10 Toys that are GUARANTEED to Hit Your G-Spot

The g-spot isn’t as elusive as you may think! I’ve created a mini-tutorial on what, where, and how you can find your g-spot. With our collection of premium toys, you can experience the pleasure of a gspot orgasm tonight!


The g-spot is a collection of spongy tissue called the paraurethral or Skene’s Glands. The glands are only about the size of a pea, but can grow to the size of a quarter when stimulated. They’re located between 1-3 inches inside the vaginal ceiling, near the bladder and behind the clitoris.

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Since the g-spot rests inside and just above the vagina, penetration is necessary to find it. By inserting your index finger into your vagina with your palm facing upward, you will be able to feel your vaginal walls and ceiling. Curl your finger upward and stroke the top of your vagina until you find a small area with a different texture. Remember, the g-spot isn’t too far in! The flesh that rests just beneath the g-spot on the top of your vagina will feel like it’s bumpy, or ruffled. When you press upward on that area, you should feel a new, stimulating sensation!

We have to give the disclaimer that some women do not find g-spot massage pleasurable, and others don't really notice a difference in sensation at all. But, for those who do feel the wave of an intense g-spot orgasm, it is amazing! It’s also true that because of the g-spot’s close proximity to the bladder, you may feel like you have the urge to pee! But, you won’t! If you have ever had pleasure from penetration with a toy, your fingers, or anything (or anyone) else, than g-spot toys will seriously please you.


'We’ve heard from tons and tons of women about how the g-spot desires firm, steady stimulation. You can do this with your or your partner's fingers, but sometimes hands get tired! With G-Spot vibrators, there are focused tips or bulb-shaped stimulators that are positioned right where you need it to achieve a g-spot orgasm. The g-spot toys tend to curve, making your massage much easier. Plus, with the added vibrations, the sensations you’ll feel will be like nothing you’ve experienced before! We have compiled 10 Toys That Are Guaranteed to Hit Your G-Spot below:

1. Gigi 2

The luxurious g-spot vibrator Gigi 2 is beautifully contoured making it aesthetically and sexually pleasing! If you want to feel like a queen, this rechargeable, waterproof vibe has 8 vibration patterns ready to serve you your incredible g-spot orgasm!

2. Rose G-Spot Stimulator

Don’t be fooled by this little vibrator's size! The firm plastic and round-point tip of the Rose G-Spot Stimulator place powerful vibrations right where you need them! All set with your g-spot? This petite vibe is strong enough to buzz your clit to climax instantly!

3. Flexi G Vibe

The Flexi G Vibe is such a classy, versatile vibrator. The sweeping "c" like curve is one thing, but with it's concentrated vibrations in its tip, it truly blows us away. The smooth, silicone body feels luxurious and reaches wherever you want vibes. Your g-spot will thank you for this sexy toy!

4. Amore Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator

This dual stimulating g-spot and clitoral toy makes us say, “WOW!” The contoured design allows you to rock yourself to orgasm, giving your hands and fingers a break! The 12 vibrating functions of the Amore Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator, combined with the bonus clit stimulating piece are powerful pleasers!

5. Liberte

If you want to liberate your g-spot and experience a powerful orgasm with ease, consider the Liberte! This sunshine yellow, 3-speed vibrator, has an amazing curve that positions the top of the vibe directly on your g-spot! Flip the Liberte around, and you've got a clitoral stimulator!

6. Wild G

The Wild G is about to change the way you experience the way you climax. This dual-action vibrator has the perfect length, shaping, and triple clitoral stimulator to give you waves of shuddering orgasms! Three rows of metal beads and the head of the toy rotates while multi-speed vibrations tease you externally!
7. Quiver Wavy G Vibe

We love the flexible shaft because it lets you tease, anywhere you please! It’s nice and long (8" TO BE EXACT) to reach all over your body, but for a g-spot massage, the Quiver Vibe is perfect! The bulb-tip puts the multi-speed vibes directly on your g-spot!

8. Vivian Pave Crystal G-Spot Vibe

If you love the flat base tip from the Gigi Vibe, but are looking for a better grip, then the slender, firm shaft of the Vivian Pave G Vibe will hit the spot. The waterproof body and slim design means it’s ideal for water play and for beginner g-spot exploration

9. G-Spot Finder

Smooth, slender but not too small, and a penetrating length of over 7”? Yes please! The G-Spot Finder has varying speeds of strong vibrations radiating from its tip. If that wasn’t enough, this curvy vibe is ready to dive into your bathtub with its superior waterproofing!

10. Love Thrust-Her Silicone Vibrator

More unique from the other vibes mentioned, the Love Thrust-Her Silicone Vibe will satisfy you with the rounded top that's the perfect angle and shape for G-spot penetration. It’s got 7 patterns of vibration functions! If the flexible tip doesn’t get you going, then the powerful, deep thrusts against your inner walls will!

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