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Hello! My name is Angela. You may have seen my name kicking around TooTimid.com or in your weekly e-mails!
Here's a little bit about me that you may be interested in - SEE MY FAVORITE TOYS BELOW! 
I am 4'11" and I was born in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. My father is Italian and my mother is Filipino. I came to the states when I was a little girl. I only know a little bit of tagalog - "Hoy, kumusta! Mabuti. Salamat. Walang anu man." that's about it. "WALA!" Here's a picture of me in the Philippines in Cebu City, where my family is from:
I grew up moving from Air Force Base to Air Force Base until my father retired. I now live in New Hampshire with my dog named, Pogi. (It means "handsome" in tagalog.) He is a rescue from Tennessee and he is 3 years old. Everyone thinks he's still a puppy. I put a pic below. I have no idea what breed he is, I think he's a Manchester Terrier mix. I've brought him into the TooTimid office a few times (don't worry, he didn't chew up any dildos.) and the girls here just love him. He's super attached to me, and I'm so lucky to have him.
I have been working here at TooTimid.com for over 9 years. I was an Esthetician for many years and I specialized in speed waxing and make up. I got sick of the hours and the physically demanding job of the beauty industry. I saw TooTimid was hiring, so I applied and got the job! 
I quickly realized that the Adult Novelty Industry was (and still is) dominated by men. I have no problem with men,I swear! I just would rather hear from a woman what a product "for a woman" is -actually- going to do for me. Part of the perks of working for TooTimid is that you get to take a lot of products home. I just found myself really enjoying certain products (some, not so much.) and looking at the description and thinking,"How can I tell other women what this did for me, and what that means it could do for them?" That was when I started filming more videos and editing descriptions on TooTimid on my favorite products. The rest is history! 
 Here are some products I absolutely LOVE! (And yes, I have tried ALL of these!)
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Jason - July 24, 2020

Thank you Angela for making that video about squirting it was very helpful in knowing what it will take to make my woman to achieve this experience for both.

Jason - July 18, 2020

How do you get a woman to squirt what is the technique?

JohnDavis - July 17, 2020

Do you have or know of any good hair remover for long term ( 6-8 ) weeks? .Something guys can use ,too, without burning?

Darryl - July 17, 2020

Some women are natural squirters but I have made women who have never squirted squirt

MIke - July 16, 2020

Can you really make a woman squirt

ED S - July 14, 2020

What can you tell me about Bumpy Betty Tongue Vibe? Reviews seem great.

Sue - July 14, 2020

Your absolutely gorgeous

Rico Allen Wolford - July 13, 2020

Hello, Which ones your favorite?

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