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Rippled Silicone Vibrator

Rippled Silicone Vibrator

In Stock
Part Number:PB1770-00

Experience sensations that no other vibe can give with this amazing toy!

  • Body safe, smooth, velvety silicone for your health and comfort! 
  • Intensely textured shaft to give you an entirely new sexual experience!
  • 10 arousing functions to make you orgasm faster and harder!
  • Angled tip to stimulate your favorite erotic spots almost effortlessly!
  • Versatile vibes to explore every sexy zone on your body!
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Let The Intense Vibes and Gently Ripples Coax You To Climax!

This silky silicone vibe aims to give you an amazing orgasm! With 10 satisfying functions, this vibe is sure to give you the perfect stimulation until you reach your big "O." Explore every function until you find the one that puts you over the edge!

The shaft features 3 wonderful ridges that glide in and out as it gives you the extra sensation that your body craves. Increase internal stimulation with this textured vibe! The tapered tip curves slightly to tease and pleasure the G-spot, and also feels great giving pinpoint pressure to your clit! Give in to your desires and try out this rippled delight!

Requires 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

Please Note: This toy comes with a paper liner in the battery compartment. This keeps your vibe quiet while you play! Please leave the paper liner inside the battery compartment for optimal usage!
Length:  7.5" | Diameter:  1" | Insertable Length:  4.5"
Material:  Silky Smooth Hypoallergenic Silicone | Vibrator Strength:  10 Incredible Vibrating and Pulsating Functions!

Randa's First Impression

• Package includes:  Textured stimulator
• Material:  Hypoallergenic silicone massager with smooth ABS plastic handle
• Batteries:  Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Treat yourself to the ultimate vibrations with this textured silicone massager!

Silicone Massager

This sexual stimulator is perfect for anyone who craves intense penetration and thrilling vibrations!  It is made of silky-smooth silicone that is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.  It has a slim shaft with stimulating ridges to give your vaginal walls incredible pleasure.  It is firm for intense penetration but the silicone material is smooth and comfortable.  The tip is slightly angled for G-spot stimulation, but it is also great for clitoral stimulation!  Finally, you get 10 earth-shaking vibration functions to explore!

Multi-Function Vibrator

• To use, remove the battery cap and insert 2 AAA batteries.  Replace the cap and use the power and function button on the button pad to cycle through the vibrations!
• Experience incredible internal and G-spot stimulation when you use this textured vibe to massage your inner walls!
• This slim, beginner-friendly vibe is perfect for vaginal or clitoral stimulation!

Silicone Stimulator For Women

Masturbation Vibrator

Sex Toy Vibe

I hope you enjoyed my review!  Have a good day!
- Randa from TooTimid





Insertable Length:



Silky Smooth Hypoallergenic Silicone

Vibrator Strength:

10 Incredible Vibrating and Pulsating Functions!
5 Stars
Discover An Unbelievable Level Of Pleasure!

What makes a “good” vibrator a “great” vibrator? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like, the material of which it is made, or the number of outrageous functions it has. Those things are important, but they aren’t everything. It doesn’t matter if you have a gorgeous vibe made of gold-infused silicone with 123 different vibration functions if it doesn’t get you in JUST the right spot! Pinpoint stimulation is the most important feature, because at the end of the night, all that matters is satiating your sexual hunger with a vigorous, almighty orgasm!

The Rippled Silicone Vibrator is DEFINITELY a GREAT sex toy for women! This long, firm vibe has a narrow tip for more direct stimulation internally or externally! Use the slightly angled, pointed tip to put the vibes exactly where you want them! The vibrating motor in this personal massager is located toward the tip, so the bulk of the buzz hits your G-spot or clitoris spot-on! A woman knows that not all clit stimulation is GREAT clit stimulation. There is always a “perfect spot” that requires precision down to the NANOMETER, and not all adult toys make hitting this unicorn-equivalent sensual point easy. Luckily, this sexual massager makes it pretty accessible! And you know that as soon as you find this mystic spot, you will be quivering with delight as a barrage of unyielding orgasms blitzes your body!

