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Waterproof Vibro Dolphin

Waterproof Vibro Dolphin

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Part Number:GK11087###

With a curvy little jelly dolphin to flicker and tickle your clit, you'll want to bring this mini-vibe with you everywhere! Twist on the powerful vibrations and let this waterproof wonder please all your favrotie spots!

  • Mini pocket rocket-style vibe
  • Curved dolphin clit stimulator
  • Powerful and precise vibrations
  • Perfect for travel or work
  • Waterproof
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    This micro-sized stimulator is WATERPROOF AND POWERFUL, perfect for all types of water activities and fun! Turn on the power and watch this soft and delicate dolphin vibrate and dance- bringing you oceans of orgasms! Bring this portable and discreet vibe anywhere for amazing sensations on-the-go!

    Product Review by Mikayla - Chicago, IL
    OK, I know I have said it before, and now I am gonna say it again - BIGGER is not always better! Why do I say this? Simply because this little micro vibrating Dolphin is small but mighty - and it has the added benefit of being WATERPROOF!

    Now, I am already a huge fan of the mini-vibe 'cause all the power and vibrations go right where a woman wants and NEEDS it to go - her clitoris! HOWEVER, this little beauty has an added feature - a teeny, tiny, jelly dolphin that is attached to the end of the vibrator. Now I ask you can you imagine how goooood that little dolphin feels rubbing against your clit? I do - and I am going to tell you all about it right now!

    When I saw this mini-vibe in my latest TooTimid box, I was intrigued. I have learned not to doubt the power of smaller vibes – so I wasn’t hesitant to try it out, but I was curious about the dolphin poised at the end of the vibe. Would it get in the way? Would it really do anything? How good could that feel? I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I decided this would be the toy for playtime tonight – and I knew my hubby would be more than willing to help me experiment!

    That evening, we settled in for foreplay and I pulled out the Vibro Dolphin. My hubby started to squint and took the vibrator from me and laughed, “what, exactly, is that on the end of this toy, did you get this at the Shedd Aquarium?”

    I suppose it does look a little strange, like a mini-flashlight with a little dolphin on it. He turned it on (I had already but in the 1AA battery) and said, “ohhhhh, I see what that little dolphin does, lie back, spread those legs and let the dolphin go pussy diving!”

    OK, so I admit, my hubby can be kind of corny, but his intent was good, right?

    I lay back on my fluffy pillows, spread my legs and waited for the “oceans of orgasms” that the packaging assured me were coming. As he turned his attention to my legs – I felt nothing spectacular. Then my inner thighs – nothing. Finally, my clit – nothing. I was APALLED! I mean, I was not pre-judging this toy, I tested out the vibrations – they were super strong – I even felt the little dolphin on my hand, it tickled a ton! I was confused – what was going on???

    “Give me that toy,” I barked at my hubby! I took my vibro dolphin and applied it to my clit – NOTHING! Oh man! How could I have been so wrong?? I began to take it away, and BAM…I felt the tickle like on my palm earlier. “Ohhhh, I see,” I said to my hubby with a huge grin, “you have to let the dolphin barely touch my clit or skin, you were pressing too hard!” With new understanding and a new mission, my hubby took the toy and started to play again – only this time letting the dolphin barely touch me – so that the vibrations were allowed to flow through the dolphin. He spread my pussy and just let the dolphin flick against my clit- OHHHHHH it was HEAVENLY! However, if you press too hard, the dolphin stops dead in his little tracks, and hence no vibrations!

    It didn’t take long and those waves of orgasms were rushing all over me – and many of them too! The vibrations were actually so strong that I had to have my hubby remove the toy from me so I could take a break! It just goes to show you – experimentation can be the key to success with some of these toys! I am so glad that we tried again!

    Therefore, I would recommend this toy to ANYONE – beginners especially! It is not whisper quiet, but it is fairly quiet. This toy is waterproof as long as the case is completely sealed – and I can imagine that it would feel wonderful underwater! Just remember – this little dolphin needs space to be effective – so make sure that you are not smothering the dolphin into whatever area you are trying to stimulate! As long as he has room to vibrate – you will experience “oceans of orgasms” – or at least you have a chance to!

    Happy playing everyone!

    5 Stars
    What a NUTT! :-0
    I have to say this is my favorite, I got this one year as a lil funny Xmas gift. I was like hum I'm really not into toys I love the feel of my husband and his dick in me but I said I will try it and let me tell u I have had the best NUTTS given to myself with this thing. I agree that it may open easily and I have burned a few out grate for the tub. I was disappointed when I went looking for it a few months ago and could not find it, I ended up getting this other clit stimulator that nahhhhh. So my husband sends me this grate Video n my thoughts are baby u need one in return of me cumming all over n I know just how.. I went looking again today and to my excitement I found it I'm super fucking horney can't wait to get it, made sure I got a few so im never with out.. My imagination is going wild I can't wait
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    Reviewed by:  from Horney in NJ. on 2/22/2012
    2 Stars
    Didnt do anything for me.. Got it as a free giveaway so atleast i didnt spend money on it, but i tried it once and was not happy with it. The dolphin does nothing for me and I ended up pushing it out of the way to get the base part on my clit and it was more of a pain than anything else..
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 6/26/2008
    4 Stars
    Surprisingly powerful!
    I got this as a free item, and when I took it out of the package I thought, "I'm glad it was free. This won't to anything!" Boy was I wrong!! The dolphin curves right around my clit when I hold the shaft pointing up at my head. The vibrations were surprisingly powerful for such a little toy and with only one AA battery. The whole thing is shorter than my hand from fingertips to wrist. A plus is that you can insert the shaft and get good vibrations. I have yet to take it into the bath with me. The only problem that I had was that it is very easy to accidentally open the battery compartment when I just wanted to turn it off. Otherwise, a very nice toy!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 12/11/2007
    5 Stars
    I tried using this little dolphin alone and it was ok but not quite enough. I ended up sitting on a chair with a nice big dildo inside me. I pumped up and down on the dildo and let the little dolphin flicker on my clit. I had the most amazing orgasm! I have yet to try this in the tub but that is next.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 12/8/2007
    4 Stars
    Wet and Wild!
    I was really excited to get this toy, and when it came, my first thought was it's freaking adorable! But, will it get me off? I set to work finding out. I inserted a AA battery, would liked to have seen two, as I was thinking more power would get me their faster, but what can you do? So I inserted the battery, cleaned the toy and turned it on and applied it to my clit, very lightly. It was ok, not stupendous. I was really disappointed, I mean I read Mikayla's review and understood I had to go lightly, but it still was not doing much for me. I played with it a few minutes, shut it off and was disappointed. I decided to try it again in my bath,and see if that made a difference. I lay back in the tub, turned it on and spread my lips and applied the harder part of the vibe to my clit. I positioned it so the dolphin would "shimmy" on my vaginal opening and waited. WOW! It felt really great, so I spread a bit further and positioned the vibe a bit and came. Pretty hard. I love this toy! I think they key for me was using the hard part of the vibe on my clit, not the dolphin. I'm a STRONG vibration kinda gal and the dolphin was not strong enough. I can't wait to use this vibe tonight with my husband. I think that dolphin is going to just dance over his cock while he's in me and we're both going to enjoy the ride. The vibe holds up well to being waterproof too!
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 11/16/2007
    1 Stars
    Honestly? I can see why they had to give these away, they don't do very much..
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 10/2/2007

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