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VIDEO- Angela & Bethany Share 10 Masturbation Tips for Women

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch As Our Sexperts Talk About 10 Masturbating Tips

This week, our Sexperts Angela & Bethany got together to talk about their top pieces of advice for any woman looking to improve and intensify her masturbation experience. If you're looking for a new way to spice up your intimate moments, the Sexperts definitely have some advice for you here! They discuss everything from using clitoral stimulating cream to intensify alone time, all the way to masturbating side-by-side with your partner! If you find that you love these tips and are interested in more, please find more here in our article Unique Masturbation Tips For Women.

Do you have any tips of your own? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Date 3/30/2018
TooTimid Bethany
USE FURNITURE! Rubbing your clit up against a firm pillow or the couch arm can feel amazing. And switch up your location gals!
Date 3/31/2018
Terrie O'Brien
I masturbate a lot .. What type of beginners tool should I use .. For more pleasure .. By the way I'm 70 yrs young .. I love to climax ????
Date 4/4/2018
TooTimid Elise
Terrie- I am not sure if you will see this but first, thank you for taking the time to watch our Sexperts talk about masturbation! We can certainly help you find a toy that will make masturbation more pleasurable for you! Check out our best selling vibrators here: ( and if you follow this link ( you will be taken to an article about our best selling rabbits. Rabbits are perfect for G-Spot and Clit stimulation!
Date 4/11/2018
First I would like to say I really enjoyed the masterbation sex talk video. After watching the video , I decided I would like to try something new different. Since I masterbate several times daily,I decided that it might be interesting to watch myself masterbate. I got off work early today so I stopped to buy some door mirrors to attach to my closet! Boy was I amazed at how aroused I became by being able to watch myself get naked get on my bed and begin my playtime with my bullet and then rabbit vibrator! When I started to cum I thougt to myself if I am this amused now I wonder how it would feel if I had an even closer look at my pussy while masterbating! So I threw some pillows on the floor in front of the door and mirror used my backrest pillow with arms to help me use the footboard of my bed to help me prop my feet on my closet door with my legs spread apart as far as I could to have my pussy front and center and as I continued to masterbate! I began to get wetter and wetter and used my rabbit to stimulate my clit and was able to watch myself insert the rabbit into my vagina- I kept putting it in and out while changing the speed of vibration while moaning and groaning and cumming like I never have before! I continued to do until OMG I just had the most amazing orgasm I ever had and could no longer keep my self steady to continue Thank you Angela and Bethany for your video of masterbating tips and for my incredible experience I would not have had without seeing the video! I will continue masterbating on my bed at night before going to sleep and In the morning when I wake up but from now on when I get home from work my new place to masterbate will be in this new position in front of the mirror!
Date 4/30/2018
tall,skinny white boy.Almost no ass,but I have a seven inch long,thick dick that curves a little left when it's hard.

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