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5 New Ways To Talk Dirty

Posted by Kaitlin to Women's Issues
5 New Ways To Talk DirtySee The Best Toys For Women!

With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it's easy to become disconnected from real connections - especially in the bedroom!  Instead of asking you to leave your phones at home and out of the bedroom, GASP, it's time to utilize your smartphones for the greater good.  The DIRTY good!

Go ahead and get fierce.  Turn your permanent pocket pal into a sex machine and start rekindling that old flame - or light a new fire - with some very naughty language.  If you've wanted to try talking dirty with your partner but have been to shy, here's 5 NEW Ways to Talk Dirty that will curb your cowardice and heighten your curiosity for the dangerous and daring!

  Though texting has seemingly dulled the English language with letters replacingwords and numbers replacing letters, sexting is bringing the appeal back to the written word!  Since women tend to get most of their excitement from teasing, the language has to be carefully selected for this brand of foreplay.  By using proper grammar, and getting clever with your words, a quick text to someone sexy can heat up to full-on sexting in a matter of moments!  Like burlesque, talking dirty in the digital age is still about the art of the tease, so please, don’t ask what she’s wearing.  Don’t tell him he’s big.  Put some more thought into your sexting and make them work for your words!

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2.  SEXTING PLUS: Using messaging apps like kik, WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger can open the floodgates for dirty talk, while still allowing you to maintain an air of privacy.  With these apps, you create a screen name - hell, you can even create a different persona - and chat with whomever you desire, avoiding losing your phone number to random dudes and chicks when you’re in the mood.  We don’t recommend upping your game with photos for these semi-strangers for obvious reasons, but it might be fun to practice your naughty notions with a few willing volunteers.  It’s not uncommon to find friends-with-dirty-talk-benefits through these apps so, if you’re feeling adventurous, start your messages with a salacious twist and see where it takes you!

3.  A QUICK GLIMPSE:  On Snapchat,  you can set photos and videos to disappear from view just seconds after the receiver opens them.  This inspires the sender to snap great photos (a la Instagram) and create quick quips over the photo (a la Twitter) to create a feeling, a laugh, a sexy tingle in the matter of seconds.  Just like the apps above, you have the opportunity to create a screen name and chat with whomever you give that SN to...But don’t go graphic!  Photos, in any capacity, can be pulled from servers, screenshotted or forwarded to friends.  So you should definitely consider keeping your pics tame, or take your face out of the picture to show a little body.  Remember, dirty talk is about personality and the tease.  Nobody wants to see all your bits on the first go around (and they shouldn’t be asking to see them either), so keep them wanting more!

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4.  GO GO GADGET VIDEO:  Take your sexting to a whole new level with video using Facetime or Skype!  This IRL (In Real Life) but still removed dirty talk can quickly escalate to much, much more!  Supplementing your speech with real-time video can heighten your senses, making foreplay into an aggressive game of show and tell.  While you can Skype chat on your phone or computer, Facetime is limited to Apple consumers (iPhones, Macs, iPads), but either way the rule still remains - keep it sexy, not slutty!  Practice the build-up and take as much time as you can before showing any extra skin.  Indulge in fantasies that you and your lover have yet to play in person.  The visual, combined with the distance, can provide an incredible starting point for new sexual experiences that you’ve never thought of before!

5.  USE YOUR VOICE:  Though it’s not a new type of technology, voicemail can be a very sexy tool in building up anticipation!  More often than not, leaving a voicemail creates an uneasiness with the texting and messaging generation, but what if you could make it into a dirty game?  Text your lover to not answer your calls all day, but don’t tell him why.  Then, leave a voicemail with a few clues as to what is to come, “I want to be naughty.  By the end of these voicemails you may touch my body, and I will let you come.”  Send a text when you want your partner to listen to the first voicemail, and repeat the process (voicemail, text permission to listen, voicemail, etc) until the end of the day.  The increasing excitement you’ll feel from leaving the voicemails, along with your partner’s excitement listening to them will create a whole day of delicious foreplay.  You’ll both be ready to explode by the final voicemail, dying to touch each other!


1.  Don’t have your texts pop up on your locked screen.  Nobody wants to walk by and see those words.
2.  Delete pics as you get them.  You don’t want to be scrolling through your images with your pals for that perfect sunset you shot last week, just to come across a dick pic instead.  Again, nobody wants to see that!
3.  Delete texts as you get them.  Similar to the above, you don’t need those words lingering on your phone for someone to stumble upon!
4.  Be smart when sending naughty pictures.  Avoid your face if you’re taking a body shot.  Remember that once it’s out in the techno-verse, it can be forwarded or retrieved at a later date.
5.  Don’t drink and sext.  Who knows whose number you’re sending that too.  Between tipsy texting and autocorrect, we can pretty much guarantee that whatever you send is not something you will be proud of when you wake up the next day.
6.  No Sexting and driving!  Okay, really.  Just don’t.  It can wait.

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Date 9/16/2014
lololol jus dont let ne1 take ur phone!!!!
Date 10/14/2014
Jeffrey Jay
I will have to try all of these when I get back from VaCa ✈. Or even before I get back. I wanna blow my girls mind. Flood it with sexuality. yummy tips
Date 3/9/2018
just sayin from experience, there are apps out there where you can store pics with password protection :) keeps the naughty stuff locked in unless you know the password !! i used a free app but it had ads, but i didnt care

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