5 DIY Sex Toys Already in Your Home

When the mood hits, you won't always have a vibrator handy, and you may not have a quick way to get your hands on one. Even though we recommend traveling with a discreet Bullet Vibrator, sometimes you've just got to improvise! What better place to look for inventive sex toys than your own house?

For many years women have been looking at household objects and fantasizing about what they could be used for. Tons of items in your home can double as DIY sex toys when you need them most! They are in the kitchen, the bathroom, and maybe already in your bedroom! Using your imagination has never been this erotic!

As long as you keep clean, smart, and protected, any item in your home can give you the shivers and sex you're looking for instantly! It's time to go on an erotic scavenger hunt and discover what DIY sex toys you have already got! Read on to learn about DIY sex toys that are already in your home!

With a vibrating shaft and tickling bristles, this DIY sex toy is almost a no-brainer. But use your brain! We understand how the rippling of powerful vibrations targeted to your most sensual spots can elicit naughty feelings about oral hygiene. But, those bristles can be very firm (and downright sharp!) so be very careful where you use that tip. Place a light layer of clothing between you and the bristles (like silky undies, or a soft, light sheet), or buzz the shaft around your bits for an exciting experience!

You've seen them in the modern tech stores in the mall and wondered what else these vibrating beauties could do for you... You're in luck! These long-handled, powerful Vibrating Wand Massagers with smooth, rounded heads aren't just for your shoulders and back! Slide a wand massager between your thighs and you'll see what the Sex in the City fuss is all about. Wand massagers, both corded and rechargeable, provide some of the strongest on the market and their flexible heads are perfect for kneading out tense muscles or when you're needing a powerful orgasmic release!

Here Are Some Homemade Sex Toys To AVOID

No hands needed for this deliciously simple and readily available orgasm orchestrator! Turn your faucet on a slow stream and position yourself for pleasure in the empty tub. Lay on your back, and scoot your butt forward - this will probably make you think of your unsexy gynecologist, but just keep scooting. Spread your legs wide and place the top of your clitoris (on your clitoral hood or above) in line with the stream of water. Trust us, you'll know exactly why so many women claim it takes them longer to get ready once that water grazes your clit! The inconsistent patterns of stimulation, and path the water takes will create an orgasm similar to oral pleasure. Just remember that excess water in the vagina can equal UTIs, so be sure to squeeze those kegels and pee after you orgasm to flush out any extra water!

One of the first thing ladies turn to in lieu of a lover or a store bought sex toy is a handle of sorts. The one that most women have handy to get handsy with? The hairbrush handle. We won't be looking at these sturdy, cylindrical, hard plastic shafts the same again. You can even find brushes that have deliciously textured, rubber-coated grips that feel amazing when massaging your inner walls. Feeling kinky? The pad of a flat hairbrush makes an excellent tool for firm spankings! For the daring dames who love a little pain with their pleasure, flip the brush over to the bristle side and enjoy some BDSM bliss with each spank of the brush!

Humping food was made famous by the raunchy, cult classic movie American Pie, but how about the ladies? Phallic fruits and vegetables run rampant around our groceries produce sections, and when ladies want the lovin', ladies start lookin' at those veggies in a different light. So go for it! Nobody has to know that the cucumber in your basket is going to be in drastically different location when you get home, so stock up, girl! Anything that isn't sharp is fair game. For a smooth surface a green, unripe banana is fitting. For a little texture and some extra girth, try a cucumber. Of course, you never know what chemicals helped these little penis-inspired fruits and vegetables grow large enough to penetrate you, so you MUST use a condom to protect your precious garden!


Be Clean - Wash everything! Thoroughly wash your DIY toys and your body before and after playing! Scrub yourself with your favorite mild soaps, and invest in a Body Safe Toy Cleaner and use it to clean all of your homemade wonders!

Be Smart - Use your judgement to not penetrate or rub yourself with anything sharp, anything breakable like glass (unless its an actual Glass Sex Toy), or anything that may splinter like wood.

Stay Protected - When you can (and you always can), keep a layer between you and your household sex toy for extra protection! Keep those undies on and feel new sensations through the fabric. For penetration, use a Condom to keep your body the safest!

What DIY Toys Have You Tried? Let Us Know!

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