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Fifi's Bumpy Vibe

Fifi's Bumpy Vibe

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Dainty dimensions let this little gem slip into your pocket or purse for on-the-go fun! Uniquely textured nubs will tantalize beginner and advanced toy users alike!

  • Convenient size for beginners or fun on-the-go
  • Rows of uniquely textured nubs along shaft
  • Flexible and smooth Jelly material
  • Powerful, multi-speed vibrations
  • Waterproof for wet and wild fun!
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    Treat Your Sweet Spots To Incredible Texture!

    This sweet stimulator will treat your sweet spots to incredible sensations! This beginner-vibe is an excellent option for anyone who wants a non-phallic toy! The soft nubby bumps that line the flexible shaft massage your inner walls when you play internally! They also feel AMAZING when run over your clit, especially with a little of your favorite water-based lubricant! 

    The small size of this compact vibe makes it ideal for frequent travelers, who want a fantastic vibe that fits easily into purses or luggage! The whisper quiet vibrations are totally discreet, and the entire vibe is waterproof! You can escape your busy life to enjoy this teeny toy in the bath or shower and let wave after wave of pleasure wash over you! When you're done getting dirty, clean up is a snap! Simply wash Fifi in warm water and antibacterial soap and allow to dry thoroughly before storing! 

    Requires 1 AA Battery (not included)





    Insertable Length:




    Vibrator Strength:


    Vibrator Noise Level:



    1 AA
    5 Stars
    When it comes to toys there are some things that I am skeptical about. For me one of those things are nubs, sometimes referred to as beads. After receiving the Climax Lavender Gem I am no longer skeptical. NUBS are definitely a lot of fun and great for stimulation. This vibe is only 6Ó long and around 1.25 inches around, perfect for placing in a purse or bag to use on the go. Its also waterproof which is always a plus. The dial on the bottom is easy to use and the vibes can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. This Jel-lee toy is flexible and has a bullet in the tip, not something most vibes have. Which makes for vibrations through out the whole shaft rather then just parts of it. I began experimenting by cleaning my toy thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water. I did notice that this toy had hardly any smell after the initial washing. After inserting the 2 AAA batteries it was time to begin. I turned it on, felt the vibes all along the shaft which was a wonderful surprise!! It was also very quiet, I could barely tell it was on. I placed some water based lube along the shaft and began to testing it on my lips. Then used the flared top on my clit, turning up the dial slowly to get it to my perfect setting. I then inserted it and OMG I felt all the nubs. Each tingling and making me feel closer and closer to orgasm. I took it out and then brought myself to a stunning orgasm by rubbing the nubs along my lips and clit. This toy is now at the top of my toy box. I will be using it often, and would highly recommend it to everyone. Don't be a skeptic like I was NUBS ARE GREAT.
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    Reviewed by:  from Maine. on 8/13/2008
    5 Stars
    Gem it up!! Climax Gems
    Climax Gem it up!! I received in my latest box the Lavender Climax Gem. I couldn't wait to get it opened. I immediately noticed all the little nubs on the shaft; I am a nub type girl. This gem is of gel material and very easy to clean. It is approximately 1.25" girth along with a 6" length so not very overwhelming at all. Once I opened the package I was a little skeptical since I noticed this product only took 2AAA batteries, even though the bullet sits at the tip of the toy I still was wondering if it would carry enough vibrations for me to reach that big O. The batteries are very easily inserted at the base. I decided to have a little solo play, since I had a long day. I grabbed my lube and settled into my bed. I began by rubbing the tip up and down my clitoral area; this vibe does have some flexibility to it since it is gel. On low the vibrations are semi-strong, well since I was just teasing myself on that setting I decided to turn it up. I jumped!!! It felt so good and carried just enough strong vibrations. I then decided it was time to insert this little nub. Insertion was easy and extremely pleasurable I could feel every little nub on the shaft. I was in nub orgasms before long. This product is very quiet and does with only 2AAA batteries pack a great vibration. Since this is sooo small and quiet it is easily hidden in a purse, pocket ect! I recommend this product for beginners along with advanced players.
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    Reviewed by:  from Unknown. on 4/22/2008
    5 Stars
    It's all in how you use it
    I agree with a lot of the reviews that the vibrations on this aren't very powerful, so this one probably won't do much for you if you need powerful vibrations to orgasm during masturbation. Used by myself, this didn't do too much for me (I'm a clit stimulation NEEDED type girl) but when used with my male partner it has given me an amazing night of kinky memories I couldn't possibly soon forget!

