Why Lingerie Is Important

Why is there always this debate on lingerie:

Kate: “I love wearing lingerie! It makes me feel sexy and I love looking sexy for my man too. I think I will look at new corsets or bustiers today.”
Flirty Woman In Sexy Nightwear

Nikki: “Why do you HAVE to wear lingerie? Aren’t you sexy enough on your own? Why must be wrap up the gift of our bodies?”

Kate: “Hey, I do it for me, too. If I feel really good in something, lingerie or not, and it helps display my womanly assets, what’s wrong with it?”

Nikki: “Because men expect too much! We don’t ask them to parade around in thongs, do we? Yet they want us in high heels and crotchless panties! I refuse to do that!”

This is an actual, literal conversation I witnessed between two of my very good friends a few weeks back. Both are married, I presume happily. Both are attractive, successful women. Both have children. So, why the two completely opposite opinions on lingerie? I tend to agree and side with Kate. I love lingerie. I wear it for my boyfriend as well as for myself. In all honesty, I think I wear it MORE for me than for him. When I put on a sexy corset that lifts my breasts up and makes me look voluptuous, then I feel sexy and confident that that in turn makes me ACT sexy and confident. Who wouldn’t want that?

Whereas, Nikki, bless her heart, also has a point, sort of. No, we shouldn’t “have” to dress up for our men to appreciate us. We shouldn’t wear things that make us feel insecure or ridiculous (hence her crotchless panty comment.) However, I know both of their husbands and I am confident that neither one is requiring lingerie as a part of sex! I am sure I speak correctly when I say that they love and appreciate their beautiful wives whether they are dolled up or not!

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Kate said it perfectly. Lingerie is more for us than for them! Seriously! Go lingerie shopping. Find something that makes YOU feel ultra sexy. It could be a silky sleep shirt, a bustier, a corset, a lace thong – who knows! However, when you put on something that compliments your body and makes you feel like the sexiest version of you, well, it is a win-win. Not only do you get to strut into the bedroom and FEEL and LOOK like the sexy think you are – but your man will definitely sense the vibe.

What man wouldn’t want to see his woman dressed up sexy “for him” in the bedroom? Truthfully, many men do love lingerie but they also just love the fact that they are going to have sex! It is true what they say, lingerie is not necessary, but it is a bonus. There are few men who would hate it if their woman just came to bed wearing one of their shirts and starting initiating sex. This, too, can be really sexy. As can pure nakedness. However, when you do put on that lingerie and strut into the bedroom there is no man who is NOT going to love that! So, do not feel the pressure to do it – do it for BOTH of you. He will love it, and yes, so will you!

So, who is “right” here? Both Kate AND Nikki. Lingerie IS important. It is something that can enhance the bedroom antics, make you feel great about yourself and enhance your sexual self esteem. However, it is important to wear it for the right reasons. For YOU and for him. Never feel pressured to do it. Never buy things that make you very uncomfortable. However, do not be resistant to it either. Have fun with it. Ultimately, having fun will make the best sex!

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