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Japanese "Strawberry Shake" Dual action Vibe

Japanese "Strawberry Shake" Dual action Vibe

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Part Number:GK30031###

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    MmMm Strawberry!

    We at recommend when purchasing this product, to please view our instructional video.

    This unique toy is a treasure from GK exotics.

    It is made of high quality elastomer and is hypo-allergenic, phthalates, latex and fragrance free.

    The insertable length is 4.5 inches. The realistic head has a diameter of 1.2 inches at itÍs widest point, then, it graduates to a slimmer, ribbed shaft that graduates to a 1.2 inch diameter at the base.

    To begin experiencing this unique toy, slide the silver battery compartment in the downward direction the arrow is pointing.

    This will reveal itÍs easy-load battery pack that you may carefully pull out.

    Insert your own 4 AAA batteries making sure the positive and negative arrows match accordingly.

    When putting your battery compartment back in, be sure to look at the direction of the arrow above the white battery pack and insert the pack with the 2 silver connector facing outwards.

    Slip the battery compartment back on and you are ready to start the Strawberry Shak!

    It is important when turning on the Strawberry Shake that the black switch on the bottom of the controls is set to ñON.î

    The ON button on the lower left controls the incredible rotating shaft. You may continue to push the On button to enjoy the 8 different rotation modes.

    The ON/OFF button on the top turns on the vibrating clit stimulator.

    Push the button in the middle to control the strength and the different functions of the bullet.

    The shaft is bendable making it almost guaranteed to hit the right spot, add the amazing rotations and you will surely be sent to orgasmic heaven.






    Insertable Length:





    4 AAA (Not Included)
    4 Stars
    thi was the second toy i ever bought from too timid and compared to the first vibrator i bought it was amazing it is extremely powerful and sent me over the edge within 5 minutes, i was rather annoyed though when it arrived and was purple and not pink like it's said to be, especially since there was not a color preference option
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from us. on 12/4/2012
    3 Stars
    Great Toy/ Great Price
    We got to use it once, and that one time we did use it, it was incredible and I could hardly contain myself. I didnt like the battery area. I felt the cover comes of to easily, and the next night we tried to use it, the stimulator didnt work, but the rest of the toy did. Very irritated as I only got to use it once.. But OH MY GOSH!! I loved it Just that once!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from spokevane, WA. on 8/21/2008
    4 Stars
    I have to say when I first got this I was both very intrigued and worried at the same time. This has 7 functions for the clit stimulator and 8 modes for the shaft. It is very soft and pliable as well as real feeling. It takes 4 AAA batteries which very easy to install. The only thing I did not like is that it was a little confusing. On the handle next to each of the buttons that operate the different functions and modes there are on/off switches. I was thinking those handled turning it on as well, so I thought at first that the first set of batteries that I put in were dead, not the case. There is a tiny switch at the bottom to turn the whole unit on or off that I did not realize. After this I washed it and got ready for the night ahead. This is not waterproof so be careful with cleaning it. Let me just tell you about the different functions. I will start with the shaft. There are 8---yes you read right. These functions result in rotating it intermittently in circles to the left and right in short quick circles, then rotating intermittently in circles but taking a longer time to do so. This continues up til the 7th one that just goes in circles to the left and the 8th one goes to the right. Then with the clit stimulator it has various modes there are 7 of those. They range from a gentle to a high vibrate, and a pulsing every few seconds to a constant pulsing. Each one feels very good. It definitely adds a lot of variety as you can have both going at the same time. Well now to the experience. I was already aroused so there was no need for lube we just went for it. It measures 5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter. It filled me nicely and had absolutely no problems getting me to the point of no return. He enjoyed teasing me by changing the setting so that is when I asked if he was channel surfing that is when I was able to get any words out. I would recommend this toy highly. It has many functions and varieties to suit everyone.
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/21/2008
    5 Stars
    All you really need to describe this toy is one word: Delicious! Just like a real strawberry shake! It's pink which is my favorite color. It's soft so that's a plus. It does not smell like other toys, and boy is it powerful! I knew I was receiving my package today so I went to the store to buy myself the batteries yesterday. Last thing I wanted was to get a toy I wouldn't be able to use. Once I received it in the mail I couldn't wait to try it out! Bad thing was that my roommates were coming home soon so I had to rush to my room and begin using it. I had absolutely no problem! It's not hard to insert since it isn't thick but that's not a problem at all. It's packed with power! This toy gave the arch your back; curl your toes, squirm in your bed and yell out orgasm that I wanted. It teases you too. The vibrations start slow and speed up. Once you're nearing your peak it stops which allows you to catch your breath and then they start up again. The shaft also rotates but it doesn't leave you feeling all beat up after you're done. They go one way and then they stop momentarily just to begin going in the opposite direction. This is definitely a great toy to buy. The price is great too especially with the amount of pleasure it gives you. Can't wait till I use it again! I think my other favorite toy has been replaced by this Strawberry Shake!!!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 11/2/2007
    5 Stars
    This product was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! When I saw this Japanese Strawberry Shake dual action vibe in my newest box, I was more excited then a child on Christmas Day. The package says: it is skin safe, non-sticky, and no new toy smell. I could hardly wait to get it out of the package. I noticed right off that it had a very unique clitoral stimulator, in fact at the tip of the stimulator there are 3 separate thin nubs, on the inner side of the stimulator there are a bunch of little nubs. There are also ridges all the way down the shaft of this vibe. I went to get the 4AA batteries. I first carefully washed the toy, and then inserted the batteries; the battery compartment comes completely out. Also at the bottom there is an on/off button. Make sure you turn that one on first. There are two more on/off buttons located on this vibe. The top one is to turn on the clitoral stimulator, which has 7 different vibrations: 1st one is a slow steady vibe, 2nd a medium, 3rd a high steady vibe, 4th starts off slow and slowly increases to high, 5th pulsates, 6th a higher pulsating, 7th does a quick 3 pulses then a short strong vibe. The on/off switch that has an 8 by it, once turned on sends the shaft of the vibe to rotate and vibrate, this shaft does reverse rotations too. I will tell you that this product had ABSOLUTELY no smell at all. I ran to my bed with my favorite lube in hand. I started off with the clit stimulator, on the low speed it really just teased me, so I continued to play with the numerous levels of speed. I then added a little lube to the shaft,insertion was not only smooth, but felt very soft. I turned the shaft part on and it immediately starting rotating one way then the other. My toes began to curl, and I was squirming all over my bed having multi-orgasm. I would HIGHLY recommend it for the advanced players. So why not have a little Japanese Strawberry Shake
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 3/8/2007

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