Inside South Korea's Erotic Theme Park


South Korea has taken erotic art and sculptures to a whole new level and it’s all in the name of sexual education.

Jeju Loveland Sculpture Park features over 140 sculptures of humans engaging in sexual acts. Jeju Island, the location of the theme park, has been the top honeymoon destination for newlyweds in South Korea since the 1970’s.

Given the country’s long tradition of arranged marriages, many newlyweds felt they needed a place to get to know each other and their bodies away from the pressures of daily life.

 Picture taken at Jeju Loveland Sculpture Park by Ivan Kralj
Photo Credit: Ivan Kralj via Pipeaway

This erotic theme park and corresponding island gave these newlyweds just what they were looking for; an outlet to explore each other and their individual sexuality.

Today, Jeju Loveland is an exhibition of erotic sculptures that visitors are encouraged to interact with, a top sex toy shop destination, and an experience of a lifetime.


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