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VIDEO- Angela & Bethany Answer Sex Related Questions

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

Sexperts Answer Questions About: SEX!

Watch below as Angela & Bethany answer some of questions about their own experiences with sexual encounters. Let's be honest, we all remember how awkward our first time was and how little we knew about how to actually have a pleasurable experience at that point! Well, most of us, I'm sure there are a lucky few who had a wonderful experience their first time having sex. In this video the Sexperts will tell you what they wish they knew to make that first experience better. Not only that but they will take you into their own personal preferences when it comes to what turns them on. This video is packed with tips and tricks for both men and women! Check it out and leave a comment below telling us what you wish you knew the first time you had sex.

What did you wish you knew the first time you ever had sex?!?! Leave a comment below and let us know!


Date 5/14/2018
Pamela Ringgold
I actually wish that I knew more about the guy. It was my freshman year of college and I was anxious to have my first experience. After years of listening to girlfriend's mention how great it was, I too wanted to know what it was like. I only wish that I would have taken my time to get to know the guy more. Personally I feel that sex is so much more than just sex when they're emotions involved. Remember to love yourself, explore your options, and share those intimate moments with someone that appreciates you and your values.
Date 5/14/2018
Thank you for the information girls. You two are beautiful together. Love to hear your thoughts on the subject of anal sex. Thank you so much for your candid talk. Wife and I truly love to listen to you two. Graig, Sally
Date 5/14/2018
Hello, I am in desperate need of a friendly massager for ya know! The one I have now hurts my little man! I have a very sore area the next two days after using my friend!
Date 5/14/2018
It was awesome to watch you two LOL, super funny. I wish I understood what sex meant at 16, and I don't mean why we did it, I mean the purpose of why 2 people get together and share there bodies and thoughts. 16 was way too young. I was never a fan of Anal Sex and I mean NEVER, until I came upon this website and started reading and learning from ya'll. I'm married 30yrs and I've only started Anal Sex 2 yrs ago. Thank you ladies for ALL your information, its so helpful.
Date 5/14/2018
I wish that I knew that it was possible to have irregular periods. Yeah horrible. My first time, Mother Nature came. So, yeah my first time was pretty horrible.
Date 5/16/2018
Ashley Mohr
I wish I knew how much it was NOT going to be like the movies or tv. What a surprise that was. It’s *way* better after practice

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