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Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg

In Stock
Part Number:GK13001

Whether you control the settings, or relinquish control to a lucky playmate, this Vibrating Egg is sure to spice-up your everyday pleasure routine! With a reach of 25', there's plenty of sexy scenarios to explore!

  • Smooth and wireless egg vibrator
  • Easy remote control switch
  • Use from up to 25' away
  • Retrieval cord for easy removal
  • Waterproof
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    Powerful, compact and wireless! Have fun with your lover from across the room (or even in the shower!) This Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg is waterproof, ultra discreet, powerful and the small, discreet remote can slip into your pocket and works within 15-25 foot range*! Use in a crowded room, or in the privacy of your own room! One on/off speed. Base has retrieval cord for easy and safe use. When we tested this at the office, the remote worked at 25 feet.

    This product will come in either purple or black and will be shipped at random





    Vibrator Strength:


    Vibrator Noise Level:



    2 AA & 1 12V (Included)
    3 Stars
    Remote control Fun!
    I've been dieing to try a remote control toy from TooTimid, so when my latest box showed up with the Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg, I was more than excited. It comes with all the batteries you need! The toy is a rounded purple egg with a retrieval cord on one end. The vibrations are concentrated towards the opposite end of the retrieval cord, so it's easy to pinpoint stimulation. The egg is very thick and round, making it very enjoyable for clitoral stimulation. When I tested the power, I was surprised to find that the vibrations are VERY loud (I won't use it unless no one is home) and definitely NOT discreet. I found this to be a major drawback about the toy, when looking for a remote control toy; the ability to use the toy in a quiet-ish situation is ultimately beneficial. Also, there is only one vibe mode, ON. I thought this was also a drawback (but the vibe IS powerful, which I like.) If you're looking for a toy that will give your lover a lot of control from across the room, this is not it. Because this was a remote control toy, I decided to wait till my boyfriend got home from work to play. I left the remote on the table by the door, and I hid the egg under the blankets with me. When he finally turned on the vibe, I immediately felt its power. I rubbed the blunt end of the egg against my clit and could feel and orgasm building already. My boyfriend playfully turned off the remote. He came over to the bed and kissed me and turned the vibe back on. Whenever he could see me getting close to orgasm, he would turn off the remote. It was definitely fun to let him control the vibe, but eventually I had to take over and make myself cum. The egg delivers strong vibrations, but is too loud for out-of-the-bedroom remote control play. The vibe is also waterproof, which makes for great hands-free shower fun. The Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a lot of fun, but misses some of the important points of a wireless toy.
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 11/29/2006
    5 Stars
    Date Pleaser
    This is a toy my wife just loves.She likes to wear the vibrating egg when we have date night at the bar,restuarant or concerts. She suprised me the first time at a bar one evening when she pulled out the remote of her purse and told me to please her tonight. At first I didnt get it and thought she wanted to go home and have sex. She said please turn me on now and them I got it. As the night went on I would turn it on and get her hot and she would squirm like you wouldnt believe. I would turn it off right before a climax. As the evening went on she just loved the tease I was giving her and I kind of liked the control I had on her. When we got home that evening as soon a I closed the front door she ripped of my pants and quickly started giving me a hand job. She said this was pay back.I still had my wife's remote and turned it on till we both cummed together. It is a bit loud so you do want to be at place with some noise to play with this toy. I will say my wife an I do like this toy when we go out. When she wears her Egg out, we tend to make it early night and go to bed early if you know what I mean.
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    Reviewed by:  from KC. on 10/5/2013
    4 Stars
    Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg
    Wow I must say that this was quite a pleasent surprise! After reading the other comments I almost DIDN'T buy this incredible toy! It is a little loud... but no worse than any other vibrator out there. And if you use it like I did (up inside me)... then that cuts down on most of the noise. I do like the fact that it is a little bigger than the average bullet/egg. So it delivers a larger stronger vibe to my clit... which I LOVE!!! But I just had to figure out how to use it out in public. I decided to wear it while the hubby and I went out for drinks to a relatively busy/loud bar. And to my surprise and great pleasure... you couldn't hear it!!!! So the hubby had a great time turning it off and on through out the whole night. In fact I went to the bathroom and he walked towards the door and turned it on while I was peeing... I must say I was shocked but completely aroused!!! The remote works from a good distance away... and with the handy string attached there are no worries of "losing it" if you know what I mean. I love this toy and highly recomend it to others... just keep in mind... that whom ever you give the remote to has you at their mercy!!! Let's just say... after a long night out for drinks with this toy in and constantly being turned off and on by my hubby... it made for a very very sexualy interactive ride home!!! ;-)
