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The Big Cherry - Vibro Dong

The Big Cherry - Vibro Dong

In Stock
Part Number:SE7260-11-2

Step-up your toy collection with this big and powerful Cherry-scented vibrator! With realistic detailing and 2 powerful motors, you'll want to try this vibro-dong in all of your sweet spots!

  • Long and generous shaft
  • Realistic tip and veined texture
  • Cherry-scented PVC material
  • Multi-speed vibrations
  • Easy-to-use dial control at base
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    You'll Be Hooked By One Taste Of This Big Cherry!

    This item is Non-Returnable (unless bullets are defective - then item can be returned for exact replacement only. All products marked as defective will be tested.) Please make sure you understand the size before purchase.

    Designed for Tera Patrick and her insatiable needs, this cherry scented love toy will have you exploding with pleasure! From its realistic tip, veined texture and ball details, to its powerful dual motors, this vibro-dong has plenty to offer a willing taker! Made of superior quality Crystalessence (translucent PVC) material.

    Length including Battery Cap: 11.5"
    Length not including Battery Cap: 11"

    Product Review by Katrina - Pittsburgh, PA
    All right ladies, this dong is not for the faint of heart, and even the experienced user maybe surprised by the sheer size of this vibe. It is 9" in length with 2 inches of girth. Surprising enough it only takes 2 small AA batteries, which surprised me. I didn't think that the batteries would be strong enough to give the vibe a lot of power, considering it has two (that's right ladies two!) bullets in one in the middle of the vibe. One is located near the top of the vibe the other is at the lower end, which makes for vibrations from top to bottom. Enough of the details! Now let me tell you how much this big boy can do.

    When I received my box of goodies from too timid, my hubby ripped the box out of my hands before I could even put it on the table. He was so excited to see what was inside; he has been looking at this vibe for a while now and just couldn't believe it had finally come. He ripped it out of the box and opened the vibe up, and still wouldn't let me see what it looked like. As he told me to close my eyes, he placed the vibe in my hands the first thing I noticed was the pure weight of the vibe. Now it being made of Crystalessence, I figured it shouldn't be that heavy. Boy was I wrong, and totally in shock when I saw the size of this vibe. I truly couldn't believe it, I also noticed the cherry scent which I really liked just because it for a change it didn't have an odor just a nice pleasant scent. Seeing his eyes light up, he looked like a little kid at Christmas, and just couldn't wait to see this vibe in action.

    So later that night and a half a bottle of wine later, we went to the bedroom for a little fun with some of our new toy. Now looking at this a little buzzed and still wondering if I could handle something this big he was putting lube on the vibe and me. (Now I recommend a lot of lube and going very easy until you can decide how far you want to go down on Vibro Dong.) As my hubby was lubing up the vibe I was still looking at all of the detail and noticed it is shaped more after a real life dick that the typical vibe. Still a little nervous he slowly inserted Vibro Dong and I couldn’t believe how full I felt so quickly. The size was such a turn on and got me hot right away, and within a few minutes I was already bucking having an orgasm. My hubby in shock said he hardly had to move it. As he started to see if I could take the rest of the vibe I could feel the vein stretching me, when he turned the vibe on low it sent me straight to another orgasm. All of the bucking and the feeling of being so full had me so crazy and wet that I could barely breath; we never made it to the high setting. The whole scene turned my husband on so much that he just flipped me over and took me doggie style. With a little grin afterwards he said he just couldn’t help himself.

    Would I recommend this to beginners? No, experienced users only. This toy is not returnable so make sure you understand how big this really is. Water based lube is what we used and it worked wonderfully. Believe me this was amazing fantasy of mine by finding out exactly what it is like to have sex with a very big dick. Besides I guess I was a little faint of heart until Vibro Dong won me over. When you’re just not satisfied with the average size vibrator then I would say that the Vibro Dong is for you.





    Insertable Length:





