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How To Use A Vibrator With Your Partner For The First Time

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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Whether it is the woman who wants to incorporate a vibrator into lovemaking or the man who wants to share in this intimate experience with his partner, there are ways to go about bringing a vibrator to bed for the first time.  The most important thing to remember, always, is that a vibrator (or any sex toy for that matter) is NOT a replacement.  Sex toys are enhancements for a couple’s sexual experience, or for use during solo times.  It can be extremely intimate and erotic to incorporate a vibrator into sex and even if you are hesitant to do so, it will be an amazing experience for both of you.


Something that is extremely intimate and visually arousing for the male partner is to incorporate the vibrator into oral sex.  This way, he is still a very active participant in the sex act, as his tongue and fingers are still very much a part of the experience, Erotic Sexual Intercoursewhile at the same time he can visually see the penetration that the vibrator provides.  For the female, the extra penetration of the vibrator when used during oral sex combined with the added “naughty factor” of playing with a sex toy with a partner – well, let’s just say it is sure to be explosive!

How To Use Your First Vibrator


One thing that vibrators do very, very well is VIBRATE!  A vibrator may be made for internal stimulation, but it feels totally amazing externally as well!  Using the tip of a vibrator on her clitoris during intercourse is an amazing sensation for her and for you!  The male can feel the vibrations also while he is inside her.  Many couples find that sticking to external use of a vibrator for the first time is a great way to ease into it and bring both of you extended pleasure!


Depending on your comfort level, sometimes the best way to use a vibrator for the first time is for mutual warm-up.  Put on a little sexy show for your lover with your favorite B.O.B. and see how worked up you both get! Putting on the little demonstration is a great way to show him what you like, where you like it and the visualization of you masturbating for him will surely throw him into overdrive!  Then, you can toss the vibe aside for sex – or – bring it along for the ride!  You choose!


Sometimes the best way to introduce your buzzing buddy to your lover is to show him how good the vibrations feel ON HIM! Yes, I wrote that!  He can partake of the vibratory pleasures as well.  You can run it over his nipples, down under his balls, up and down his shaft, on his taint.  Think about how incredible a blow job would be if you added a little ball buzzing into the mix!  Men have rarely, if ever, used a vibrator on their shaft – so show him how much fun it can be for HIM and he will be glad to return the favor on you!

How Do You Use Vibes With Your Partner?
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Date 8/6/2015
sean mccoy
Love using toys with my wife! i like to watch while she starts off with pleasuring herself and then she keeps it on her clit while i fuck her. its great!
Date 8/7/2015
K. Hudson
It was so weird the first time because I was shy about doing what I like, but once I got over that we almost always use a vibrator together!
Date 8/8/2015
Date 8/10/2015
Gary + Lisa
usually I start by using it on my self and then during sex he uses it on me :)
Date 8/10/2015
Usually just use one by myself but maybe we will try together now!
Date 3/14/2016
Frank& Debbie
we love our it works great but we are looking for a really long and fat around she wants a huge one that rotates in 360 degrees have any idea where to get one.

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