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Hands-Free Waterproof Wireless Bunny Vibrator

Hands-Free Waterproof Wireless Bunny Vibrator

In Stock
Part Number:SE0574-04-3

Jump In The Deep End Of Incredible Pleasure With This Waterproof Vibe!

  • Dual-stimulating vibe
  • Wearable design with adjustable straps
  • Wireless and self-contained device
  • Multi-speed vibrations
  • Waterproof
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    Get Wet And Wild With This Waterproof Bunny! 

    Wearable and wireless, this Bunny-style dual-stimulator sends powerful vibrations throughout the jelly shaft and bunny ears with a twist of the dial! It's also completely self-contained and waterproof, making it even more versatile!

    Power packed, self-contained-no wires, waterproof and unscented! Let the Waterproof Wireless Bunny snuggle up. Jelly soft, with vigorous vibrating penis and energetic bunny ears this rabbit will play and tease your clitoris and vagina like no other. Easy-to-use controller allows total HANDS FREE pleasure whether lounging around or wearing under clothing.

    Flickering bunny ears for clitoral stimulation, jelly soft 4" vibrating penis, easy-to-use controller for multi-speed vibrations, comfortable, fully adjustable waist and thigh straps.

    Requires 2 N Batteries (4 included) | Purchase Additional Batteries






    Insertable Length:



    1 Stars
    This toy is not worth the price.It has very low vibrations and does not to do what it suppose to . Do not even waste your money on this .
    Did you find this helpful?  9 of 9 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn. on 8/2/2012
    1 Stars
    I got this for my second toy. The clitoral stimulus was not great at all unless you used the shaft or the head for clitoral stimulus. Even when you do use the head or shaft...the vibe is not so great. It is hard to turn the dial when you are trying to get into it and you use the straps. It was okay when I was a beginner...but I would not recommend this for a veteran.
    Did you find this helpful?  6 of 7 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/1/2008
    1 Stars
    The first time I tried this Bunny one of the strap holders broke. I still used it as best I could. The dial is difficult to adjust. It was difficult to keep in the right place. It got wet inside while washing it (and I had it closed tightly). I won't buy one again.
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 6/23/2011
    4 Stars
    great warmup toy
    well i have always been EXTREMELY tight, so much that it hurts for me to have sex even though ive been having sex regularly for almost 2 years. everytime my bf penetrates me it feels like im painfully losing my virginity all over again . so i bought a toy about the same size as my bf to practice, but it had those nubby bumps on it and they hurt even worse, so i decided to give this toy a try although this toy has never brought me to orgasm, it feels pretty nice to have it on while tied up :D and best of all for me, after wearing it for a while i am warmed up enough to move on to either a larger toy or my bf without pain! i wish it would have come with instructions on how to use the straps though X_x im not even sure if im wearing it correctly lol, it just barely fits when its stretched alll the way and my waist is only 26 inches...
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/7/2008
    3 Stars
    Peter Cottentail wasn't quite Cotton...
    This was actually my first toy that I bought. A friend of mine suggested I should try something to enhance my sex life when my Love is away. I found the waist strap to be a little too small for me, and I'm not that big to begin with. Also, when I went to sit down or move my legs in any other position other than straight, it would hurt a bit because the batteries are directly inside the shaft. The vibes I got off the shaft were pretty good, but I like clitoral stimulation more and the bunny ears just didn't cut it. It was rather quiet on the highest setting (when inserted); not much louder than the fan on my laptop and my room mate didn't even notice, but when out in the open, it's pretty loud. I found that placing the shaft against my clit was the greatest and it quickly sped me to orgasm. The leg straps helped it stay in place (while I still couldn't figure out the waist strap), but without it inserted, it wouldn't be practical to wear under clothing. While inserted.... wearing jeans or loose sweats would do the trick just fine! If you like a stronger clitoral vibe, this won't quite cut it for you, unless you use the shaft. Otherwise, it was a great experience for my first toy!
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 3/18/2008
    1 Stars
    so I was really excited to try this out when i first got it, because sometimes i'd like my hand a little more free when i play. BUT the vibrations I got off of it were pretty sad. But on the plus side, as always TooTimid got it to me on time, if not a little earlier than expected and was discreet... VERY important because I am still living with family.
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 5/9/2007
    1 Stars
    NOT Impressed
    I do not like this product at all. I feel I wasted my money by purchasing it. It does nothing for me at all!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Ga. on 5/17/2015
    3 Stars
    Fantastic Foreplay Toy!
    I love to be tied up and teased. And what better way to do it than by having a toy that stays positioned for you while your lover does so! I can not begin to express how excited I was to use this unique hands free vibrator. Claimed to be unscented, and it was, this fun toy has adjustable straps (made out of similar material to that of a bra strap) and fits snugly around your inner thighs as you desire.They're designed for a one size fits all kind of fit. I have a nice big ass and had no problem adjusting the straps comfortably and they stayed in place.No Wires too! Texturally it's a nice soft jelly like material, but the shaft is still firm.The controller is located on the end making it easy and effortless for hands free fun.There's multiple speeds as well, but it's not the most powerful vibe. Have your lover occasionally apply pressure to it for heightened enjoyment. When fully inserted, the shaft is a pretty shallow penetration.The rabbit ears sit nicely for extra added stimulation on your clit. I love any toy that constantly vibrates my clit! The only downfall is that it uses 2 N type batteries. They do give you 2 sets of these batteries.But it makes it a bit less versatile in your toy repertoire if a power issue were to arise.It's a relatively quiet toy too, fine for those you might be worried about hearing, Being tied up with this toy sitting on and in my naughty parts was dynamite! My boyfriend loved having the power to tease me when he wanted and having something that was hands free. I loved the extra attention and teasing I got by him having a free hand too! It was a fantastic way to get things going! This waterproof wireless bunny simply comes down to one thing, a great foreplay tool.This is a fabulous toy for couples or those just wanting to feel a bit naughty.A great addition to your toys for anyone seeking new options for a hot time with two hands available to touch, pinch, grab,whip, slap and suck!
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 11/26/2007
    4 Stars
    Fun for foreplay
    This was a great little toy to use during foreplay. My boyfriend put this in me and strapped it on and he went to town with his mouth and hands on every other part of my body. It was awesome except for one thing, the straps broke when we tried using it the first time. He fixed it in the moment the best he could and we still enjoyed it very much. I'll just have to purchase replacement straps which is no big deal. I wouldn't use this toy alone but with someone it's great.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from North Carolina . on 6/10/2015
    4 Stars
    I just wanted to feel something inside of me. After searching a few stores, I came across this little gem and decided to get it. I've been walking around for an hour now (after trying it out of course) and couldn't be happier. The straps are a little confusing to figure out, but I managed to switch them around to make sense (the larger strap fits on the bunnies top paws for the waist while the other two fit on the lower paws to go around the thighs. They are a smaller fit though, I wear a size 9 Jean and have the waist part fully lose. The vibe is in the shaft piece which means it isn't as flexible as I'd like it to be (leaning over and bending down is slightly painful), is about 4" and slim. The batteries are camera batteries, so they might be a little difficult to find, but seeing as I just wanted to feel something inside me as I went about my business, this does the job perfectly.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 3/26/2015

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