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VIDEO - Angela & Beth Play Would You Rather

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Comment below and let us know!

Would you rather give up sex or masturbation for a year? Leave a comment below and you will be entered to with a $20 gift card to!


Date 3/5/2018
masturbation, definitely! I have a boyfriend, so giving up sex wouldn't be fair to him. Plus, sex with him is way more fun than masturbating alone!
Date 3/5/2018
TooTimid Angela
I would definitely give up sex for a year over masturbation! At least I know if I'm masturbating I will actually have an orgasm! I never want masturbating to be taken away from me. lol! Can't wait to see what you guys put! -Angela
Date 3/5/2018
so hard to say... love my play time but there is nothing like the real thing!! would have to give up masturbating
Date 3/5/2018
Put it this way, you can have good sex or bad sex but you never have BAD masturbation. Give up sex, you can still masturbate together right or is that a loophole?
Date 3/5/2018
TooTimid Angela
@ Gary - NOT fair and totally a loophole! lol
Date 3/5/2018
Right now I will say sex as I am not having any, but hope it will not say that way.
Date 3/5/2018
Given I have not had sex in a couple years but masturbate to get relief, what's another year?
Date 3/5/2018
That’s a really hard question. I love them both so much but I think I’d have to give up sex. I need a sexual relationship with myself. I feel happier and more confident after masterbation. I’d really miss the sex though.
Date 3/5/2018
I would give up masterbation for a year. Having sex is way more fun and exciting!
Date 3/5/2018
I would give up sex for a year over masturbation any time!!! Im a few weeks away from it being a year, but whos counting ??. I love everything about sex, from seeing, hearing and touching but nobody knows how to get you off like only yourself can!!! Everybody deserves a perfect orgasm, but i have yet to meet a man that can give me an orgasm the way that i can!! ?? Masterbation: 1 Sex: 0
Date 3/5/2018
Give up sex- NEVER!, It keeps me sane. Seriously, sex is my best medicine when I feel depression hitting me. Rubbing one off just doesn't do it.
Date 3/6/2018
Scott Eaves
Masterbation as long as I'm with the right partner sex is the most wonderful feeling in the world as long as you can be open to new imaginative things and open to fantasies
Date 9/6/2018
Michael Semenko
That's a tough one but I have to say I'd rather give up sex for a year I don't get very much of anyway so hell why not

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