8 Vibes Every Woman NEEDS

Having a large variety of sex toys isn't as important as finding a vibrator that rocks your world, but there are some toy box essentials that you should know about if you are a beginner or planning to expand your intimate collection. There are many different types of adult toys that are ideal for certain situations, so having a few different vibes is necessary if you want a toy for every occasion. So, here are eight different vibes that you need and what they can each do for you!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Vibrator For You

1. Xtreme Turbo Bullet

Bullets. Are. Fabulous! Every woman needs a bullet vibrator in her toy chest because they are perfect for masturbation, foreplay, & use during sex. They are easy to use and offer pinpoint clitoral stimulation! This bullet vibrator in particular is sleek and ultra-powerful! It has a nice, long cord for comfortable use in most any sex position and it's totally waterproof for orgasms with a splash. These sex toys are small, versatile, and super satisfying, so a bullet vibrator (and especially this one!) deserves a place in your toy box.

2. Remote Vibrating Tongue

I chose this vibe for a special reason - it's wireless! Remote bullets are not only convenient, but they are a lot of fun for couples. Control the vibrations while your lover massages your favorite pleasure-points with the vibrator, or slip the vibe into your panties and hand your partner the remote! It's a simple way to spice up a date or add an erotic element to your daily routine. This is an awesome remote vibe option because it is made out of hypoallergenic silicone, has 10 unique vibration functions, and is totally waterproof! The vibrator itself can be used without the remote, so you have ultimate control over your solo pleasure.

3. Desire Rechargeable Massager

Body wands are essential for all women, especially women who want to reach orgasm faster. Wand massagers are legendary for their super powerful electric vibrations and discreet massager design. They are large clit and body stimulators, ideal for easing back or shoulder tension and for having explosive orgasms! This particular wand vibrator is rechargeable, so you don't even have to deal with the cord during use! It has 10 incredible functions so you can switch things up with the push of a button. Nothing beats the power of a vibrating massager, making it a must-have sex toy!

4. Silicone Butterfly Kiss

Experience mind-blowing squirting orgasms with a classic G-spot vibrator! G-spot sex toys are specifically designed to stimulate the mysterious G-spot and help women achieve G-spot orgasms. The flexible tip and added clit stimulator will help edge you closer and closer to climax! This vibrator in particular is the silicone version of an industry favorite. The silky-smooth, body-safe silicone makes this the perfect vibrator for women with sensitive skin or allergies to other sex toy materials. It has 3 intense vibration levels and it's totally waterproof for wet and wild fun! Get the thrills of a G-spot vibe with the benefits of silicone!

5. EZ Bend Stud

This is a realistic vibrating dildo with a lot to offer! It has a realistic look and feel for a true-to-life sex experience that will drive you wild with pleasure. When you crave the real deal, a realistic sex toy will give you the fix you need. But this can do more than your average stud - it has powerful, multi-speed vibrations surging through the shaft! Plus, this dildo for women has a bendable shaft, enabling you to masturbate in most any sex position. Angle it for G-spot stimulation or for a more intense inner massage. A vibrating dildo like this is a toybox standard!

6. Gyrating Tongue Vibe

Sex toys can emulate almost anything, even oral sex! It may not feel exactly like the real thing, but this clit-flickering tongue vibrator gets pretty darn close. This is a fun and satisfying oral sex tool that will give you the ravishing sensations of a tongue lapping your clitoris during female masturbation. This tongue vibrator is a favorite because of its elite design and intense vibrations. It is waterproof so you can hop in the tub for a realistically wet tongue! Most women reach orgasm more easily during oral sex, so every lady needs a tongue vibe!

7. #1 Dual-Action Vibrator

Rabbit vibes offer intense clit stimulation and internal stimulation, and this is the best of the best! A top choice for any woman, this rabbit toy has independent functions for the clit stimulator and the rotating shaft so you can customize your sexy experience. It has five rows of spinning beads to enhance your internal massage while the clit-tickling rabbit ears give you the boost you need to have powerful orgasm. Many women need clitoral stimulation to climax, and vaginal & clit stimulation can make you cum harder than you ever have in your life. This sex toy sets the standard for rabbit vibes, and its easy to see why!

8. Life By Leaf

Every woman deserves a truly elegant, simple vibe, and if you are going to splurge, this is the kind of toy you want. Made of 100% seamless silicone, this rechargeable, body-safe sex toy is perfectly sculpted for form and function. A sleek, powerful vibrator such as this dedicates every inch of its material to your satisfaction. It is super strong and designed to fit comfortably in your hand and your every intimate crevice. It's a natural vibe that will rock your world and bring you unbelievably close to nature! Ideal for women with sensitive skin or anyone looking for a vibrator that looks as good as it feels!

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