I am experienced in solving and discussing relationship issues and challenges.

I am in continual contact with thousands and thousands of sexual enhancement products. I see the newest trends and strive to understand them.

I personally test and handle thousands of sex toys to understand exactly how they function and in what situations they would work the best. I am continually educated by manufacturers in the field about their products, and I have a sincere interest in being as knowledgeable as I can be in this the Adult Novelty and Sexual Health Industry.

If you are looking for advice on sex toys, tips on any sexual health topics, I am your woman.

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