Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Schedule Sex

Are you a busy couple? Do you have kids and alllllll the activities that come with kids? Do either you or your mate travel for work? The gist of this is that the modern couple today – married or not – have so much going on that it is nearly impossible to be spontaneous about sex any longer. However, so many couples balk at the idea of scheduling sex because they feel that it takes the passion out of it. Let me ask you this: is it better to schedule sex and HAVE sex or not schedule sex and have none. Yep, it is just that simple.

Come on, admit it, you barely have time to watch TV some nights, right? Time is in short supply in our world today due to work and school schedules, and it just seems like there is not enough time to have an organic sexual relationship at times. Sex is important for a couple to keep that intimate connection, so there has to be time made for this activity. So perhaps one day you turn off the TV a half hour early and have sex instead. Time is short – make the most of it.

We have already established that time is precious and our lives are stressful and full of activities. So, we may feel like we need to de-stress ourselves. One excellent way to do this is to have an orgasm (or four!) Yes, you can have an orgasm via masturbation, but this is not as much fun as connecting with your partner. Women, especially, tend to feel a dramatic decrease in stress when they have regular sex. So, you may want to schedule your sex time during the weekend so you can unwind after a long week.

How To Make More Time For Sex!

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We tend to push sex to the backburner stating that our work responsibilities, or our kid’s activities, or even catching up on our favorite television series is more important than making time for sex. Guess what? You will be a more productive employee, parent, friend and general human being if you have regular sex with your partner. No one is suggesting that you skimp on your responsibilities, but definitely schedule sex and put it in its proper place within your activities.

The intimate connection between you and your partner is absolutely essential to a happy relationship. Couples who maintain intimacy are happier, fight less, have less stress and laugh more than couples who don’t have regular sex. So, if it is a choice between scheduling sex or losing that intimate bond, don’t you think it is more important to have scheduled sex? OF COURSE!

There is an unfortunate, yet realistic, correlation between couples who do not have regular sex and cheating. While it is not the ONLY reason people cheat, it is a large reason. Especially if one partner is always the one “too busy” to engage. Scheduling sex ensures that you are both investing in the relationship in a very, very important way.

Do You Make Enough Time For Sex?
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