5 Hands-Free Toys to Wear in Public


Woman on bed wearing black lace vibrating panties

Turn your days from ordinary to extraordinary by stimulating yourself hands free, you heard right! These products are perfect if you are seeking a sexual experience strutting around your home. You can control the intensity with a wireless or wired remote, and feel the waves of orgasm taking over your body.

Hands free and remote operated toys are also amazing tools to spice up your sex life! Put the remote in the hands of your lover and watch their eyes light up as they control your erotic satisfaction. The vibrations grow even more exciting when you take your discreet pleasure outside of the house. Here are 5 hands-free toys to wear in public!

1. Be My Crush Panty Vibe with Remote

Play discreetly at home or on the go with this sensual panty vibe! The magnetic heart will clip this vibrator to your panties for 9 functions of vibration stimulation. Your partner will love the added feature of the remote! They will be able to control your squirming from up to 20 feet away!


2. Lock-N-Play Remote Petite Panty Teaser

Image of matte black colored panty vibrator and separate remote control
This top-secret and 100% waterproof silicone stimulator sits right inside your panties for an incredible experience! It has magnetic "wings" to hold it in place for hands-free fun. Twelve unique vibration patterns radiate through the ribbed Petite Panty Teaser as it curves to hold you close.

3. Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Image of mannequin wearing sexy black panties that come with vibrating panty set

Feel the intense pleasure of orgasms on-the-go with this Vibrating Panty Set in its sexy full booty underwear style. The handy wireless remote means your lover can turn up the 20, yes I said twenty, vibration functions in the removable waterproof bullet.

4. Venus Butterfly Vibe

Image of mannequin wearing hot pink wearable vibrator
This pretty pink fluttering wonder is perfect for hands-free, erotic pleasure. With a rippling textured body and wide wings, the Venus Butterfly slips up your thighs and adjusts to fit snugly. The powerful clit stimulator will send your body into sexual shivers as you adjust the multi-speed vibrations!

5. Venus Butterfly Hands-Free G Vibrator

If you want incredible orgasms, you have to try the Venus Butterfly strap-on vibrator. This cute little butterfly does the work for you, leaving your hands free to caress your erogenous zones or pleasure a lover. The Venus Butterfly vibrator is so discreet that you can carry it with you while you’re out and about. Let this body-safe silicone butterfly buzz against your G-spot & clit for intense orgasms! 


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  • Fun4me +her!

    My brother had an experience with a girl he knew about a bet they had made. The loser had to put a Remote Controlled vibe inside them and the other got the remote. My brother won the bet and since men only have one place they can put a vibe, he made her put it in her butt. To make a long story short, they went out and he buzzed her the whole time they were out, he said by the time they got back to his place her panties were soaking wet!
    He went on to say, she couldn’t wait to get out of her panties and begged him to penetrate her pussy with the vibe still in her butt which he continued to buzz while they were having sex. My brother said it was the wettest sex he ever had with this girl, but she never made another bet with him involving sex toys! I believe my brother, because he was having sex with lot of the neighborhood girls as a kid growing up.

  • Alex Orosco

    I already do

  • Stephanie

    I have a pair of vibrating panties and it’s amazing! To be able to go wherever you want, even dinner and have an orgasm! Who wouldn’t!

  • laureen

    yes, definitaly.

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