    Our absolute favorite way to use this toy is for me to bend over his lap while taking him in my mouth as he thrusts our little lavender gem in and out. He seems to really get off being able to control the speeds, starting to penetrate me with no vibrations and very slowly turning the dial up as he gets faster and faster until I am orgasming non-stop! After this gets me all hot, wet and ready for the main event, this toy is also the perfect size for holding to my clit while we are actually having sex.

    The Beaded Lavender Climax Gem is definitely perfect for any person looking for a small, discreet, and super cute toy to travel with! When you travel with it, do make sure to remove the battery as the control on this is a bit too loose and can easily turn itself on when in luggage or a purse. Personally, I think this one is most perfectly suited to those looking for a cute but effective toy for use with a partner- male or female. I also think this is the perfect intro to vibrating dildos for those who just don't know what to look for in a toy yet. I can also totally see how this would be great for those into anal but maybe not for people new, or sensitive to, anal play (He did want to try that but I couldn't handle it, the nubs were a bit too much for me.)

    Con: My partner complained that the control is too loose and that it was too easy to accidentally turn the dial while playing.

    Its very cute; it has almost zero odor or taste; it can be used with water or silicone based lubes; is made of a very flexible and soft phthalate-free plastic jelly (so you or your partner have an easier time not getting hurt in the heat of the moment, as I have been in the past with harder plastic toys); it has a cute semi-realistic head (the smoothness helps with insertion); it only takes one (AA) battery; it is waterproof for easy cleanup and shower play (or bath time fun, if thats the only place to escape to while on vacation); has a dial that is separate of the cover screw (making it easy to really control the settings); and, finally… those nubs! I noticed that the faster my partner went, the more amazing these little nubs started to feel. At one point he was thrusting away so fast that I actually started to get a sort of cooling sensation. These little nubs are definitely the best part!

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Massachusetts. on 7/14/2014
    5 Stars
    My 1st Vibrator
    I've always wanted a sex toy and after reading reviews I finally ordered. Not only did I receive this beautiful vibrator but also received a free dildo that rocked my world also. I'm in love with this vibrator! Perfect for a beginner like myself. Even though at its highest speed its quite loud, still a prize to me :) looking forward to giving the other climax gems a go!
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Michigan. on 1/10/2014
    4 Stars
    Purple Pleasure
    I saw this and thought why not give it a try---the reviews seemed really good. So I received my package and went to give this cute toy its proper bath of warm water and antibacterial soap. This lavender-nubbed beauty measures 6 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter. It is somewhat translucent. It has a defined, realistic head to it. The shaft is covered in nubs for added sensation. Another added bonus---this is completely waterproof. I unscrewed the bottom and inserted the 2 AAA batteries as instructed. Then I screwed the cap back on and made sure it was tight to prevent any water from getting in and ruining my fun with my new friend. A dial at the bottom of the toy enables you to operate it. So I then decided it was time to go for a test drive. I first turned it on and was running the nubs along my clit and that was feeling really nice. Then on to the real test. At this point I was pretty wet so no lube was needed. I slowly inserted the toy and was amazed at how well I could feel the nubs. I then decided it was time to turn up the vibrations. The vibrations go from low to very high, and I thoroughly enjoyed the various sensations. I was then looking at it and got another idea. I have lately been looking for a new anal toy. My other one wasn't quite as big in diameter plus I was thinking the nubs would be interesting to feel. So I lubed it up and slowly inserted it. I was so glad I thought of this. The feeling of the nubs in and out is amazing. I slowly increased the vibe and was in heaven all over again. This toy is now a dedicated anal toy for me. Just a reminder---don't ever go from anal to vaginal. With my toys, anything I use anally I do not use vaginally just as a precaution, but everyone is different. This definitely is a toy for all levels of sensation, and one I would recommend for a beginner or advanced user.
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    Reviewed by:  from Barrington, NJ. on 7/30/2010
    5 Stars
    Gemmy Bliss!!!
    When I stumbled upon this, I knew this was one I was gonna have to try out. The bf was pretty pretty excited for it too ;-)

    When it 1st arrived, I opened it up, studied it, and quickly decided to throw in the 1 AA battery and see how loud it was. Not loud really at all, unless of course, you are waving it in the air like I was yelling at my BF how much fun this was going to be. LOL

    One of the first things I noticed was how it didn't have that normal toy smell. It was literally odorless, which is a big thing not only for me, but for my BF as well. The last thing I or he wants, is to finish playing with it, and then him go south on me just to get that taste and smell! MOOD KILLER!!! There was also no taste, which is EVEN BETTER!!

