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5 Naughty Couch Sex Positions

Posted by Mikayla to How-To Sex Tips Guides

5 Naughty Couch Sex Positions

There is nothing quite like cuddling up next to your lover and watching a romantic movie on the couch. Well, nothing except getting frisky and ending up having crazy sex right then and there! The couch has long been a place of romance, as many couples may have their first sexual encounters on the couch. Don't think you have to go to the bedroom the next time your movie night gets a little hot! No, just get busy right then and there on the trusty living room couch!

Try Sex Positions in a Sex Swing!

Couches are so fluffy and comfortable that there are any number of possible positions to ease into. A tried and true favorite is the standard woman on top slow ride. The man simply sits on the couch and his partner jumps on top, facing him. She can either kneel or bend her knees and bounce slowly up and down. She can grab the back of the couch for stability and he can caress her entire body in the process. This position is comfortable and easy for all partners to achieve.

Similar to the first position, this position involves the woman on top facing AWAY from her partner. The man may have to scoot himself a bit more toward the end of the couch, then place his knees closer together (or further apart) and the woman then lowers herself down onto him with either her legs outside of his knees, or tightly closed in between them. She then can take control of speed and depth, can lower herself forward toward the floor or backward into her partner. It is an erotic position and even those with weaker knees or legs can do this position.

If you've ready any of my blogs before, you know that one of my favorite positions is doggy style. So why not bring the classic doggy and bring it to the couch? In this position the receiver simply bends over the back of the couch and can use the couch for support! Due to the variation in couches some of you may need to spread your legs a little wider than usual to ensure the giver can give! This is a perfect couch sex position for those of you who love a little butt play.

Of course if you can lie on a couch you can have sex on it too! The standard missionary position (either man on top or woman on top) can be an easy and comfortable couch position. In fact, it can sometimes be easier to do the missionary than some other positions because the bottom partner can place his (or her) leg on the floor and the back of the couch. Also, the person on top can have one foot on the floor for stability. This is an intimate position with many possibilities and the perfect position to bring a cock ring into the mix! This way not only will she receive clit stimulation but he will have the long, hard erection to keep the session going!

Recommended Cock Ring: Double Trouble Enhancer

We can't forget the oral options! Oral sex on the couch can be so fun! Nothing says "I am hot for you" like whipping off your lover's panties (or boxers), pulling them to the edge of the couch, kneeling on the floor and giving them some oral loving! In fact, most couches have accent pillows so if you find your knees hurt, just grab a pillow! The angle is usually spot-on perfect for oral sex so why not take a knee? To make this oral session even more intense, grab an oral sex enhancer for him or for her to add some tingling, warming or cooling sensations to the mix!

How Do You And Your Lover Get Things Hot On The Couch? Let Us Know!


Date 5/10/2015
definitely love the first one the most. its so easy and i love seeing her in control
Date 5/15/2015
when im in the mood i usually just straddle him and start kissing his neck and we just do it on the couch!
Date 5/29/2015
He just gets up, grabs my leg, and fucks me! Sometimes he starts off with oral. The couch is great for oral :) :)
Date 6/3/2015
Mark D.
Sometimes we just use the couch as something to hold on to when I go at her from behind and she needs something to brace when we are standing up. Very nice.
Date 6/7/2015
LOVE wwhen she's on top when were on the couch. shes got so much movement and i love her beautiful tits bouncing in my face
Date 6/13/2015
Doggie style on the floor, using the couch just to hold myself up. Uuaully he just grabs my hips, pulls them down, and starts kissing my neck and back and fingring me until Im good and ready. leaves him plenty of room to play with my clit and hair and kiss my neck when we use the couch.
Date 8/12/2018
Two ways-- 1. My woman sits on the couch and spreads wide and I get on my hands and knees, she puts her legs over my shoulders and I go right to her pussy and nibble and lick until she comes. 2. Spoon with her, while watching a little tv, I start to finger her and then I just pull down her panties to her knees and I enter her from behind, this one is her favorite. :-)
Date 10/19/2018
Oral sex (both giving and receiving) is, of course, my absolute favorite! Doggy style is my next. My husband’s tongue is magical and he gets me to cum rather quickly because he knows exactly what I love. I thoroughly enjoy performing oral sex as well. My husband loves it when I suck, stroke and deep-throat his cock. He cums rather quickly also. Doggy style, following a little “69” time, is magnificent!

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