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Vibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed Massager
Powerful 7-Speed Massage Wand!

Vibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed Massager

Out of Stock
Part Number:KL939

  • Powerful, wand-style massager
  • 7 vibration speeds
  • Soft, flexible Silicone head
  • Cordless for use almost anywhere
  • Rechargeable
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    Get The POWERFUL Vibrations You've Been Craving!

    The Vibe Rite Personal Massager is a powerful 7-Speed massager with a soft, flexible silicone head that's angled to easily reach all your favorite spots! Its rechargeable battery will keep going and going for hours of pleasure, all without the frustration of needing to be plugged into a wall socket to achieve your much needed release! Its traditional wand style and features makes it easy to use the flexible Silicone head on sore muscles or intimate areas in a variety of positions comfortably!

    The Vibe Rite has the strong, continuous, and intense stimulation that wand-style vibrators are loved for, with more subdued sounds and without the cumbersome cords that many wand massagers had! A 30-minute charge provides up to 1 hour of vibrating fun before you'll need to recharge. It's amazingly satisfying along, but has even more mind-blowing possibilities with the aid of one of its accommodating attachments: The Triple Crown, The Double Agent, and The G-Spot Attachment. All sold separately.



    Vibrator Strength:


    Vibrator Noise Level:

    5 Stars
    Move over Hitatchi Magic Wand, here come the VIBE RIGHT! I have had quite a few *massager* vibes in my life, and all have delivered me the goods, but this one takes the orgasm! Why is this one better you ask? Well, let us begin with the fact that it is CORDLESS! Simply charge and use with the included power plug, then recharge when you are done (about 40 minutes of pleasing when used on high). No cord getting in your way or tethering you to the wall - very convenient! Also, it is multi speed - 7 to be exact - and they range from pleasant buzzing to HOLD ON TO THE BED! Plus, the Vibe Rite is QUIET! One huge issue I have had with other massager vibes is that they are LOUD. Not very private when the whole house can hear you playing. Add to this that it has a soft, supple, silicone head with a pliable neck to move and adjust to the pressure that is right for you and that you can buy ATTACHMENTS (such as the G-Spot, Triple Crown or Double Agent) to change up your pleasure. It is a one stop pleasure shop! My lover and I played with this toy together, and I have to admit I was E X C I T E D to try. My past massagers have brought me to orgasm quickly and strongly, and I assumed this would be no different, and I was RIGHT. After a bit of charging, we were ready to play. I left my pleasure in the capable hands of my lover and laid back, legs spread and ready to go. He turned it on low, then a big higher as he rubbed the end over my aching mound. It is soft and smooth, and once again QUIET! I was building up fast, but he is a patient man who likes to tease me, so no release right away. I squirmed and moaned as the Vibe Rite VIBED ME RRRIIIGHHTT!. After a few powerful Os, he added the G-Spot attachment and inserted All I can say is F U C K felt fantastic! It is perfectly curved and a perfect size and length. I have to admit though, when I saw the attachment on the toy - all purple and angled - I thought it looks like Gonzo from the Muppets! This did not deter me, however, and I was ready to sink into the pleasure zone. My lover adjusted the end and rocked it back and forth to give me some needed clitoral stimulation AND G-spot attention. The silicone head is soft, yet firm, so you get that firm touch that is much needed with G-Spot stimulation. It did not take long and I was arching and clenching on this toy, enjoying a very nice dual orgasm! Plus, I was greedy and wanted more, which I got. We both very much enjoyed using this item together, however, my lover did admit that because of the size, there was no place for him to *assist* me. He could not use his tongue or fingers while using the toy, and he loves to help, so for him this was a negative. However, he loves to pleasure me, and this toy DID pleasure me. It is definitely easy to use solo as well, as the angle and the positioning of the wand is ergonomic and long enough to reach any spot you wish to *massage.* I would definitely recommend this item (and atttachments) to ANYONE wanting to be VIBED RIGHT!!
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    Reviewed by:  from Quebec, Canada. on 9/6/2012
    5 Stars
    Oh my orgasms!
    I was scared to get a wand massager at first, because I thought using something this strong might desensitize me or something. I did some research online and realized that would NOT happen, so I bought this for my first wand massager. I could not be more pleased!

    Wand massagers have INTENSE and POWERFUL vibrations, and the wide head (about 2 inches across) covers your whole clitoral area (not just the clit, but all those lovely, sensitive nerves around there). So instead of needing a couple minutes to get yourself prepped for orgasm, these are highly efficient orgasm machines! You stimulate your whole pussy at once and begin building a powerful orgasm immediately!

    My FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE thing about this wand is that it has a multi-speed wheel instead of different functions, or just two speeds like the Hitachi. I don't know about you, but when I'm rolling in the orgasms, my clit gets even more sensitive, and I often need to turn the vibrations WAAYYY down during my orgasm so I don't get over-stimulated. The wheel makes that VERY easy, and with the vibrations on low, I can keep orgasming for much longer!

    This is now my favorite toy (and I have a LOT of vibrators!). I use the wand on my clit and a torpedo vibe for penetration. If you like strong vibrations on your clit, you should try a wand massager. Absolutely. I have never had more fun masturbating!

    The ONLY con I can think of for this sex toy is that the vibrations do get weaker after a few uses. It's still crazy strong, but every couple of orgasms you'll need to plug it in for a few hours to recharge. However, I'd prefer a few hours to recharge over being plugged into a wall during the act, since I tend to roll around and switch positions a lot. Hopefully I can convince my boyfriend to let me use this on my clit during sex! He has no idea how many times I can orgasm in a row (it's a lot!) but I'm excited to show him :)
    Did you find this helpful?  18 of 20 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Maine. on 7/21/2015
    5 Stars
    This wand was maybe my 3rd purchase of a sex toy EVER and I'm still VERY happy with it. It's a bummer it isn't waterproof, but who CARES?

    It's really great because of the power. If you want power, you'll have POWER. The only downside is that the lower settings are almost too weak and not centralized enough to cause any reaction, but it doesn't change my star rating.

    To be noted though, is the fact that it can not work while on charge or with the little plug in. This makes it great for moving or while it's charging as it won't accidentally turn on and let unwanted people know you have it. But, it will disallow you to use it if it's out of charge and so you'll need to wait for it to be ready again.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington. on 1/15/2018
    4 Stars
    gets the tension out
    Ok I admit that I was one of those weird people who actually bought this for non-sexual purposes. I get really tight hips and back because of my dance classes and my shoulders are tight because dance bags get heavy, as do lunch bags and work bags and purses. Anyways you get the point. This thing helped to rumble out my tight muscles and it was heavenly.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MCKEESPORT. on 7/25/2017
    5 Stars
    I have found a new favorite for me & my boyfriend. He was so happy watching me use this.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Louisiana. on 3/7/2018

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