    The "Gem" as we have nicknamed it, came to me in purple, which is a great color for the little super soft nubbies it has all over the shaft of it. The Gem also has a bullet in the head of the toy as to where most vibes are in the base. We found that having the vibes coming from the tip is amazing! It gives more options to play with rather than other toys that have them at the bottom of the toy. (I personally LOVE having my nipples barely grazed, as well, as my ass)

    As for my BF, he LOVES having it barely grazed along the backside of his member and down to his balls. I love the look on his face :) He used this on me while he paid extra attention to my nipples, and then moved the dial to low, and settled it right on my asshole as he fingered me and his thumb on my clit.

    The thing I found most fun about this toy is the material. Its a soft jelly which doesn't dry quickly, so with or without lube, it seemed to glide in rather easily. The dial is just that, a dial, as you turn it to the right, it goes from low, to very high. For me, the high setting was too high for my personal tastes, but I am sure someone else, would LOVE the high setting.

    Now, for the cool part of it all!
    SHOWER TIME! The Gem is waterproof! There is a little gasket on the dial where the battery slides into, and its fool proof to over turn it, drop the battery in, screw the cap on and it will stop for you so no ruining the gasket! Move your fingers up a little and the dial brings it to life!!

    I took this in the shower and had the BEST time I have ever had with a toy in the shower! With the soft jelly coupled with my natural lubes and water, things glided VERY easily!!

    I would truly recommend to my Girlfriends, boyfriends, young, old, novices to toys, or the ultra experienced! This gem is THE toy EVERYONE needs in their toy box! I am VERY much looking forward to the next play date with it!!!

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    Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma. on 7/10/2014
    3 Stars
    Let me preface this by saying that I like a strong vibration, maybe stronger than average, IDK. I bought this in part b/c it was so pretty -- and it is! But the vibrations just weren't as strong as I'd hoped. The speed of the vibrations was great, just needs more power for me : )
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    Reviewed by:  from NYC. on 3/28/2013
    5 Stars
    I'd been curious about a nubby vibe for years, and finally decided to go for it. I really love this vibe. It packs a punch and it brought me to orgasm quickly. The nubs are awesome. I definitely love this vibe and am planning to buy more from this line. You will not be disappointed with this little guy!
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    Reviewed by:  from PA. on 8/5/2009
    5 Stars
    Lovely In Lavender
    I really loved the overall design and color of this vibe as well as the fact that it houses a powerful little bullet in the head. The length and girth are average, 6' long and 1 1/2' in width, the vibe has a turn dial operation low to high and runs on 2AAA batteries. Battery insertion was easy, and the vibe worked very well. I really like this and it's earned it's place at the top of my toy box.
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    Reviewed by:  from Massachuset. on 10/18/2008
    5 Stars
    my review on the climax gems
    I was very excited to try the climax gem vibrator because I don't have any toys with nubs like the climax gem so it was a new experience. I inserted this toy in very slowly at first,because I didn't know what to expect! I loved how the nubbs on this toy felt when they rubbed on my vagins walls! It felt absolutely amazing! I then picked up speed and used it faster I cum so hard. One of the best toys I have used in a long time. The best features about this toy is the nubs and how much vibration this toy has!! For this little guy it has a punch! Its also great cause you can go to low all the way up to high with a little nudge of the dile on the end. I also love that it is waterproof. I had fun with this toy in the bathtub. It made my bath so much more fun and enjoyable!

    The only bad feature i found was that it isn't a very quiet toy it was pretty loud. I recommend this toy for beginners it is just the right size for any new toy user! If you are a person that also enjoys strong vibrations this toy is for you as well. I absolutely love this toy and have been reaching for it a lot lately. What are you waiting for buy it today! Its amazing!! I'm in love with it and you will fall in love too!

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from baton rouge la. on 7/7/2014
    5 Stars
    This is an incredibly pleasing toy!!!!
    I was skeptic when trying this toy because in the past I have had bad experience with the nubs on the shaft. This was not the case with this wonderful toy. The nubs are not hard or stiff as with hard plastic they are almost jelly-like. When I got it I opened it up and was very pleased and intrigue with the feel. I also liked that it only took a single AA battery and was waterproof for hot tub or shower play! Who doesn't love that added feature!

