5 Things Women Want in a Sex Toy

So, you are perusing TooTimid.com and want to find the perfect toy for yourself. You look through the categories and try to decide what it is that you want. Do you want a big toy? A small toy? Something discreet? Quiet? A couple’s item? Something really naughty or taboo? Some lube? Perhaps something to have a great fantasy with? Or, maybe you want something a bit more tailored as to length, girth, material. Looking for an item for your female partner? Whatever it is you are looking for, one thing is for certain: TooTimid has what you want! To help your search we've pulled together our list of 5 Things Women Want in a Sex Toy!

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It is true what they say: “When it comes to a sex toy, one size does NOT fit all!” Sex toys are very intimate objects, designed to pleasure you (and oftentimes fit inside you). Vibrators, dildos, and dual actions all have 2 important sizes to consider: length and girth. The length is important because if you have a shorter vaginal canal you will want a shorter toy. Similarly, the girth is important when it comes to how “full” you want to feel. If you know that you do not like to be overly stretched you will want to stay away from any of the “extra large dildos” that are offered. Conversely, if you like to be stretched you will want to avoid the “petite” toys. So, how do you decide? Each toy on TooTimid has the manufacturer’s sizes displayed. You can reasonably tell which toy will fit your, um, needs.


Most people are watching their budgets nowadays and this includes when it comes to pleasure shopping! How affordable a toy is can be relative to each individual’s situation. There is much to consider when it comes to cost. For example, the material the toy is made of plays a role in the cost. Your toy can be something extra long-lasting like silicone or glass or something less expensive like jelly or rubber. A rechargeable vibrator will cost more, but, the batteries are rechargeable so you save money there. TooTimid offers a plethora of options from very affordable to more pricey, luxury toys – so it is up to you to weigh the options and decide what you are willing to spend on your pleasure experience!

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Much like a new car, sex toys have options! When you consider a dual action toy for example you have the options of: speed, vibration levels, rotation, thrusting action, clitoral stimulation, girth, length and battery type. Many women really want a toy that offers a lot of options so they can have many different experiences with the same toy. This is a smart way to go, especially if you are relatively new to sex toys and are unaware of what you like. Getting a toy with different vibration options is usually a smart choice since not all women like the same strength or pattern of vibrations. Then, once you know more what you like, your next purchase can tailor more to that need!


No one wants to read a 20 page handbook on how to use their sex toy! Many women just want to know which button controls what function of the toy and then – you know – press those buttons! Most sex toys are pretty easy to navigate with easy to reach buttons, dials, or switches that control the vibration and rotation levels. Still others may only have an on/off switch or dial. Whatever the toy offers, women want a toy that is easy to use, not something that takes a degree in sexology to understand!

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Finally, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty. When a woman is looking on TooTimid.com and going through all the different options and types of products available, the number one thing she is wondering is: will this toy make me have an orgasm?! Well, the answer we've got to that is not so simple, but truthful: we don’t know! Every woman has a different orgasm experience. For this reason it is important to at least have an idea of what YOU find personally pleasurable. When you masturbate without a toy, what do you concentrate on? Clitoral rubbing? Well, then you definitely will want a toy that concentrates on the clitoris. Do you crave being filled AND having clitoral attentions? Then you will want a dual action toy to have both experiences. Finding a sex toy that works for you can be tricky because nothing is guaranteed when it comes to orgasm. However, if you read the reviews, see how a toy works, watch the product videos and know your body – then you should be able to find items that will bring you to orgasm in snap! Plus, it is fun to try new things even if you don’t get to the big O! Open your mind and body to new sexual possibilities!

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