5 Best Massage Wands Right Now

Massage wands are great, but wouldn't it be nice to know which ones are the best? If you are getting a body wand, treat yourself to the most pleasurable and high-quality sex toy! Here are five vibrators that are currently popular on TooTimid and why women love them!

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1. Lux Electric Massage Wand

This ultra-powerful massage wand is an all-time favorite among women! Its classic design and super strong vibrations make it easier than ever to achieve the explosive orgasm you crave. This electric body wand has 10 intense vibration modes to make you crave more. Experience the most incredible sexual pleasure of your life! The flexible neck enables you to stimulate your body from just about any angle. Stimulate your clit and cum quickly or improve intimacy with your partner by giving one another a sexy massage.

2. Vibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed Massager

Slowly work your way through seven mind-blowing vibration speeds and build up to the earth-shattering climax you deserve! This multi-speed wand massager has powerful electric vibrations that will leave you trembling for more. It is rechargeable and cordless for use just about anywhere! No need to worry about getting tangled up in the cord - now you are free to enjoy a sensual massage anytime you please. The head is made of soft silicone for your comfort and the flexible neck makes it easy to stimulate those hard-to-reach spots.

3. Lust Silicone Rechargeable Wand

This is a luxury body wand massager made of the highest-quality sex toy materials! The silky-smooth silicone will feel soft against your skin while the powerful electric vibes surge through your body! With independent speed and pulsation controls, you can mix and match to find the perfect vibration combination. This stimulator wand is USB rechargeable and cordless for convenience and portability. This is a gorgeous and extremely gratifying body vibrator for women that will take your sex life to all new heights.

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4. Cutey Wand Massager

Small, stylish, and portable! This battery-operated wand-style vibrator is mini, making it the perfect travel-friendly sex toy. The small head and flexible neck means you get spot-on stimulation during female masturbation. It's easy to use and non-intimidating, making it a great first-time vibe for beginners. The head is made of smooth silicone for a more comfortable sexual experience. Plus, this petite massager is totally waterproof for wet and wild play in the shower or bath!

5. Electric Mini-Miracle Massager

Small is powerful! Enjoy the ecstasy-inducing vibrations you love with a smaller sex toy! This electric wand has two intense vibration speeds to tease and please. The soft, narrow head pinpoints the vibrations on your most sensitive hot-spots and the angled design makes it easy to stimulate your entire body. The petite size makes this wand vibrator a great option for couples who want mind-blowing vibes during sexual intercourse! It's the perfect sex tool for solo women and lovers.

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