    So that evening I ran me a nice hot bath and took my new friend with me and it was wonderful and the vibration was just right. It was a nice in between not to mellow which I hate and not too overly intense or powerful which is great sometimes but not all the time. With the added nubs made it so very pleasurable. The way as I slid it inside me the nubs stimulated my walls perfectly. I love this new toy! I have also let my husband use it on me to see how it was since it easy to know how you want it but with a partner it is good to see how it feels when they use it on you and and well 5 star orgasms again! So I am won over.

    I would recommend this product to beginners to expert because it has a great feel for any experience level and a great toy for someone that doesn't know if they would like nub enhanced shaft. I did not really find anything about this toy I did not like. I am very happy that I got one and would recommend you to get you one today!!!

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Arkansas. on 7/7/2014
    5 Stars
    New favorite toy alert!!
    Rough and sleek. Used inside as well as out. It's the total package. Vibration concentrated in the tip. Perfect to slay the formidable foe, sometimes know as your clit. As gives new sensations indoors as well!! When you need it, might as well assure that sex is good not just at an arms length away. Vibration is a far sweeter sound sometimes. And besides ladies, you should always come first! ALWAYS! I most times have help playing but when you want things done right, you just have to do them yourself. It is sure not to disappoint. It is quintessential variety and well deserved pleasure. Waves of euphoria are delightful and can cure what ails you; or just do wonders for life in general.
    Did you find this helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from NH. on 7/4/2014
    5 Stars
    Office stress break
    When looking for something portable and fun this is your toy. I'm an office girl and from time to time I need an office stress break. Yes that right I brought the toy to work with me. I had just grab the package and had it with me not expecting to need it.

    The size was perfect for tucking in my bra (I'm large breasted) and sliding into the stall at work. The vibrator is so incredibly quiet but strong which was a great surprise. It took only 1 AA battery to bring the vibrator to life. It really was life like in texture but with little studs as an extra bonus. The flexibility made it easy for stall use. Great for clit stimulation both with the head and the shaft of the vibrator. Vaginally with help of my fingers you can find you new office best friend .

    I found that this little gem works great in the shower too. If your a man or a woman who likes anal play or even if your thinking about it,try this one. The 1.25 diameter is like using two fingers pressed together. Lube, lube, lube( the key to any great anal play).The head feels just like a penis but this is where the beads on the shaft really work their magic. Slow entry in and out with the vibration brings a swift hard orgasm or at least it did for me. I haven't tried it yet with a partner but looking forward to it. Likes for this little gem, size, variable speeds, life like feel, beaded shaft, no smell and flexibility.

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    Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 6/29/2014
    5 Stars
    Holy vibrations, Batman!
    Let me preface this review to say that I am a male, and I think all the rest of the reviews of this vibrator are from females. Perhaps a different perspective of this product and its use will follow. When I first got this vibrator, I decided to try it out on myself without my wife - just wanted to see what it was like. I went through the various speeds while stimulating myself through my pants. And let me tell you, this little thing can send out some awesome vibrations. The sensation was unreal, and I hadn't even pulled down my pants yet! So then I had to try it on my naked skin. Whew. It gave me an almost instantaneous erection. By experimenting with certain areas to stimulate, I found out where to put it for maximum pleasure. And you don't need to press it on yourself very hard at all; in fact a light touch seems to give more sensations. Needless to say, I had an intense orgasm and I can't wait to share this with my wife. Experiment a little and see what parts of your manhood this vibrator stimulates the best. You won't be sorry!
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    Reviewed by:  from FL. on 1/3/2014
    5 Stars
    MS fun and discreet to use
    I got this toy recently and I gotta say I am impressed and Im not usually to over the top for the smaller toys, but this one I really like. First let me give a brief description its a jelly vibe and very flexible the vibes are concentrated in the tip and it has little soft jelly nubs up and down the shaft it takes 1 battery and controls are easy to use just twist the end to the vibration setting youd like. I love the flexibility as im not into rigid toys it gave some really good vibrations and its waterproof I used mine in the tub and it was whisper quiet. Im sure if someone came to the door and knocked they would have been oblivious to what I was doing in the tub. cause this thing is super quiet and small enough to conceal from my bedroom to the bathroom and back. I dont know about you all but sometimes the only moments I get to myself are in the tub lol. the nubs didnt really make a difference for me but I know women who swear by them so Im convinced its just a me thing that they dont really seems to make to much difference. this would be very good toy for a beginner because of its small and quiet design or a busy mom that like me only gets the alone time in the tub. I would recommend this toy highly its small enough to take anywhere and it definitely gets the job done. Also I liked that its one battery and still gives very powerful vibes less batteries to buy right ladies!! from beginner to pro this one is worth buying. hope my review helps you to decide.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from kansas. on 8/18/2014
    4 Stars
    Purple Pleasure
    My favorite things about this toy are its size and its flexibility. I had never tried a toy with nubs before, so I was nervous but excited. I was surprised, in a good way, at how much vibration this toy has with only one AA battery powering it. I started out with the tip of the vibrator on my clit, then added a generous amount of lube, slid the shaft up and down the outside of my vagina and then slowly inserted it. It was easy to twist and bend the shaft of this toy and I was able to get the vibration right on my gspot as well as massage it with the nubs at the same time. This was a fantastic sensation!! Thank goodness it's also waterproof because it got very wet down there. It was very quiet, so no need to hide under a blanket to muffle the sound! The control dial is easy to turn and makes it possible to operate this little guy with one hand, leaving your other hand free to explore something or someone else! It also was really easy to clean up and didn't feel sticky afterwards. If you haven't tried a toy with nubs before, this is a great introduction to them.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Hampshire. on 8/12/2014
    4 Stars
    A very fun toy
    I knew I was going to be happy when I ordered the Climax Gems. I see why they call it that. when the Climax arrived, I could not wait to try it. I remove it from the package. The size was not too big nor too small. I played with it for a minute before I actually had fun time with it. The texture of the toy was soft to the touch. I like the way it was flexible. I love flexible toys. It means I can move it around anyway I like. The nubs on the shaft was going to be different for me but I was ready to try it out. It was time to get busy. I put in the batteries, turn that bad boy on. I can tell this was going to be a toy I was going to burn out. The vibrations was just right. The vibration was strong and lovely. Even though I love very strong vibrations, it would do for me.