This vibrator is already fantastic, but if wave after wave of heavenly orgasms isn’t enough to convince you, it has other features that will seal the deal.

This long, firm stimulator has a delectably rippled shaft that will extend your sexual horizons! The textured shaft will drive you over the edge while you massage your vaginal walls. Plus, the entire shaft is made of silky-smooth silicone—ideal for anyone and everyone. Silicone is super soft, easy to clean, and body-safe for any sensitive-skinned little lady!

What’s more? This wondrous pleasure tool has ten incredible modes of vibration (my favorite number)! With three different levels of intensity plus seven different patterns of pulsation, you will experience the ultimate sexual euphoria as you progress through all ten!

If you are looking for a vibrator that can stimulate that enchanting pleasure-point and induce unbelievable climaxes, you have a winner! This silicone massager surpasses all good vibrators and stands with the most elite sex toys!

Did you find this helpful?  7 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from TooTimid Office. on 10/12/2015
5 Stars
My Experience!
The Pink B.O.B. Rippled Silicone Vibrator is a whole new sensation for me! It's made out of silicone so it feels smooth for a sexier feeling, but still firm enough to keep it on the right spot.The tip of it does have a little give but I like that because I can't have something hard pressing into me or else it begins to feel uncomfortable. I never once felt uncomfortable using this vibrator it was fun from the moment I turned it on to the moments after I was basking in the afterglow.

The angle of the end of the vibrator is perfect for stimulating the G-spot. The ripples of the vibrator also create a feeling I haven't felt before in the best way possible.

With 10 different settings, there's a setting for everyone. This vibrator is perfect for people who don't need something too big (beginners), but still want a good amount of vibrations with not too big of a toy for penetration. The firmness of the ridges while it goes in and out creates a mind-blowing experience I don't ever want to come back from! I prefer toys with girth, but this toy is still a favorite of mine because it more than gets the job done.

It's firm enough to use as both a vaginal insert, just a normal vibrator, or if you're into it, anal. It won't pop out if you're a beginner due to the ridges and the firmness.

You do need your own 2 AAA batteries. I'm glad I read that I had to keep the piece of paper inside of the toy for it to work properly, because I was about to take it out and I would have been super sad had I not read that before using.

You can use water-based lubricant on this vibrator safely. It's also quiet enough to use in your bedroom without music or other background noise on if you live with someone else but the paper does need to stay on considering that's what keeps your vibrator quiet. The vibrations have both strong and soft settings for people who like one or the other, or even both for different times during the play session.

It is not water-proof so a damp washrag with whatever you use to clean your other toys with will do.

It's a pretty pinkish/purple color, and super soft to the touch while maintaining the rigidity perfect for this specific toy. It looks a little flimsy when you connect the top half to the bottom, but I've used it every day since I received the product and have not had an issue with it breaking so far.

I love the fact that it's a good size to take apart and take with you on a trip secretly as opposed to other toys that may be longer.

Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Austin, IN. on 12/6/2017
5 Stars
very nice!
wow wow wow! This vibrator definitely takes the cake for reaching major orgasms with the ripples and intense vibrations that it offers. The rippled vibrator has 10 different pulses and vibration patterns so there is something for every type of sexual appetite. I used mine both alone and with my husband and we were both very pleased with how strong the vibrations are. They range from medium to super strong so this vibrator is ideal for regular toy users. I would not recommend for a beginner as I think its always good to start slow and move up. Another awesome feature of this vibrator is that it is waterproof so you can take it into the shower for some fun! I really like silicone toys, it makes cleaning a breeze and the material is so soft and smooth. The ripples and curved tip make reaching orgasms very powerful and long lasting, not to mention that curved tip feels great on your clit. The only downside of this vibrator was that I did find it to be a little loud, the stronger the vibration the louder the vibrator seemed to get. If your looking for a strong vibrator to help you reach major sexual peaks I highly recommend you give the rippled vibrator a shot!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Colorado. on 11/30/2017

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10 Incredible Vibrating and Pulsating Functions!
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