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Jimmyjane Little Chroma - QUIVER

Jimmyjane Little Chroma - QUIVER

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The QUIVER design is etched onto a red LITTLE CHROMA that comes with our patented replaceable motor so it's everlasting. Now that's True Love Always. This is a quiet, waterproof, everlasting vibrator.

This marvel of design is waterproof to a depth of about 10 times your bathtub's, and is barely audible at arm's length. The metal is easy to clean, and is safe for your body. It also holds temperature, so it can be heated up or cooled down Whatever you fancy.

The vibrator's frequency is tuned to provide a deep, resonant sensation.
Our vibrators all feature our exclusive, patented replaceable motor system.

These vibrators are 5.25" long, and 0.67" in diameter.

All materials are medical quality, body safe and dishwasher safe.
Little Chroma is lightweight, and made of high quality anodized aluminum.

Little Something is the most elegant and seductive accessory according to

Can I take the vibrator in the bathtub?
Can a fish swim? As long as the cap is screwed on, a little something vibrator is completely waterproof. You can submerge it in the tub or even take it swimming in the pool. It can hold its breath and tread water for hours...

How loud is the vibrator?
Little Chroma is quiet at arm's length. But we can't be responsible for the racket you make.

Why do I want a metal vibrator?
Versatile. Unlike their plastic brethren, little something vibrators hold a temperature, making for exciting variety. So use your imagination - warm it (some like it hot!) or chill it (ice cubes are so last year).
Clean. Unlike most other vibrators, ours are body-safe and non-toxic.
Le Freak, C'est Chic. They're sleek, compact, and playful. Kind of like a nice convertible, only a lot more affordable.

Why is the vibrator one speed?
Our research indicates that most people want to vary the intensity of the vibration, not the frequency. Changing the "speed" on a vibrator changes the frequency. The little something vibrator is designed to offer a powerful, low frequency vibration that varies significantly in intensity along its length -- most intense at the tip and dropping off sharply toward the end with the switch. By simply repositioning the vibrator, without altering the pressure against the skin, a user can receive a wide range of stimulation. Strong and penetrating, it's as close as possible to the resonant frequency of the human body.

How do you clean the vibrator?
After each use, clean your vibrator with mild soap and hot water in your bathroom sink. Better yet, fill up the bathtub and get in there with it. Dry it with a soft cotton cloth. If you're extra fastidious, you can even open up the vibrator, slide out the battery and motor, and place the metal in your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Are batteries included? How long does a battery last?
Yes, a battery is included. One AA -- that's all it takes. A fresh battery will typically run for approximately 16 hours of continuous use. We estimate that's about 15 hours and 55 minutes longer than your average fellow...

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