    I put it on my clit and my eyes started rolling. The vibration was strong enough throughout the whole toy. I love how I was able to change the speed of the vibration anyway I pleased. Either way, I love the highest speed. It was now time for the bigger test. I will say that it pass all of my inspection. I swear them nub are amazing. The feeling of the nubs and vibration, plus the jel like material felt so freaking good. OMG is all I can say at the moment. I don't know how I can describe the feeling of having an O in less than 3 minutes of using this toy. This toy is now in my box of favorite toys.

    Let me see, the Pros for this toy is the beaded shaft. The realist of the toy. The vibration sound isn't too loud for play time. I love that it is waterproof like it said. I had bad experience with toys claiming to be waterproof and it plays out after using it in the shower.

    The cons of this toy is that the vibration could have been stronger for me.

    I cannot say anything bad about this toy. It is a great toy. This toy would be prefect for beginners or moderated users. Not made for advance users. I would buy it again. I would give it 5 stars but the vibrations are strong but not really strong for me. But It will get you to your big O. It is a very fun toy.

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Jackson, TN. on 7/11/2014
    5 Stars
    Think I found my new BFF
    It has been a while since beeing satisfied with a toy. Having the vibration at the tip is awesome. Haven't been that satisfied in a while. Carry it wherever I go fits perfect in the purse undetected. Doesn't make to much noise so sound cannot be heard around the whole which a real plus since live in such close quarters.
    Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Bruceton TN. on 7/7/2014
    5 Stars
    The Purple Pickle
    I absolutely love this toy ! The nubs are my most favorite part as the cover almost the whole thing ! It definitely gets you aroused ! My husband sent me over the edge while playing with this toy ! If you are looking for something different but not sure your ready this would be the ultimate toy to try ! I can guarantee you will fall in love with it ! The other thing that love about this is its waterproof so you can take it into the shower also ! The control is on the bottom so its easy to use & it goes from low to high depending on what you are comfortable with & it only takes 1AA battery! It would be a great beginner toy but if you are looking for something new or different to try this would definitely be the one to try
    Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
    Reviewed by:  from Glen Campbell. on 8/7/2014
    2 Stars
    Just not for me
    Before I start this review, I just want to say that this was the experience that I had and will not necessarily be the experience of anyone else. I was very excited about this toy because I've never had one that had nubs on it and was VERY curious as to how it would feel. I used this toy internally since it is penis shaped so that I could get maximum usage.