    2 AA (Not Included)
    5 Stars
    Cherry Vibro Dong
    As I am writing this, I am sitting gingerly upon my desk chair, the satisfying soreness reminding me WHY there's a warning about truly understanding how big the toy is before purchasing it! To say, "it's big", is a complete understatement! A better reaction would be, "OMG, it's freakin' HUGE!" At 9" long, & a little over 2" in diameter, this Dong is nothing to pass off as just a vibrator. It has 2 bullets in it, since the jelly's so thick, & it's so long, you can really feel the power of the bullets. It only takes 2 AA batteries (not incl.). One battery up, one down, twist the cap back on, and feel the low to medium vibes run thru the entire shaft. This toy comes complete with balls, veins, & also curves downward, similar to a well-endowed man. The cherry scent's there, but the jelly material's smell cuts thru that, even with a couple of washings. Grabbing a bullet, dong, & water-based lube, I got wet & very excited before attempting insertion. I slathered up the dong with the lube, turned on the vibes with the dial controller at the bottom. Slowly inserting this toy, I could really feel my labia & vagina stretching & stretching to accommodate this toy. At first I tried it balls down, but not only was that uncomfortable, due to the curvature downward, it was awkward to hang onto too. This dong is heavy! I'd say a couple of pounds at least! So, again, using previous advise, I turn it upside-down so the balls were up, & they made a great handle, plus extra stimulation on my clit - who doesn't love extra stimulation? And, full? Oh yes! Soon I was happily having my very intense orgasm. I could feel my vaginal muscles clamping down on the dong, and I swear, I could feel the veins & everything! After coming down from my O, my muscles were twitching around the dong, & I had to fully relax before being able to get it out of me comfortably. Yes, I liked this toy VERY much!
    Did you find this helpful?  31 of 36 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 6/27/2008
    4 Stars
    The Big Cherry - Vibro Dong
    Ladies be aware that this product is actually bigger than it appears in the picture. If you are looking for a bigger and fuller experience then this dong is for you. You will find this vibe a bit on the heavy side but properly positioned pillows can ease this. I wasn't sure what crystalessence was, if you are like me it is a jelly type material. Because of this, you find that this dong needs a lot of lube to be inserted. The vibrations are pleasing, but I would not call them strong even on the highest level. This may be me because I need strong vibrations. Inserting this vibe was a bit of a challenge at first. This was partly due to its size, but I soon discovered after experimenting a little that it was more due to its shape. The end of the vibe curves downwards. I found that if the vibe is turned upside down so the balls are facing upwards it slides in much easier and is more comfortable. To me this is a minor issue. The advantage of this is, when using this solo, the balls part of the vibe can be used as a hand grip. However, if you get lube on this you will find it slippery to hold onto. All in all I would call this a pleasing vibe. To improve upon it a suction cup base could be added and the curve of the tip could be reversed.
    Did you find this helpful?  12 of 13 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 7/24/2007
    5 Stars
    Loving it
    So it's been a minute since I brought a new toy and I've always loved bigger. Wasn't prepared for the size nor the weight of this. Packaging was easy enough to get into. Holding it in my hand, I got wet just thinking about the fun to be had. I tried to resist and wait but found myself trying it out while the house slept. I can't wait for some me time so I can try all the various positions for this monstrous wonder. Maybe it's just me but I require very little lube, I was so wet it really just slid in. Getting Horny now thinking about it. Was sufficient for me and I am a sexoholic. Loved doing it while practicing kegels made the orgasm so damn intense. Storage is an issue for me only as I live with prying eyes. So glad I brought this item, looking forward to the hours of pleasure it is sure to bring. Not for the faint of heart at all.
    Did you find this helpful?  9 of 12 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Philadelphia. on 8/4/2011
    5 Stars
    Excellent Vibrating Cock
    This is one of my first dildos i bought a couple of years ago. First i want to say the size is what it says, aThe head is a little over 2" then tapers down a little skinnier. Second , the cherry smell, it doesnt smell bad,Even after you wash it good it stills smell like cherries. Third , the vibrations are awesome , i cum very quick when this cock is all the way in on high. I like to put it all the way in and then wrap rubber bands around my cock and balls and then stretch the rubber bands around the base where the knob is so it keeps the dildo inside and the i stroke my cock real fast and the dildo shakes around in and out of my ass while the vibrators are on high :) I cum like crazy like that. O , also the rubber is kind of hard , its a stiff cock so if you like soft dildos this is not one.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend using rubberbands of ANY KIND on your genitals! PLEASE use a cockring designed for use as a sex toy to avoid damaging your penis and testicles! - TooTimid Staff
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 6 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from La. on 7/29/2014
    2 Stars
    So Big, So Disapointing
    The size is so impressive, the power is so under rated. Two vibrating heads, only two batteries, so under powered, so sad.
    Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Chelmsford, MA. on 7/28/2009
    5 Stars
    I love the size, it only takes a few thrusts of this massive thing to make me cum! The vibrations are low, which is disappointing but if you're looking for that "I'M SO FULL I'M GONNA BURST" feeling, then this is your man.
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Gainesville. on 4/2/2014
    5 Stars
    If you like size this may be a toy for you. I have other thick toys so the girth was as expected. I almost squeaked as I put this in me the Jelly feel awesome and warms nicely. Note this is a long toy and ma just be bigger than you think just by looking at the description. The motor could be more powerful in my opinion, but I like powerful toys. This was a very wise purchase on my part. You will need lube at least I did to make it easier to insert. All in all an excellent purchase for me personally.
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 10/29/2015
    3 Stars
    The vibrations should be much stronger to satisfy the feeling of being full.
    Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Pine Bluff . on 5/3/2015

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