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Top 10 Fetishes More Common Than You Think

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Bondage
Top 10 Fetishes More Common Than You Think

The word “fetish” can stir up a lot of emotions. Change it to “sexual fetish” and your thoughts go racing! Some minds immediately go to something outlandish or disgusting. Others give a little grin when a sexual fetish crosses their minds. Whatever your first reaction is to the word fetish, the truth is, they’re more common than you think! Here are 10 of the top fetishes that are more common than you think!

From the playful decision of who is on top, to walking a submissive on a leash, the Dominant and Submissive fetish has been around for years! It is most common for women to be dominant with their submissive male partners. The act of taking control (or giving up control) can be very sexually satisfying!

Okay, who hasn’t wondered what a threesome would be like? Whether a quick tryst with a couple of cuties in college, or an ongoing fetish, the act of sharing yourself with many lovers is definitely a fetish fantasy! Swingers just do it more often! Some swingers like the aspect of fondling or having sex with another couple or within a group setting. Other swingers will not participate in threesomes or multiples at one time, but will “swing” (aka share) a variety of partners with other couples or within a swingers group!

They say with pleasure comes pain, but in this case, the pain comes with pleasure! The delicious interweaving of spanking and gently caressing is a very common form of what some know as sadism and masochism. A sadist is someone who enjoys dishing out pain, whereas a masochist enjoys receiving pain. Like dominating and submissive behavior, in the bedroom this type of sexual fetish can range from a quick smack on the bum to nipple clamps and whips! Have you been bad enough for a spanking?

Have you ever masturbated in front of an open window? Snuck away to a bathroom for a little self-love while others were in the same bathroom? The thrill of getting caught in the act or showing off your goods (exhibitionism) or catching others in the act or showing off their goods (voyeurism) is very common! Whether you’re simply into watching others undress or you love to fantasize about someone watching you strip, this fetish adds a little spice to the standard in-the-bedroom and behind-closed-doors sex!

If you become aroused by manicured feet, splayed toes or strong arches, you may have a fetish called Podophilia - a foot fetish! One of the most common and well-known of all the fetishes, foot fetishists love to look at, lick, or massage feet for sexual excitement!

The prowess of a fierce woman is arousing for both men and women, and members of this group fetishize manicured nails and lipstick. Think 80s video vamp with long, blood red nails and lipstick to match and oh! Instant arousal! Whether you’re wanting lipstick stains all over your body or her claws scratching at your back during sex, these two sexy styles go hand-in-hand.

Another fetish that may be thanks to positive reinforcement in the adult industry and advertising is hair! Her long luscious locks and his stubble rubbing on your skin are common sexual stimulants! Even hairstyles like braids, ponytails, and pigtails are fetishized during sexual encounters!

How about the men and women who have a media (or material) fetish? These are the leather daddies and the girls in second-skin style catsuits. Whether you want to be fully-enclosed or “trapped” in latex, or love the squeak of rubber and the smell of leather, these material fetishes are one of the most commonly recognized (and appreciated) fetishes!

It is one thing to claim that you are “addicted” to getting tattoos or piercings. It’s another thing to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm when encountering a tattooed or pierced body! Whether you’re aroused by piercing or tattooing your own body or seeing piercings and tattoos on another person's body, this fetish makes tattoo conventions very appealing! Stigmatophiliacs especially relish in the idea of ink or jewelry in the more naughty regions of the anatomy.

Though some may believe foot and shoe fetishists are the same thing, they often aren't related, or seen in the same person. Foot fetishists focus on the human body part, whereas shoe fetishists desire the inanimate form of the object. The sharp point of a stiletto heel or the long, slender form of a ballerina’s pointe shoes are some examples of what would fall under this fetish! This gives a whole new meaning to "fuck me boots!"

See? Fetishes don't all have to go immediately to the extremes! What fetishes do you recognize in yourself? Do you have a thing for sharp heels and red lips? Do you like the thrill of being touched in a crowded movie theater? Perhaps you have a fetish and didn't even know it!

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Date 9/14/2014
I love when she wears lipstick and high heels to bed. Don't care too much for lingerie but something about that combo turns me on.
Date 11/3/2016
I have been aroused by all of these in one way or another at some point with exception to the two regarding feet and the tattoos. Those 3 do nothing for me.
Date 7/30/2017
H. Housewife
Everything sounds delicious and mouth watering. The fantasy of a sexy guy that dances so smoothly.....the thought of it all
Date 10/20/2017
My SO in lingerie is a huge turn-on, especially in black or red. Just love how naughty she looks
Date 10/25/2017
I love submissive sex. I love being held down in any position he wants and taken roughly is pretty much the only way enjoy sex. I like to fantasize I am only here for his pleasure and want him to get everything he wants out of me. I never used to be this way but in the last few years I have discovered I have a true need for submissive sex :)
Date 10/26/2017
Garter belt, hose and high heels. Nothing else can get me harder faster. She just looks so feminine and sexy.
Date 2/18/2018
I love when my partner ties me up and does what ever his kinky side tells him to do. One time he brought his old boyfriend into our bedroom while I was still tied up. He let his ex have have his way with me. I felt dirty and used but I loved every inch and minute of it.
Date 2/18/2018
I love to be the sub. My wife is hot in thigh high boots and leather bustier I love when she puts nipple clamps on me as I am tied to the 4 poster bed. She then uses a sound in my cock and pulls the chain on the nipple clamps. This produces a mind blowing orgasm and at that time she releases the nipple clamps giving a rush of exilerating pain that leaves me wanting more.
Date 2/20/2018
Kinky Curmudgeon
My lady and I are in our 70s. I like soft bondage; tie and tease, edging, forced orgasm and how much pleasure, post orgasm can she or I take? We take turns being in control. Most of the restraints we use have Velcro closures. The bondage itself is a fetish but Velcro has become very arousing. The sound of it is enough to get me hard. My doctor's nurse/assistant puts a blood pressure cuff (Velcro) on my upper right arm and tucks my forearm under her left boob and wonders why I have high blood pressure. Tying or being tied with soft rope is lots of fun but Velcro is instant. Three cheers for Spotrsheets products. The Master Kink ultimate bed bondage system is a great go anywhere product and more affordable. The tethers can be attached to eye bolts I installed on the legs of the bed or screw eyes in the wall for a more permanent setup at home.

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