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5 Oral Sex Techniques to Try on Her

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
5 Oral Sex Techniques To Try On HerYou may think that you are the oral master and know every trick in the book when it comes to eating out your woman. Well, you know what? We all like to change things up a bit! Why settle for the “average” rating on the oral sex scale when you can reach “OMG” status and be the cunnilingus King (or Queen)?! Yes, there are some tricks of the trade to try to make your woman say "wow!" Read on and discover 5 Oral Sex Techniques to Try on Her!

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Women like to be admired. We love to know that you find us sexy. Some women are very uncomfortable with how their vagina looks and may feel funny about letting you get up close and personal down there. So, before you do ANYTHING with your mouth or tongue – spend a few minutes gently stroking her, opening her up softly, exploring her folds with your fingertips and – most importantly – telling her how beautiful she is down there! Yes, I'm telling you to compliment her pussy! Your admiration will excite her and your slow, seductive touches will get her wet, willing and waiting for the next step!

The clitoris is protected by a little “hood” of skin – the clitoral hood. This acts as a little roof over the sensitive clitoris. Some women like you to rub them or lick them gently on this area of skin and not directly ON their clitoris. However, other women (me, me, me) enjoy it if you raise the roof a bit and directly stimulate the clitoris! It is important to pay attention to her actions and directions here, if she indicates it is too much, then resume as previously. However, if she starts moaning and bucking her hips, keep on with the direct stimulation!

Many oral practitioners simply “lick” their lady as opposed to utilizing their entire mouth to get her off! The entire vaginal area is super sensitive and opening your mouth to engulf her mound can be extremely arousing! Surround her with warm breath and wetness all around. Use your tongue to tease her clitoris and inner vaginal lips, all while gently sucking in on her outer, vaginal lips, clit and inner lips too! Put that big mouth to use!

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While you may already know that many women enjoy a finger or two inserted into their vagina while oral sex is being performed, do you know HOW to vary this practice to make it more satisfying? You should never just use your fingers as space fillers, but instead, use them to really massager her inner vaginal canal. A surprising way to do this is to gently work up to putting both your pointer and middle fingers into her and then OPENING them up (like the ‘Peace’ sign) and then twisting them slowly around and around, then collapsing them together, turning them over for the patented ‘come hither’ motion; then turning them BACK around, opening them up again and repeating. This method provides a sensory experience that she will love. Make love, not war!

If you have never added some vibratory actions to your oral ovations then now is the time to try! Keep in mind this is in ADDITION to your tongue not a replacement FOR your tongue. Trust me. She will still want to feel your tongue, fingers and mouth on her. However, if you use a small battery operated pal such as a bullet to stimulate her inside or tease her clit in between your loving licks she will go MAD in the very best way!

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Date 8/7/2014
Excellent advice. Men should ALWAYS be trying to improve upon their 'lingus' technique, since most women prefer that over intercourse. I was smart (or lucky) enough to figure that out 25 years ago and we have had a very spicy sex life ever since (thank you Too Timid). And no matter where we travel, she always brings along at least 2-3 toys, which I always use in combination with my mouth and fingers. Some men fear toys, as if they will replace them. How contraire!! The vibrators bring a new dimension to the bedroom. Trust me!! And change it up... buy a new toy every month and surprise her. you will be glad you did!!!
Date 8/7/2014
TooTimid Angela
STEVE: Wow!! AGREED - No better way to put it!
Date 8/7/2014
This is advice I wish I had gotten when I was still in my teens. The practice I got early on involved all but #1. I found out early on that inserting fingers or vibrators into your woman while licking/sucking her drove her wild. I threw some light bondage into a session once and made it ten times more amazing ;)
Date 8/8/2014
girl love it when i eat her out
Date 1/9/2017
April Honeycutt
Email please be discrete as possible. Also interested in your free promotional items. Thanks April Honeycutt
Date 1/9/2017
April Honeycutt
Email please be discrete as possible. Also interested in your free promotional items. Thanks April Honeycutt

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