How To Keep It HOT Inside When It's COLD Outside!

Heat Things Up With A Warming Body Gel!

Brrrrr....winter is here! The snow is falling.....and falling...and falling. We are stuck inside when the roads are slick and traveling is dangerous. Don’t let the winter blues hit your sex life! No, take full advantage of the fact that you are snowed in with your lover! There are so many fun and sexy ways to keep the bedroom fires burning when all you want to do is don a pair of flannel PJs and curl up with a good book. So if the winter months have zapped your sexual creativity, take a moment and read up on some ideas to heat it up when it is cold outside!

I am quite sure you have heard of that wonderful movie service called Netflix, right? This is where you can watch a plethora of movies or TV shows via your computer, Blu-ray player, smart TV, phone, or gaming console. Netflix is a godsend for the winter months, but having it doesn’t mean you should settle for just movie watching. Nope, you need to sex up your Netflix! I think we sometimes forget the simple pleasures of making out. Remember how hot you would get when you would make out for hours with a new lover? Well, you can (and should) do that again! If you find yourself snowed in, why not pick a movie to watch (via Netflix or Hulu or maybe you have one on hand). Make it something light and fun. Cuddle up next to your lover but instead of falling asleep with the popcorn bowl in your lap; take the time to caress each other. Allow your hands to roam around your partner’s body. Take your time, enjoy the intimate moment together. Then, as things heat up, start kissing. You know KISSING! Making out, full tongue, hands roaming all over. THAT kind of kissing! Jump on his lap ladies! Pull her onto your lap, guys! Take the advantage of the ambiance to really heat each other up and see where it can lead!

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home then you MUST take advantage of the romantic possibilities. Nothing says “make love to me” like a blanket in front of a roaring fire with a gentle snowfall outside. Imagine the picture: candles spread about the room, a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace, 2 glasses of wine (or beer if you prefer), a cushy blanket and some pillows strewn out on the floor. You and your lover getting cozy and, hopefully, naked in front of the fire. The gentle glow illuminating just enough to see each other’s bodies, the warmth encouraging you to undress each other, the romantic idea that you are stranded, together. Wow. I can feel the chill coming out of the air right now! Yes, if you have a fireplace then this winter is the perfect time to light that baby up and get it on! Also, if you do not have a fireplace, you can now buy portable ones that you could put in any room in your house! Just a thought!

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Do you happen to have a hot tub? What about a whirlpool tub for two? Nothing is more relaxing and invigorating at the same time as slipping into a bubbling tub of warm water with your lover! Especially, if you are lucky enough to have a hot tub room that is semi-outdoors so you can enjoy the winter scenery while enjoying the hotness of the water. There you are, relaxing together inside your hot tub or bathtub. You may be scantily dressed or even better, naked! You allow the water to take all your stresses away. Perhaps scoot yourself between your lover’s legs so he/she can rub your neck and shoulders. Then, you can kiss and fondle and touch each other under the foamy bubbles and enjoy the fun and flirtatious sexuality that this environment provides. Word to the wise: having sex in a hot tub is usually not advisable (despite what you may have seen on porn) because it can be a bad environment for the woman’s vagina! So, indulge in all the sexual play you want – including an underwater blowjob if you are so talented – but avoid full on penetration unless you are willing to take the risk! However, even without the sex this is sure to rev your engines and get the hot tub party started!

OK, I know this sounds a little crazy, but have you ever thought about having sex in the snow. OK, not IN the snow, but outside in a snowy environment? I assure you, it is not as frigid as you think, provided you are warmly dressed otherwise. Imagine being bundled up in your North Face Jackets, scarves, hats and mittens. You take a night-time stroll through the wintery woods by your house. The mood strikes you and you are feeling horny and can’t wait to get back to the house. What do you do? You drop trou and get it on! Yes, I am serious! Find a secluded spot, have the woman drop her drawers, her lover comes up behind her, getting close to keep that body heat going and have a little quickie right there in the snow! You have to move quickly though guys, cause cold + hard on = limpness. If you can’t get a full on erection because of the cold there are oral options you both can indulge in. Imagine a teeny bit of snow put on a hot clit! Oh, now you get the picture, right? Try it; you just may like being a member of the Polar Bear Club!

No, I don’t mean playing UNO with the kiddos, I mean ADULT game night. You can buy adult themed games if you like. Or, you can make any game and ADULT game by changing the rules. Make yourself some hot chocolate, dim the lights, light some candles and put on some music. Then, find yourself a game like chess or checkers, Scrabble or cards. Change the rules to make bets on winning or losing a hand. For example, if you are playing Rummy or Poker, if you win a hand your partner has to take off a piece of clothing. If you are playing checkers or chess, each time you lose a piece you lose a piece of clothing. You could make it “activity” based as well. If you win a hand your partner picks a piece of paper that you have written certain “activities” on, such as: “kiss my neck for 2 minutes” or “stroke my penis for 3 minutes.” Then you just play the game and enjoy the fun and flirty “extras” that you have added in. It is a great way to spend time together, to have fun and to get sexy!

Sometimes being stuck somewhere is a blessing instead of a curse. We are busy people, always running around, working, shopping, running errands, taking care of the kids. When life hands you an opportunity to STAY INSIDE – take FULL advantage of that! Turn off the computer, shut off the television, put the kids to bed if you have them and take some time to reconnect with your lover! One excellent idea is to enjoy mutual massages. Rub each other down with some warmed massage oil. Talk to each other about things you never have time to discuss (no, not the mortgage payment). Seduce each other as you rub your hands all over. Don’t rush the massage and go right to sex, but really enjoy that connection you can share with your lover. Be at one in the quiet that is afforded by the lack of hustle and bustle. Talk, laugh and love each other. Then, when it is time for sex, enjoy a leisurely night together without rushing. It is so important to reconnect with each other as lovers – take the time to do so!

How Do You Keep Things Hot In The Winter?
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