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G-Spot Orbit

G-Spot Orbit

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Part Number:DJ5631###

This is new way to stimulate that g-spot! The tip is like a raspberry with all that texture to tickle and tease!

  • Unique raspberry-bubble tip
  • Designed to massage your g-spot
  • Multiple speeds of vibration
  • Smooth, flexible shaft
  • 100% Waterproof and phthalate-free material!
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    This stellar vibe from Vivid Toys provides out-of-this world stimulation. This WATERPROOF, multi-speed vibrator is made out of safe, soft and flexible TPR rubber and it is curved to perfectly massage and stimulate your G-Spot. Bulb-shaped tip is covered in "bumps" while the shaft tapers down to the convenient spin-dial controller. TPR rubber is non-toxic, non-phthalate and is compatible with silicone AND water based lube! Widest Point .6"-1.4"

    Material: TPR





    Insertable Length:





    2 AAA (Not Included)
    3 Stars
    WAS Great
    This thing was great until it stopped working. It didn't get enough use for the motor to blow out so I don't know what happened. I want another one cause we enjoyed it but I'm not into wasting my money.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 11/9/2011
    1 Stars
    Never again
    This broke within an hour of me having it... the part that keeps the shaft from bending ends just above where the wires from the bullet connect to the batteries, and they ripped apart inside. Also... the bumps make it VERY uncomfortable inserting and removing this toy... go for lucid dream #14 or even better #26 :)
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from USA. on 5/16/2011
    5 Stars
    You've gotta' try this one!
    OMG, what a great vibe! Not only does it deliver a great G-spot "O" but it is ultra-quiet when doing so. It was so quiet that at first I thought that this thing wouldn't be strong enough for me, however, this baby sure does get the job done. I love that I can enjoy every delicious sensation without being interupted by distracting noise. It performed very well in the jacuzzi tub and it's easy on the batteries. For me some of this item's appeal is also the fact that its large, bumpy head and phalic shape get the job done without looking like a penis. My husband's thang is quite large, but sometimes he can get a little insecure (can anyone out there relate?). This vibe scored big points with me and my man -- I get a large-headed vibe and an enthralled lover all at the same time! I think that this vibe would be ideal for a beginning user either solo or with a partner. On a personal note, if you are new to the G-spot "O" then I would suggest stimulating your clitoris while using the vibe on your G. Then after you get going, just focus onthe G-spot and let this purple charmer send you into orbit!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 1/6/2011
    1 Stars
    After reading the other reviews I thought I had a good product, but I was greatly dissappointed. I could hardly feel any vibrations. I even used it on my temples and hardly felt it
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Anchorage, AK. on 7/27/2008
    5 Stars
    WOW!! I have a new favorite toy!!
    The G-Spot Orbit is FUN! This is the first toy I received as a new reviewer, so I was very excited when it arrived. I noticed two things right away when I opened it. First, it had a large bulb on top. Second, the bulb was covered with exciting looking textured bumps! I couldn't wait to see how they felt inside of me! After taking it out of the package, I could feel that the Orbit was made of a soft, flexible material. Nice! So I inserted the two AAA batteries and turned it on. It had a nice quiet hum, but I was worried it might not have a strong enough vibe for me. I was wrong! Having g-spot orgasms is a relatively new thing for me, and I don't have a g-spot toy yet, so I was curious how it would get me off without direct clitoral stimulation. I got it nice & slippery with Too Timid Pleasure Gel & put it in. Wow! What a sensation! The large tip felt great going in, and the shaft was narrow and flexible. What was great about this is that while the tip is inside, massaging my g-spot, the shaft can gently bend to give some clitoral stimulation in front or anal area stimulation in back. The narrow shaft and large tip gave a sexy feeling and have another advantage: even if I let go of the Orbit to turn over, it didn't fall out, like regular straight vibrators! It felt as if my vagina was gripping it tightly. While I was enjoying experimenting using the Orbit on my back, on my front, on my side, I felt my orgasm beginning to build. Slowly but surely the sensations got stronger and stronger. When at last I came, I came and I came and I came!! It was one of the longest lasting orgasms I've had! If you haven't located your g-spot, the Orbit will help you find it. If you know where it is, but haven't had a g-spot orgasm yet, the Orbit will help you get there. If you already have g-spot O's, then the Orbit will get you there quickly!
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 6/23/2008
    5 Stars
    G-Spot Orbit
    Like so many other women out there, I have been waiting for that elusive G-spot orgasm for, what seems like, forever! Therefore, I have wanted a G-spot vibrator to hopefully help to give me that orgasm. So, one may understand my excitement when I received the G-Spot Orbit Vibe! The first thought I had when pulling this jelly, lavender vibe out of its packaging was, It's much bigger than I imagined! This startled me at first because the only G-spot vibrator I have ever owned was sooo much smaller. Then it occurred to me: I am still looking for that O,right? So maybe it is time to try something different. Maybe something a little bigger? The next thing I noticed (after getting over its size) was the soft, pliable, jelly material, molded into a wonderful nubby texture. My husband, as with any new toy, immediately went for our battery stash to see what kind of vibrations the Orbit has to offer. He had a little trouble inserting the 2AAA batteries required, as there are no instructions, but after a couple of adjustments, we found that this vibe does have a nice, strong vibration. Very quickly after insertion, I was sold on this one! The texture and the size (yes, the size!) were great! I honestly never thought I would like a toy without clitoral stimulation. However, this one is quickly becoming a favorite! I believe my husband even likes it as much as I do he had a great time watching me squirm as he tried to give me my first G-spot orgasm with the Orbit! So, did I ever get there? Sorry to tell you, but I did not, not yet. It was no fault of the toy's; it's just going to take more practice. But trust me; we are definitely looking forward to many more practice sessions with the G-Spot Orbit
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 1/23/2008
    3 Stars
    Almost there, but not quite
    I've always been curious about g-spot orgasms and have read that they feel different and for some, are more intense than regular (clitoral) orgasms. I don't think I've ever had one (wouldn't I remember?) but I would like the experience. I've read that the g-spot is 1 - 2 inches right inside, near the top, and that if you inserted a finger and hook it up, that's where it is. If that's the case, the G-spot Orbit has a great shape to hit your spot. The color is more purple than in the picture online (think grape candy), and the bumpy head is really cute and reminds me of a giant raspberry. The material is TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which I've just discovered and love for it's flexibility. It's quite bendy! So the big question is, did I have a g-spot orgasm? Well, I think I would have if I relaxed and let myself go enough, but really, during the most intense part, I felt like I had to pee! Though I've read that many g-spot orgasms lead to the ever elusive "female ejaculation," I just couldn't let go enough to allow myself to give into the feeling. It was very pleasurable during most of it, but not in an intense way, more like a relaxing massage or getting your hair shampooed at the salon. As soon as I stopped the vibe (your standard turn dial) the feeling of having to pee went away, but I realized that I couldn't pull the vibe out for a few minutes. I don't know why, but it seems that it makes me contract a lot and I was tightly "holding" onto the vibe. With the big, bumpy head, it was difficult to pull it out without yanking it forcefully. Eventually, I learned to relax and "push" it out. This is a very interesting vibe that will require a lot more experimentation, and I will need to learn to let go enough to experience a real g-spot orgasm, even if it means that things get a big messy. I'm glad I have this to help me along.
    Did you find this helpful? 
    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 6/17/2007

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