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5 Products That Will Help Him Last Longer in Bed

Posted by Kaitlin to Men's Issues
When you're struggling to orgasm because he is climaxing too quickly, it can cause a strain on your lovemaking. Nobody wants to tell their partner that what they're offering isn't enough, and with these tools, you won't have to!

A wide variety of reasons could be keeping your man from lasting longer in bed. With all of the systems that need to work together to create an erection (let alone maintain it) there are bound to be some hiccups along the way. Some men come quickly, while others simply cannot stay as hard for as long as you need.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to keep his erections lasting longer, and most are centered around blood flow and sensitivity. Some men need to be slightly "squeezed" to keep blood flow in the penis, while others men have such sensitive members that a quick rub of a gently numbing cream will do the trick.

From creams to cock rings, the variety of options to keep your erections lasting longer in bed are endless. Take a peek at some of our best male enhancing products and help him get hard and stay hard for sex you’ll want to brag about!

Desensitizing creams or lubricants are a great way to keep his erections substantial in size and staying power! The subtle, mild numbing ingredients help prevent premature ejaculation by lessening the penis’ sensation and increasing his stamina.

Recommended Cream: Prolonging Cream

Cock rings or erection rings are a simple, inexpensive solution to help him last longer in bed. Made of jelly, rubber, and sometimes even leather, the ring slides onto his penis, gently providing a constant squeeze to his erections.

Recommended Cock Rings: Magnum Force Erection Ring Set

All of the benefits of the squeezing cock rings with added erotic stimulation! Help him sustain his hardest erection yet, while satisfying his senses and yours with teasing, tickling vibrations.

Recommended Vibe Cock Ring: Diving Dolphin

Give him strong, throbbing erections and help him last longer in bed when he uses a vacuum-style penis pump! Prolonged use of penis pumps stretch the stretch the penile tissues allowing him to grow thicker, longer, and stronger erections!

Recommended Penis Pump: Pistol Grip Power Pump

Want him to learn how to last longer in bed so you can reap the benefits? Play up the potential of his piece with a penis sleeve or cage! Kind of like an extended cock ring, sleeves hold in more of his cock’s length to restrict blood flow and keep him lasting longer in bed.

Recommended Penis Sleeve: Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer

What's Your Favorite Way To Last Longer? 
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Date 7/25/2014
I have 3 pumps but I do not have one that wide . 2.7" wide sound s great but the length is not long enough. Do they make one like 10" long by 2.7 wide? All 3 of mine , one is like 2" and the second is 2.15" then tapers down smaller at the end . They are too small for me now . They are 9" and my cock touches the end. The 3rd one is 2.3"by 10 it tapers down smaller also. Do they make one 2.7 by 10" long?
Date 8/8/2014
Ya he cant go as long now like he used to go for a while butn ow he cant cus stress or he dont stay hard like before dont know

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