    What I noticed about this toy right away was that it is VERY quiet, which I love. I've had many toys whose packages CLAIM that they were quiet and discreet and when you turn the thing on it sounds like you're running a blender in the room. If you've ever had to put a pillow over your lap to muffle the noise they you know what I'm talking about. So I was pleasantly surprised that the quietness was fairly accurate.

    Now, with that bit of good news out of the way, I have to say that I did not like this toy. The reason is that, although it had some awesome vibrations when I held it in my hand, When I actually inserted it, it barely tickled it was so low and I had it on full speed. Now I will say this, I am a person who loves and needs strong vibrations to get off so it is probably not the toy itself that is the problem.

    I mean it felt good and the nubs really spread the vibes around but it just didn't get me there. At this point I was really, REALLY horny and getting frustrated, So I did a little experiment. I left the vibrator in and I got another one that was a clit stimulator and used them both. THAT did the trick and boy was I happy. I ended up having a very intense orgasm.

    Overall, as a singular toy, it just wasn't for me. I feel that it is either more for beginners who aren't sure what they like, or for someone who is sensitive enough that low vibes would be great for them.

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Durham, NC. on 7/9/2014
    3 Stars
    When I received this vibe, I had high hopes. I love semi-realistic toys, and I adore purple, so this seemed like a great option. Opening the package I was immediately impressed by the size - a little over 5" can be used internally! I was excited to try it out. It's covered in little nubs meant to ramp up the fun, made from a soft, flexible phthalate-free jelly, and is waterproof.

    After inserting the one AA battery it requires (the bottom twists off and has a rubber O-Ring to make it waterproof), I slowly twisted it on. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the strength went from weak to moderate. On the lowest setting this adorable little vibe makes a great teaser. On the highest, it's just not enough for me.

    The nubs feel great when the vibe is gently slid in and out, and the flexible material means you can easily angle it to hit key spots. Used internally, it'll drive you wild - but not over the edge. Used externally, it's a great teaser, and with a little bit of perseverance it'll take you to a lovely, soft orgasm.

    Pros - Waterproof for bathtub play! A very respectable size (think average american male!) Only takes one battery! Flexible and covered in love-nubs! Quiet as heck!

    Cons - Not strong enough for me. Would probably be great for someone who prefers gentle to moderate vibrations.

    Uses - External teasing (whole body) Internal use (anal and vaginal) Funky door stop! (ok, no, don't do that)

    All in all, a very respectable vibe at a very respectable price-point. Great for beginners!

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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pennsylvania. on 7/7/2014
    4 Stars
    Quite Strong
    I found that even on the lowest setting the vibrations in this little wonder were quite powerful. If you don't need strong vibrations I wouldn't recommend this toy. I actually found that the nubs made insertion a little harder than it should be. Once inserted though I wasn't too fond of all the added nubs for extra sensation. I did, however, love the feeling of the nubs when rubbing them against my clit. Very big plus is how quiet this toy is. Even at the highest setting it was still much quieter than I had expected.
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    Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 7/4/2014
    5 Stars
    I have personally found my soul mate. This Beaded Lavender vibrator is my totally favorite anal toy! When I first received it I had no idea it was going to be added to my anal toy collection. Once I opened it and felt the smooth soft texture with the beaded nobs I felt in love. Its texture is very pleasant to have and hold. When it rubs against the inner walls of the vagina with the vibrating nubs an intense orgasm is felt. It is waterproof so the fun can be continued in the shower. Not to mention the wonderful vibrations felt while inserted in the anal. It is great for beginners or anyone that likes to do anal fun. Great to use with couple and Its easy to use at all times. This is totally worth every penny and you never regret it.
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    Reviewed by:  from harvey. on 7/2/2014
    5 Stars
    Escasty in my handbag
    This toy is by far the best thing I've EVER used. My new favorite. The bumpy ridges feel so good and this toy hits ALL the right spots the firm but rubbery texture complimented by some tingling gel made for a very good time. Small and discreet perfect for travel and on the go life styles as well as for at home play....
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    Reviewed by:  from Virginia . on 3/20/2015
    3 Stars
    It gets the job done
    I have various vibrations because they five you different feelings. This little guy is wonderful if you're a first time user. The nubs are soft and feel good against the clit for a different experience. I love the nubs but the vibration was not strong enough for me. It is perfect for travel and super quiet which I love that. It takes one AAA battery and the compartment is nicely done so that you are not accidentally turning it off and on. O recommend this for people who are new to toys, and if you want a quiet traveling buddy it works well also. But if your looking for that strong vibrating climax this is not the one for you.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Nebraska. on 10/24/2014

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