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Happy New Year from TooTimid!

Posted by Angela
Do you have any New Year resolutions or goals for 2018?

Answer below and one random winner will win a $25 online gift card to!


We just wanted to write a quick letter to thank you for all of your support through 2017. We had an incredible year. We moved from Nashua, NH to a larger location in Amherst, NH where we can continue to grow and expand our selection of adult toys.

Without your continued support, we would not be where we are today. We've been trusted for 17+ years to discreetly ship adult products to women and couples all over the world. We look at these products as bedroom enhancers that just make life a lot more fun!

So, in short, thank you and have a fun and safe New Year!

Also, comment your New Year resolution below to enter this contest! A random winner in the comments below will be emailed next week!

-Angela and the entire TooTimid Staff

P.S. See the most-shopped toys of the year below!

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Date 12/31/2017
TooTimid Angela
My 3 goals/resolutions this year are: 1. To compete in another fitness competition and place top 5. I placed well in my first one this year! It was an incredible goal to crush! 2. I want to move into a new home/apt where me and my dog are happy! I live in a small apt and just want more space and a better place to walk my dog. 3. (This one is an actual resolution, my others seem to be more goals) I wish to work on having a more positive mindset. I have a bad habit of focusing on the negative and letting it pull me down. I would like to really work on being more aware of this and pulling myself out of a negative place to live a happier life! Thanks guys! Can't wait to read yours! -Angela
Date 1/1/2018
I feel like I have the standard resolutions. Lose weight, home improvement projects, hanging out with my friend.
Date 1/1/2018
Honestly my only New Year's Resolution is to continue to broaden our sexual adventures.
Date 1/1/2018
Noel Murray
My new resolution is to great amazing sex with my wife while buying new toys from too timid to try.
Date 1/1/2018
Francis Marie
My resolution for 2018 is to lose weight , become more active, and to finally marry my best friend.
Date 1/1/2018
Rita Kucelin
My 2018 resolution is to continue taking care of myself and enjoy the sensual woman I am. Your products have definitely awakened me! Thank you!!
Date 1/1/2018
Lisa Amaya
To be happier and forgive the past. I need to better myself.
Date 1/1/2018
My New Years Resolution this year is to love more and be loved. Forget past differences and get along with those who don't have the mind set of the important life values.
Date 1/1/2018
My new years resolution is to not give a damn what others think of me and not to stress about the small stuff. Live for me.
Date 1/1/2018
Nastassjia Packer
Well MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION THIS YEAR IS :I'm putting past behind me and moving forward and loving me more I really think dis my year. AND ORDER MORE TOYS ???? HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018
Date 1/1/2018
My New Year’s resolution is to focus more on self love and care so I can be healthier and happier.
Date 1/1/2018
Just a few! 1. See more of my friends 2. Have more awesome date nights with my wife 3. Somehow become less annoyed with family :) 4. Add a few new toys to our collection
Date 1/1/2018
Take care of myself for ME this year.
Date 1/1/2018
Tanisha Parks
My New Year resolution is to involve myself in church more and to continue to work hard towards my long term goals.
Date 1/1/2018
Chat P
To just be a better person than i was last year hope to find the man of my dreams
Date 1/1/2018
Alex R
My New Years resolution is to improve my relationship with my boyfriend, and to try new things with him, using some of the thing I for from TooTimid.
Date 1/2/2018
shane c
My resolution. Is to enjoy the now more, live, love, laugh mk new friends enjoy the moment and smile so i can have amazing tomarrows, i need some goodness, happy newyears everyone.....
Date 1/2/2018
1. To become more independent and take more of an initiative when it comes to things I want to experience or sample. 2. To become more active in my everyday life. 3. To be more open to new experiences.
Date 1/2/2018
I would like to lose some of the weight I gained with my current job and at least try to get some experience in the job for which I actually went to school.
Date 1/8/2018
hi i like your post

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