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You know what they say, we all have to start somewhere! This adage is just as true for using and experimenting with sexual enhancement products. I still remember my first vibrator. Simple, hard plastic – no muss, no fuss – got the job done. Bought it in the “special room” in the back of a trinket store (of all places). I was young and inexperienced – but I wanted to experiment with toys so I bought one! It is all history after that! Nowadays, the internet makes shopping for toys so easy and private! I had to ask the clerk to get my B.O.B. out of the backroom. Now there is TooTimid – a wonderful site that offers a huge selection, many people to help and suggest, informative articles AND anonymous purchasing! Doesn’t get better than that! So, if you are a newbie, what should you buy? Here are my picks for first time toys!

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This item is almost exactly like my very first toy! Same smooth, hard, plastic design with a turn knob at the bottom to activate the vibrations. This toy is strong (and a bit on the loud side) but it is fun and flirty and not intimidating. It can be used externally (clitoral stimulation) or internally. Any way you use this vibrator, it is absolutely perfect for first-time play.



Bullets and eggs are fantastic items for first time users because they are super small and used (primarily) for external stimulation. They can be used during sex or masturbation – so if you want to include your partner in your play right away you can do so. They are affordable, super strong vibrations and discreet. Bullets are not just for first timers though, they are for all the timers!



For some women, just making the transition from finger masturbation to using a toy is a bit, well, intimidating. Finger vibes, like the Happy Fingers Vibe, can make this transition super fun! Just experimenting by adding a little ZING to your finger play can open up a whole, new world for a woman. This one is especially great because it is waterproof – and bath-time fun is good for all!



Just because you are a first timer doesn’t mean you can’t have a bigger vibrator. You CAN and you should, if that is what you want. The Le Reve is a fantastic toy made of 100% silicone, slightly curved and textured, quiet, waterproof and petite for discreet use. The vibration patterns and levels will allow for external stimulation or internal stimulation – YOU CHOOSE!



I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest at least one dual action, rabbit style vibrator. Dual actions provide internal and external stimulation at the same time. There is a wide variety of options on dual actions. This particular one is a great choice for a newbie because it is silky smooth silicone encased over a slimmer shaft so first time players won’t feel too stretched. It also has a fantastically powerful clitoral stimulator that is sure to please and tease your clitoris to a wonderful orgasm!

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