5 Vibes Sure To Make You Cum

Do you want to have MORE orgasms? Well, you've come to the right place! There are many sex toys available for women who want to experience more intense climaxes in less time, and these are the sex tools that can help you achieve your sensual desires! Here are 5 sex toys that are sure to make you cum! 

1. Vibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed Massager

Experience the mind-blowing power of an electric wand massager! This cordless body wand is rechargeable and has incredibly strong multi-speed vibrations to make you cum. Increase the intensity of the vibrations while you masturbate and build up to the most extreme orgasm of your life. This is the ideal sex tool for women who want to reach orgasm more quickly!

2. Lucid Dream #14


This multi-speed G-spot vibrator is sure to give you a powerful G-spot orgasm, especially if you are a beginner! The strong vibrations are located in the head, delivering wave after wave of climatic pleasure directly to your G-Spot. The shaft is firm and the neck is curved, allowing you to easily stimulate your G-spot. This is the perfect internal massager for women, especially ladies who want to have a squirting orgasm!

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3. Double Silver Bullets


Double your pleasure with this double bullet vibe! This ultra-stimulating vibrator for women has not one but TWO strong bullet stimulators. Use one bullet to massage your clit whole the other explores your your other intimate zones like your nipples and breasts. Or, you can use both multi-speed bullets to stimulate your vagina for an explosive climax.

4. Gyrating Tongue Vibe

Ahh, nothing beats the sensual feelings of oral sex, and this vibrator is designed to imitate those erotic sensations! This sex toy has two intense speeds of wild tongue-flicking action to tempt and tease your clit like the real thing! If you LOVE oral sex, this personal massager is sure to make you cum fast and hard.

5. iVibe Select iPlease Vibrator


This waterproof mini pocket massager gives you the intense vibrations you need to climax in a compact, travel-friendly size! Stimulate your clitoris with the sleek metallic nubs for an easy orgasm. Plus, this small vibe is totally waterproof so you can get a little wet and wild!

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