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 3/14/2007
    4 Stars
    Quiet but a little too big
    We tried it out at a bar, it was very quiet. The only drawback would be the size, it could be difficult to insert at first.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from USA. on 1/14/2011
    5 Stars
    Loved it
    I was pleasantly surprised when I received this. I have been looking at these and very curious to try it out. This is waterproof and works from a pretty far range. One of the nice qualities is that it comes with the batteries for it. They are very easy to install. The massager you just unscrew it and slightly pull out the battery compartment and insert the batteries. For the remote you just slide off the small portion of the battery cover to insert the one battery for that one. This does have only 1 function so with this the remote only has an on and off switch. I then washed up the massager part to get it ready for use. It is purple in color. The measurements are 3 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter. It is a little loud when it is not inserted. I then told my significant other about it and he was eager to test it. So I inserted the massager inside of me and then went to meet up with him. First thing he was asking me for was the remote. I gave it to him and he was enjoying turning it on and off. When the massager is inserted you can barely hear it. The vibrations were just right not too strong but not too soft either. So later on he would turn it on and then off enjoying what it was doing to me. Then he decided to turn up the heat so to say by teasing me on other areas of my body and before I knew it he had me at the point of orgasm several times. This is a very interesting toy, because of the fact that it can be used anywhere and people won't even know. I would highly recommend this as it is definitely fun to experiment with.
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/21/2008
    4 Stars
    Happy Birthday to my Fiance!
    I purchased this item secretly for my Fiance for his birthday. He had decided that for his birthday he wanted to go out to dinner, so I got the bright idea that this would be a great way to turn him on indiscretely...I had wrapped up the remote in a small jewelery box, and when we arrived at the restaurant I went into the bathroom and inserted the "egg". When I came back to the table I gave him his Birthday gift. When he opened it, he examined the item, pulling the cover off the battery and all. Having no idea what it was, I told him to turn it on....once I jumped slightly, I think he finally got the hint. He ulitmately got "excited". It was probably the best gift I had ever purchased for him that turned us both on. The toy can be a bit loud, but I didnt have any problems with anyone hearing it running...he even turned it on while I was sitting next to his parents! What a turn on knowing you are secretly pleasuring your partner without even touching them!!!
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/27/2007
    4 Stars
    Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg
    I decided to take this toy to the dinner table, putting it into my panties directly on my clit - and then put the remote under my husband's napkin. The bullet is a bit larger than the standard - and I wondered if it would be a good thing or not. When my hubby opened his napkin, and saw the remote, he looked at me and turned it on. The egg sprang to life in my panties - but it was too LOUD! My son looked at me and said, "hey Mommy, what is that noise?" My husband was amused by this and did not turn off the toy - as my son got off his chair looking for the noise! It was definitely amusing for my hubby, I was a little more nervous about it. The vibrations are very strong - and that was a good thing - but in my opinion, if you have a toy that is remote controlled - the idea is to use it in public - and you definitely couldn't use this toy in public unless you were at a swap meet or something! We continued our play time in the bedroom later - and that was much more fun. I sat naked, legs spread on the bed and inserted the toy a bit (there is a retrieval cord on the toy) and my hubby enjoyed teasing me with the toy by turning it on and off and on and off. The toy worked better for me placed directly on my clit! The fun of this toy is that your partner can literally drive you crazy - especially if he knows the signs of orgasm! My hubby kept getting me to the brink and as soon as my breath got heavy he would STOP! I was ready to kill him! Finally he let me orgasm and it was fantastic! We used the egg again later to put in between us during sex - and it was nice to not have to hold the cord. Since there is one setting only - high - it worked well for me, delivering many orgasms during our sex session! I too would recommend this toy to anyone - as long as you understand that it is a bit loud. For private bedroom use it is right on - for use at the movies - probably not! Give up some control - try this remote control egg - you will be glad you did!
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 12/17/2006
    5 Stars
    The way her eyes lit up and the smile on her face when I turned it on said it all
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from West Virginia. on 9/10/2015
    5 Stars
    strong vibe, short battery life
    Great strong vibe, fun to play with in a loud-ish environment, hubby loves taking me out to dinner with this in the mix for play time!!! Fairly large, live it! Just right. Batteries don't last long, trade off for the strength.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Oregon. on 5/21/2015

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