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Angela's Top 5 TooTimid Faves!

Posted by Angela to General / Misc Info

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to sex toys, you have come to the right place!  My favorite sex toys are always the high-quality vibes with incredible functions and almost an unlimited number of uses!  So, if you want to know the top pick sex toys of a sex connoisseur such as myself, continue reading Angela’s 5 Faves!


Bath Time Bunny

This isn’t just one of my favorites; this is one of TooTimid’s BEST SELLERS!  If you have never experienced the incredible power of the Bath Time Bunny, allow me to explain why it’s so popular!  This dual stimulator has powerful, multi-speed vibrations concentrated in the realistic head and clit-tickling rabbit ears.  The simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation will help you cum HARD!  Plus, the Bath Time Bunny is 100% WATERPROOF!  Can you think of anything more pleasurable than drawing yourself a hot bath after a long day, lighting some scented candles, and then experiencing the most intense climax of your life?  Or, how about hoping in the tub for your morning shower and giving yourself an orgasm so electrifying, you will wear a smile all day?  I can’t think of a better way to start AND end my day.

Eve's Rabbit

If you are looking for a sex toy with every possible feature needed to cannonball you into an ecstasy you have never known, your search ends here!  The Eve’s Rabbit is one of our most seductive vibes as it stimulates your G-spot, vaginal walls, and clitoris all at the same time!  Turn it on and your personal massager will come to life as its realistic head begins s to rotate, its ribbed shaft begins to pulsate, its 5 rows of metal beads begin to spin, and its tantalizing rabbit ears begin to vibrate.  This intense toy has 7 different pulsations and escalations and 7 different speeds of rotation so you can pick and choose the perfect combo to make you squeal with orgasmic pleasure.   I start trembling with satisfaction just at the mere sight of it, so you can imagine just how it makes me feel!
Pink B.O.B.'s Nubby Vaginal Vibrator

Fifi's Bumpy Vibe

So few things compare to the earth-shattering gratification that comes with a textured vibrator.  The Fifi's Bumpy Vibe is covered in stimulating nubs that enhance the vibes!  I love the feeling of the bumpy shaft on my vaginal walls and on my clit!  The unique, textured sensations give that little extra ooph I need to have an explosive climax!  The multi-speed vibrations are controlled with a dial at the end of the shaft so it's always easy to find the perfect speed.  Do you prefer your vibes start off erotically slow and gradually intensify, or do you rapidly turn up the speed for a hot and heavy orgasm?  Whatever you are in the mood for, Fifi's Bumpy Vibe is your all-in-one orgasm tool.  I know it is for me!

Rose G-Spot Vibe

This vibrator may appear simple, but it will take you to a world of pleasure you never even knew existed!  The Rose G-Spot Vibe was perfectly designed to be slim and easy to control while remaining overwhelmingly satisfying!  The long handle makes finding the G-spot easy for all women!  The multi-speed vibrations are concentrated in the bulbous head, so you feel the powerful vibes right where you need them the most, not throughout the handle.  This sex toy may have “G-spot” right in its name, but I assure you, this is more than just a G-spot stimulator!  The long handle, bulbous head and powerful vibrations are perfect for intense clit stimulation!  You can use this vibrator for clitoral stimulation while you masturbate, but it is especially fun to use with a partner in a variety of sexy positions.

Diving Dolphin

My final favorite vibe is not just for solo use!  The Diving Dolphin is a flexible cock ring my lover wears to stimulate us both!  During sex, the two strong bullets massage both my clit and his shaft for heightened pleasure.  The bullets can even be removed for even more uses!  Clit stimulation during sex puts me over the edge like nothing else!  The jelly penis ring is stretchy, so it easily and comfortably fits most men!  My guy and I may love using this vibe together, but it’s not just for partners!  The Diving Dolphin can easily slip on any dildo or vibrator to turn it into a dual or triple stimulator!  You don’t need to replace your favorite sex toy to get the double-the-pleasure experience; you just need this sexy, vibrating cock ring!  There are so many ways you can use the Diving Dolphin; which makes it one of my favorites!

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