How Eating Eggs Can Boost Your Sex Drive

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Eggs in carton with faces
Before you skip the scrambled eggs and head off to work on an empty stomach, for the sake of your libido, you may want to finish reading this.

According to scientists the regular consumption of eggs may actually work to boost your sex drive. Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals that are extremely important to the production and regulation of hormones, particularly vitamin B5 and B6 which are known to support healthy libido, (Gupta, 2023, p. 6).

Eggs are also high in protein, maintaining good energy levels, and zinc, which aids in the production of testosterone. But eggs don’t just affect your hormones they also support your brain, an important yet rarely discussed aspect of arousal. This humble breakfast essential contains choline, a chemical necessary for neurotransmitter synthesis that contributes to brain function.

So next time you go to make breakfast remember this protein packed treat won’t just help you make it through the day, it'll also keep you going through the night!



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